Best Bars in Houston for a Refreshing Drink

This summer is about to get very interesting and fun. I don’t know about you all, but now that I am fully vaccinated, I am excited to try out a couple of bars in Houston that I’ve been having on my bucket list ever since I turned 21. Grab your mask, your hand sanitizer, and your ID, and get ready to add these next few bars to your bucket list as well!

List of the 4 Top Cool Bars in Houston

Here is our list of the 4 best bars in Houston, Texas you should try:

  1. Present Company
  2. Truck Yard
  3. Tikila’s in the Heights
  4. Unicorn Disco

1. Present Company

Address: 1318 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77006

Present Company Bar

Not only does this bar look super aesthetically pleasing, but the drinks also look extremely good! If you are trying to go to a bar that will also have your Instagram feed looking extra good, I highly recommend this cool bar in Houston! They have a lot of tasty specialty drinks, but the one I am the most excited to try out is called “Rest in Paradise”. Tell me that name does not yell out summer to you!

Visit Website: Present Company

2. Truck Yard

Address: 2118 Lamar St Houston, TX 77003

Truck Yard

This is one of the very first bars in Houston that was added to my bucket list once I turned 21. They offer a variety of drinks to choose from including craft beers and various cocktails, but I think what really makes Truck Yard special is that it is basically an adult playground! It does not get any better than this.

Visit Website: Truck Yard

3. Tikila’s in the Heights

Address: 2708 N Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77008

Tikila’s Cocktail Bar

Tikila’s is one of the newer bars in Houston that has just been added to my list. The food and drinks are supposed to be really good, and let us also just appreciate how cute it looks! It literally seems like a little part of Hawaii just came to settle in Houston. They even serve their delicious drinks in small Tikis!

Visit Website: Tikila’s

4. Unicorn Disco

Address: 2416 Brazos St Ste B Houston, TX 77006

Unicorn Disco Cocktail Bar

Unicorn Disco is a cute, fun little bar in Houston that opened up a few months back. It offers a variety of drinks to choose from and a spot for bowling. The bar itself gives off very retro vibes and the aesthetic of it is 10/10 in my opinion! Plus, I heard that there is also a great dance floor! I will definitely be trying this place out this summer.

Visit Website: Unicorn Disco

Pizaro’s Pizza Review

Sandwiched in between Robert’s Carpets and Jovi’s T-Shirts & Signs in a stripmall so close to i10 that you can smell the traffic, lies one of the two Pizaro’s Pizza locations. The original Memorial location opened in 2011 and  the Montrose flagship location in 2015 (they relocated the Memorial restaurant to the stripmall off i10 in 2018). At heart, Pizaro’s is a family-run business. Founded by Bill Hutchinson, his wife Gloria, and their son Matt, Pizaro’s could possibly be the most authentic Napoletana pizza I’ve tried in Texas

The Dining Area

The restaurant itself is inviting. A great way to wait for your pizza is to look at the decorations; homages to pizza are plastered on the walls.  The building seems steeped in history despite this location having only been open since 2018. A direct view of the kitchen provides a sort of wonderful transparency. Shortly after ordering, I can witness the creation of my pizza from the delicate tossing of the dough to the flickering heat of the oven singeing the rising bubbles of air lining the pizza’s crust. The large white pizza oven is a marvel; the only thing that can take my eyes off of it is my very own pizza once it’s ready. 

The Menu

Although they started out making strict Napoletana pies, Pizaro’s began serving New York and Detroit style pizzas once their Monrose location opened. This expanded the menu, which in turn brought me back again and again. I wanted to try every different type of pizza they had to offer. A sausage and mushroom Napoletana pizza was just as incredible as their double pepperonied New Yorker.

And the Detroiter is in a class of its own. Thick sliced with a cheddar cheese crust lining the outside edges and a side of extra tomato sauce to layer on to what might be one of the softest pizza’s I’ve ever tried. 

