Best Bars in Houston for a Refreshing Drink

This summer is about to get very interesting and fun. I don’t know about you all, but now that I am fully vaccinated, I am excited to try out a couple bars in Houston that I’ve been having in my bucket list ever since I turned 21. Grab your mask, your hand sanitizer, your ID, and get ready to add these next few bars in your bucket list as well!

1 – Present Company

Present Company

Not only does this bar look super aesthetically pleasing, but the drinks also look extremely good! If you are trying to go to a bar that will also have your Instagram feed looking extra good, I highly recommend this bar! They have a lot of tasty specialty drinks, but the one I am the most excited to try out is called “Rest in Paradise”. Tell me that name does not yell out summer to you!

2 – Truck Yard

Truck Yard

This is one of the very first bars that was added to my bucket list once I turned 21. They offer a variety of drinks to choose from including craft beers and various cocktails, but I think what really makes Truck Yard special is that it is basically an adult playground! It does not get any better than this.

3 – Tikila’s in the Heights

Tikila’s in the Heights

Tikila’s is one of the newer bars that has just been added to my list. The food and drinks are supposed to be really good, and let us also just appreciate how cute it looks! It literally seems like a little part of Hawaii just came to settle in Houston. They even serve their delicious drinks in small Tikis!

4 – Unicorn Disco

Unicorn Disco

Unicorn Disco is a cute, fun little bar that opened up a few months back. It offers a variety of drinks to choose from and a spot for bowling. The bar itself gives off very retro vibes and the aesthetic of it is 10/10 in my opinion! Plus, I heard that there is also a great dance floor! I will definitely be trying this place out this summer.

77 Degrees Rooftop Bar Review

The perfect time to get some great drinks and food on a patio is when the weather hovers right around 77˚F. That’s the inspiration behind Houston’s new roof-top cocktail bar 77 Degree, the optimal patio experience.

Spanning four levels, this stylish new modern island-themed spot is serving up eight different unique craft cocktails that are full of tropic inspiration. Pair these with one of their signature pineapple bowls or tacos and you’ll be in paradise. 77˚ sits right above Jack & Ginger’s Irish Pub at 2416 Brazos in Midtown.

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77 Degrees Menu

77 Degrees Houston menu consists of three categories, bites, tacos, and pineapples. Their bites are traditional appetizers like chips & guacamole and ceviche. Their tacos are amazing and are each individually unique. The Red Snapper taco comes filled with red snapper tempura, citrus slaw, Mexican tzatziki, and pickled radish. Each ingredient in their tacos complements each other astoundingly.

The El Loco pineapple bowl at 77 Degrees.

However, what I think is special is the pineapples. The Poppers Pineapple is their savory option with a hollowed-out pineapple filled with prosciutto-wrapped pineapple pieces and jalapeno.

For those that love spice, the El Loco Pineapple is filled with pineapple, seasonal fruit, tahin, chamoy, flaming hot Cheetos, and assorted candies. Finally, the Standard Pineapple is filled with pineapple, seasonal fruit, and a yogurt dipping sauce. The menu is all very affordable, with all the options ranging from $7-$14. 

77 Degrees Rooftop Review

There isn’t a better spot to enjoy 77 Degrees rooftop bar great food and drinks than on their beautiful patio. The ambiance is that of an upscale lounge on a tropical island, with beautiful views of the city.

There are four levels to the patio each adorned with a variety of couches, tables, and seats. There is even individual ‘cabana’ style seating to enjoy your time with friends. Once the sun goes down, the ambiance turns into a neon-lit beach club, with live DJs on select days.

77 Degrees Rooftop Age Limit

The party does not stop at 77 Degrees either, they are open from 4 pm-2 am every day. There is a 21-year age limit for entry, but you can order their food online through Grub Hub or Postmates. 

Does 77 Degrees Offer Delivery?

This joint does offer delivery through GrubHub or Postmates! 77˚ originally started in Austin, Texas in 2015, but in 2019 they brought the party to Houston. Whether you order their fun food offerings to-go, stay for cocktails and food with friends, or dance the night away with the live DJ, 77˚ offers something for everyone.

This rooftop bar is the perfect place to escape the busy city and sit back and relax in a contemporary tropical paradise.

Woodshed Smokehouse In Houston (Review)

We recently had the privilege of trying out Woodshed Smokehouse, Houston’s newest BBQ restaurant. Now, I know there are a few of these in Dallas and Fort Worth, but I spoke to Woodshed’s very own chef, Tim Love, and he explained that every location has four or five different food items that are unique to that specific location.

So you know what that means? I think it’s time for a little road trip to try those unique menu items and it gives you the perfect excuse to eat some of the most delicious dry aged beef bbq and duck!


During my visit to Woodshed, Chef Love showed a couple of Houston foodies and me, some of his favorite menu items, and I was honestly so amazed by just how delicious they tasted. For appetizers, we tried a kale salad topped with green apple and house guanciale. We also had shaved brussels sprouts and a side of mini bbq tacos in a bao bun. I’m usually not a big fan of brussel sprouts but these were absolutely delicious to say the least and those tacos, I mean just imagine the sweetness of the buns and the warmness of the bbq. Tell me that does not sound like heaven in your mouth!

