2024 SXSW Film & TV Activations

Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic world of SXSW 2024 in Austin, where creativity and innovation collide to redefine the boundaries of entertainment. This year’s festival is a celebration of immersive experiences, and we’re thrilled to guide you through some of the most captivating film and move activations that promise to transport you to otherworldly realms.

From Netflix’s groundbreaking 3D experience of “3 Body Problem” illuminating the Austin skyline to Prime Video’s Fallout, where survival skills are put to the test in the Wasteland shanty-town of Filly, each activation offers a unique journey into the heart of storytelling. As we delve into the captivating offerings from 20th Century Studios, Paramount+, Canada House, Mr Doodle’s artistic magic, the impactful “We Ride For Her” documentary, and the XR360º exploration of tribal leadership in “Chief,” prepare to be enchanted by the extraordinary at every turn.

Let the magic of SXSW 2024 unfold as we embark on an exploration of these cinematic adventures that promise to leave an indelible mark on the intersection of technology, storytelling, and culture.

Netflix 3 Body Problem 3-D Experience 

3 Body Problem comes to life at SXSW! Festival attendees can watch never-before-seen moments from the series during an epic 3D spectacle projected over the Austin skyline. The fully immersive projection will be timed to the series’ world premiere, giving attendees a first-look at all-new visuals from the series, including a larger-than-life version of Sophon (an avatar appearing in a mysterious VR game in the series) addressing them from the night sky. Friday, 3/8, 400 Congress, 7-11 pm.

Prime Video Fallout @ SXSW

Prime Video invites you to an exclusive SXSW experience of Original Series Fallout. Get ready to experience the Wasteland shanty-town of Filly, teeming with eccentric characters, risky endeavors, and oddities around every corner! Do you have what it takes to survive outside of the Vaults? Come find out! Hotel San Jose, 1316 South Congress.3/8 – 12-6 pm; 3/9 – 10am -4pm

20th Century Studios – The First Omen Experience

20th Century Studios invites you to an interactive “Confessional Booth” inspired by the upcoming film, The First Omen. Guests who dare to enter this immersive experience will uncover a terrifying secret behind the birth of evil, leaving them with the only physical proof that a sinister unholy conspiracy is at work. 3/8-9, 12-8pm 712 Congress Avenue, 3/10 2nd and Trinity.

Paramount+ at The Lodge

From the Mountain to Rainey St, this tour will take you on a journey through the unique world of Paramount+. Sip on themed cocktails at the Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ speakeasy, or grab an Azalea, the signature drink of The Masters, at the Paramount+ Pub. Fans are invited to harness the potential power of the artifact relic from Halo, step onto the iconic bridge of the U.S.S. Discovery ahead of the Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 premiere at SXSW, and explore interactive experiences inspired by your favorite titles like The Chi, Survivor, Ink Master and many more. Friday, 3/8 – 3/11.

Canada House

Canada’s presence is all about creating meaningful connections. From March 8-15, Canada House will bring together multiple sectors of creative industries, from screen to music, tech, and more! Swan Dive (615 Red River Street) will be your one-stop shop as it transforms into Canada House at SXSW 2024. Seven days of Programming including:

3/8 – Womens Day Celebration

3/9 – Indigenous Creators Meet up &  Tech- Nourish: Tech-Driven Food System Transformation

3/10 – Frontiers of Innovation

3/11 – Spotlight on Films

3/12 – Discovery and Storytelling

3/13 – 14 – Music Takeover


Art world phenomenon Mr Doodle (aka Sam Cox) who is in town for the premiere of his documentary The Trouble with Mr Doodle, will be creating a bespoke hand-drawn artwork inspired by the city of Austin.  Everyone welcome!  Sunday, 3/10 12pm – 2pm, SXSW Registrants Lounge

We Ride For Her

The Medicine Wheel Riders, featured in the We Ride For Her Documentary, is a group of Indigenous women motorcyclists who ride to raise awareness for the nationwide crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives. Hundreds of  motorcycle riders will be in Austin to ride to events associated with the film. 3/9 and 3/10 – Details here.  


There are 575+ sovereign tribal nations in the U.S. today, each governed by a Chief, Chairman or Chairwoman. Meet dynamic tribal leaders in this XR360º experience developed for VisionPro, from interviews with powerful Chairwomen, to one of the youngest Chairmen ever elected, to an elder reflecting upon his time in tribal leadership. Experience unique perspectives on the history of this country, and the meaning of culture, family and community. See the intersections of modern life and locations that have had cultural significance for thousands of years. Today we are seven generations out from the founding of the U.S. – time to assess how our actions today will affect the next seven generations.

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