How to Enjoy Social Distancing

We are proud to partner with Texas’ own H-E-B around the #TexansHelpingTexans campaign. Texans have shown so much heart during these trying times and over the next month we will be sharing ways to stay positive, uplifting activities, and ways to help fellow Texans. Days of quarantine can get long and boring. That’s why we put together a list of some of our favorite activities during social distancing . Join the movement by using the hashtag  #TexansHelpingTexans on all your social media platforms.

Online Exercise Classes

Online exercise classes are perfect for beginners and gym rats alike, and Black Swan Yoga has been holding free livestreams on their Instagram Live. The Austin studios have been hosting classes from 6 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. If Yoga isn’t your style, Peloton is having a free 90-day trial on its app, Golds Gym is making its app completely free until the end of May for users, and Planet Fitness is having a free daily class at 6 P.M. CST on its Facebook Live.

Reorganize a la Marie Kondo

Why not use your time at home to spark a little joy and get to KonMari-ing your space. You know the drill, throw out everything that doesn’t bring you joy. Maybe even watch a little Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix to get some ideas from Marie herself.

Zoo Livestreams

If you’re tired of watching Netflix but can’t seem to get away from your computer, zoos around the nation got your back. From the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Live Cam to the San Diego Zoo’s Baboon Cam, the world is your oyster in terms of what to watch. A personal favorite is the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Giant Panda Cam where you can watch two giant pandas, Tian Tian and Mei Xiang.

Food Delivery

There’s plenty of elderly Texans who need assistance during this time getting their groceries, so if you want to help during this time, driving for Favor is one of the best ways to assist those you don’t know. If you’re looking to make a little money and just get out of the house, driving is a great way to help. Plus, you make your hours, so you can keep binging away! You can sign up with Favor here.

Trendy Cooking

If you haven’t made the Tik Tok trending Dalgona coffee or if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of making your own bread, do it. Any kind of out of the box cooking is perfect for when you’re locked up at home, and maybe you’ll come out of this as a Masterchef!

Support Local Restaurants

Supporting local businesses during this time is incredibly important, and if you’re getting bored of cooking, go ahead and check out to see if your favorite restaurant is doing takeout. If you’re looking for something new, check our their curated lists with titles like “The Italian Job” and “Thanks For All the Fish”.

Donate Blood

Donating blood is one of the most crucial actions people can do to assist in the fight against coronavirus. You can make an appointment with The Red Cross on their website, as well as on the We Are Blood website.

Hike and Bike Trails

Missing the outdoors? You’re in luck because numerous of Austin’s hiking trails are still open. Any of the trails are great for walking your dog, getting your family out of the house, or just getting some alone time. Remember to keep the 6-foot distance between you and other hikers, though, and try to go during off-hours to avoid interaction even more.

Remote Movie Night

Spice up Facetime with your friends by adding Netflix into the mix. All you have to do is download Netflix Party through Google Chrome, choose something good on Netflix, and send the link out to all of your friends. It’s a safe, social distanced movie night.


It seems like you can’t escape negativity or stress about the upcoming months, but with meditation apps like Calm and Headspace, you might be able to find a peace of mind. Both apps boost the ability to reduce anxiety, assist in sleep, and boost confidence.

Chris Kim

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