The Main Course

Chef Love’s main course is even better than the appetizers! I had the opportunity to see him cut open the duck right in front of me and it was definitely an experience to remember. You all should’ve seen those knife skills! It is no wonder everything is cut to perfection. Chef Love also let me try some of his famous dry aged beef bbq and I am not kidding when I say that it was one of the best I’ve ever tasted! Woodshed offers a variety of sauces to go along with their meat, but my favorite was definitely the Korean bbq sauce. Imagine this sauce drizzled on top of some beef bbq? I know your mouth is watering right now.

Can’t Forget the Sides

I was still working on the bbq when Chef Love pulled out the street corn, beans, and the side of crispy potatoes. I know I already said everything was super good, but honestly, this street corn was to die for! It was the perfect side to end my meal if I do say so myself. The corn was the right amount of sweetness, and the cheese just made it all come together.

By the end of my visit at Woodshed, I felt like I had gained 10 lbs but it was honestly all so worth it! I had no complaints about everything I tried and I will not lie, I am a pretty picky eater so that should tell you a lot. I will 100% be coming back to visit Woodshed with my family this summer, and I almost forgot to mention, but it is located right in the middle of Levy Park so you can only imagine the amazing atmosphere! It does not get any better than this!

Check out our TikTok from the visit.

A Cozy Conroe Christmas: Weekend Destination Alert!

Conroe sits just outside Houston with all the charm you’d expect from a small town alongside all the convenience you’d expect from a city. The red-brick downtown and winding country roads feature a variety of food, drink, and specialized shopping. For general necessities, staples like Target and Best Buy cluster together by the hotels.

If you visit near Christmas, Conroe’s Kiwanis Club Christmas Parade greets you upon arrival as it snakes its way through downtown. The traffic shutdowns are well-organized and finding a vantage point is easy. A huge amount of Conroe’s educational, retail, political, and religious organizations participate with their own floats, giving a well-rounded view of the community’s inclinations and opportunities. Best of all, participation isn’t limited to the adults! Kids of all ages enjoy the spotlight on floats and on the ground, making the parade a real community event.

There’s also the Toby Powell Conroe Christmas Celebration, a fair taking up residence at the center of the parade’s route for most of the day. Farmers market style tents flaunt the artisan and craft talents of Conroe’s residents, while face painting, carousels, ponies, and a slew of fun outdoor activities are available for the kids. 

Bartletts Distillery

Bartletts Distillery is easily the winning attraction in Conroe. The independent distillery manufactures two whiskeys and four rums in-house. The owners are incredibly friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and more than willing to talk you through the distilling processes as you taste the effects of different methods across the six tasting sips. My personal favorite is the Single Malt Whiskey as it stays on the tongue for a while after, while my partner oscillates between the headiness of the Gold and Dark rums. However, all six selections go down insanely smoothly. As for mixed drinks, the Painkiller earns its title as the most popular. Who wouldn’t want their drink cheerfully set ablaze before being served? And if you want to try one of everything, have no fear – Bartletts provides plenty of card and board games to pass the time as you make your way through the menu.

Honor Cafe

Bartletts may have best drinks locked down, but veteran-owned Honor Cafe claims best food. The unassuming, warehouse-like restaurant is filled with patriotic memorabilia and mouth watering dishes. No frills, just food. The breakfast quesadilla with brisket and bacon, served with chimichurri and sour cream, is guaranteed to haunt your dreams for weeks after your trip… I’m tempted to drive back just to bite into the juicy, perfectly cooked brisket and enjoy high quality ingredients at their best again. 

Pie in the Sky

After best drinks and best food, I present to you Conroe’s best dessert. The personality-filled Pie in the Sky offers a wide array of pie flavors, including keto and gluten sensitive options. The banana cream is my recommendation. It may be the most satisfying banana pie I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of banana pies. The southern pecan, pear berry, and bumbleberry pies are solid options as well. If you’d like a meal after dessert, Pie in the Sky is no slouch when it comes to savory dishes. Jamie’s Skillet, in particular, is a cheesily divine egg skillet sure to hit the spot during breakfast or brunch.

The Players Theatre Company at Owen Theatre

Dinner and a movie is overrated. Why not dinner and a play? The Players Theatre Company at Owen Theatre is small but mighty. Talent is in no short supply in Conroe, and one only has to sit through a showing of A Christmas Story to see it. Transitions between scenes are effective and mechanical thanks to the hard work of the stage hands. Both adult and child actors deliver stellar performances and clean, quality musical numbers throughout the show, and the whole experience is engaging and exciting. 

Ferm Meadery

Mead is basically honey wine. Two of the best treats melded together for a stunning final product. Innovation runs rampant at Ferm Meadery, so it’s best to go for a mead flight and sample five at once! For an elevated wine flavor, the Vanbogh, flavored with vanilla and oak, is a must. Somehow, the flavor combination results in a stout, barely-there hint of chocolate on the tongue that I am all there for. A more celebratory blend is the Cranberry Spice, which initially hits you with all spice before subsiding to a sensual cranberry finish.

