5 TikTok Trends You Can’t Stop Watching


Remember the mid-2000s when Ben 10 aired for the first time; those were good times. Creators on Tiktok are bringing back the hype on this show back with a clever watch slap. Typically in these TikToks you start as one person and turn you into another after the watch slap. Others have started with a statement or question and show answers and such after. It is evolving into a very unique trend.


Skating with skateboards and roller skates has become the thing again. Long time has passed that these had been reserved for skater dudes, eboys, and hippies, well at least in the public’s eye. This flippin Tik Tok trend has skating how-to videos and showcases new people trying it out as well. My favorite ones are the ones with sick kick flips and tricks that I’ll probably never be able to do.


This trend showcases all of our little furry friends as they respectfully nibble some of whatever we’re eating. My favorite video has two dogs that were fighting at the beginning and even after that, one big ol’ doggo took a small bite out of his owner’s sandwich. How adorable!


These videos can either be absolutely stunning or overwhelmingly hilarious. Some creators are very serious about their popcorn duet and perform in a stunning manner while others make good fun out of it. The songs can be very hard to duet and it’s amazing that people outwardly give it a shot.


This is my favorite trend right now! I can’t help laughing at how silly some of the jokes are. Creators state something that happens to them or that they do and they dance around to Medieval music with related backgrounds.  In this picture, the text on screen reads “me after eating a piece of bread with cheese” and follows suit into the aspects of the trend. The first time I saw it, I cackled.

Chris Kim

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