The Red Brick Tavern

A local favorite that can’t be missed is The Red Brick Tavern. It’s menu of comfort food is fit for casual consumption, while the upscale preparation and presentation make it a site for celebratory and serious dinners as well. The live music in the evenings makes it a great place for night life as well. Particularly fine options include the Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas and RBT BBQ Gourmet Meatloaf Sandwich. The quesadillas are perfectly cheesy and sassily spicy, while the meatloaf manages to hold together without being a ball of grease as is usually the case. The meatloaf both impresses and puts one into a food coma, because it’s too good to stop eating regardless of how full one is.

Fass Brewery

I’ll be honest. I’m not into beer. I am, however, into Fass Brewery in-house beer. While the core flavor of beer is still very much present, Fass’ unique and creative flavor profiles mean there’s more to look forward to and enjoy in each drink. The cream ale, for example, is reminiscent of summer days spent chugging cream sodas in between rides at the waterpark, while the Tiki Seltzer brings a little tropical twist to the classic taproom taste.

Pacific Yard House

For an expansive American menu and vibrant live music, the rustic Pacific Yard House is the place to be. Their ribs are massive, saucy, and delicious. Their sweet potato fries are flavorful and their regular fries have that textured crunchy outer layer that puts them a step above the rest. Their Chocolate Eruption Cake features chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate drizzle for a decadent, rich end to the meal. It’s all around good food at Pacific Yard House, so be sure to stop by while you’re in town.

Fajita Jack’s Tex-Mex Grill and Cantina

It’s not Texan if it doesn’t have Tex-Mex. Fajita Jack’s fills the requirement for Conroe, serving classic Tex-Mex fare and sporting an expansive drink menu. The Lunch Lupe features a chicken breast that is moist and carries a touch of sweetness. A classic Piña Colada keeps the vibe up with its creamy coconut goodness. The restaurant sits on Lake Conroe, so there’s a beautiful view included with your meal.

We had such an amazing time visiting Conroe and can’t wait to be back! Perfect for weekend getaway, a short day trip, or something inbetween! 

The Houston Open

The PGA Tour is back in H-Town! The Houston Open, presented by the Astros Golf Foundation, returns to Memorial Park this week. Some of the best golfers in the world will be in the heart of Houston and you can catch all the action!

There is a lot to be excited for this year – no capacity restrictions, a 15th hole set up for close up action and fun inspired by the iconic par 3 at the Waste Management, and of course near and dear to our hearts – plenty of food options!

Located off Memorial Loop Drive, the Houston Open will take place at Memorial Park from Nov. 11 to Nov. 14. Not only can you catch world class golf, the event will feature fun activities for the entire family.

The “Texas Children’s Hospital Family Fun Zone” is an exciting tent that will have activities for families to experience together. The Tailgate Zone is another attraction on the course that features brands like Lexus, Tito’s, and Maestro Dobel. 

Before traveling to the event, make sure to purchase a parking pass! All parking passes for the Houston Open must be purchased in advance. Tee times will vary depending on rounds, so make sure to visit their website to stay up to date with events.

Known as the Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the PGA tour event donates to local charities. Last year, the Enterprise launched “Birdies for Charity,” a fundraising program that allows local charities to contribute through the Enterprise. In addition to this charity, “THINK Neurology for Kids” joins the Houston Open as a sponsor this year.

See y’all there!

FM Kitchen and Bar in Houston: Welcome to Montrose!

FM Kitchen and Bar is the perfect place to hang with family and friends for some quality happy hour drinks and food. The neighborhood restaurant and bar recently opened its second location on the corner of Montrose Boulevard and Westheimer Road. Whether you’re going out for a night in the town or to get a quick bite to eat, FM can accommodate any special occasion.

Customers can easily find themselves comfortable here, as the inside of this location is quite cozy yet lively at the same time. Guests are welcome to experience the lovely outdoor patio area, which I recommend for daytime brunch outings. The outdoor space is also doggy-friendly, which is perfect for customers with furry friends! 

The Drinks

FM offers a wide variety of cocktails on their menu; here are some that I recommend.  “The Frose,” a sweet frozen cocktail with Deep Eddy Ruby Red, rosé, raspberry, strawberry, and orange. This combination of flavors blends well together for a cocktail with a refreshing sweet taste.

The “FM Ranch Water” is also my favorite! The Hibiscus adds an exciting pink detail to this cocktail which makes it enjoyable to drink! Mixed with tequila, Topo Chico, and lime, this specialty cocktail is a must-try when visiting FM for the first time. 

The Food

Now let’s talk about the food menu. The menu selection offers choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have a craving for some comfort food? Try the “FM Burger,” with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and “shhh sauce” on a potato bun. Don’t forget the tater tots, a crowd favorite that I noticed at the grand opening!

In addition to this, the menu has options for customers who want something healthier, like the “Superfood grain bowl,” with kale, quinoa, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, pumpkin & chia seeds, and miso-ginger vinaigrette. 

Courtesy of FM Kitchen

There’s something for everyone. Plant-based? Get the impossible burger in a lettuce wrap. FM Bar and Kitchen offers various crowd favorites, with the primary goal of having a great time!