The dough is what makes this pizza so special – soft and deflating at the slightest touch. It’s a blank canvas ready to be painted with a delicate tomato sauce, or not. It might be left white, smothered in the freshest of cheeses and topped with whatever else you desire. That’s the beauty of Pizaro’s. They offer the most traditional of pizzas while providing a wealth of ingredients to mix and match. The dough and the sauce stay the same, but the rest, that’s up to you. 


Pizaro’s i10 location is closed on Mondays, open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 9pm, and Sunday from 12pm to 8pm. The Montrose location is also closed on Mondays, but is open Tuesday through Thursday from 12pm to 9pm, Friday through Saturday from 12pm to 10pm, and Sundays from 12pm to 9pm. 

Ordering Online

To order online, go to Pizaro’s website and click on the Order Online button at the top right. Enter in your location to find the closest Pizaro’s to you. After selecting which Pizaro’s you will be ordering from, you can peruse the menu and add whatever you would like to your cart. Whenever you are done, proceed to check out and pay.


Pizaro’s is the spot for pizza in Houston, and if I were to summarize the pizza at Pizaro’s, I would tell you that it is balanced. Every ingredient happens to individually elevate the others, surrendering to stronger flavors without ever losing themselves in the process. The most powerful of ingredients are brought right back down by the simplicity of the dough and the subtlety of the sauce. And everything is so unbelievably fresh from the mozzarella to the aged prosciutto and even the crimini mushrooms. 

I’ve never been disappointed by Pizaro’s. Every time I revisit I fall in love just a little bit more with the precision and focus that is brought to the table. The faces in the kitchen stay the same, and I can always trust that the pizzas do too.  

Kin Dee: Detailed Review of Houston’s Thai Restaurant

“Kin Dee” – which means “eat well” in Thai as well as being apart of a traditional Thai blessing, is the perfect name for the newest Thai restaurant in Houston Heights. Kin Dee opened in May under longtime friends Lukkaew Srasrisuwan and Miranda Loetkhamfu, both raised in Thailand, though their paths crossed in Houston in 2014. Their 30-dish menu reflects four distinct regions of Thailand through its authenticity, unique flavors, and overall vision. We were lucky enough to try out a few of Kin Dee’s signature dishes, and boy is there a lot to talk about.

Kin Dee Menu

I’ll start off by making it known: I love Thai food. I have always loved Thai food. I think Houston has amazing Thai food. And I think Kin Dee might be my new favorite spot for Thai food in Houston. When you walk into Kin Dee, you’re greeted with a lovely ceiling to floor elephant mural, luxurious red booths, and pleasant gold light fixtures. It’s all very cute and really sets the mood for what you’re about to eat and how exactly Kin Dee’s food is going to make you feel. I’ll give you a hint: it’s going to make you feel fantastic.


The appetizers offered at Kin Dee range from a few choices of salads, meat skewers, and wrapped food, such as the Money Bags – deep-fried minced chicken and shrimp wrapped in golden “money bags” meant to pass on good fortune or gold. A personal favorite from the appetizer menu is the Thai Flower Dumpling.

First of all, they’re probably the prettiest food I’ve ever eaten. The blue, petal-like dough is so delicate on the plate and so delicious once you eat it. The dumpling’s peanut filling is a perfect mix of savory and sweet that’ll leave you wanting more than just four.

Pro tip: DEFINITELY put some cilantro on top, it’s a crazy perfect compliment to the peanut filling.

kin dee menu dish


Now, before we move onto Kin Dee’s entrees, let’s talk about their drink menu. If you don’t drink, the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is a perfect choice for you. It’s an herbal tea from butterfly pea flower mixed with lime juice with zero caffeine. It’s a refreshing tea that’s lightly fruity from the lime juice. Now, if you do drink, there are endless options for what kind of cocktail you can get. From a refreshing Sabai with basil leaves and fresh lime juice to a sweet and creamy Mango Sticky Rice with coconut milk and mango puree, there’s a cocktail for every mood you’re in!

The main dishes at Kin Dee are primarily noodle-based, with Thai staples such as curries, Pad Thai, drunken noodles, and Thai soups. There’s an entree for everyone; Pad Woon Sen with tofu for the vegetarian in your life, Kin Dee Fried Rice for the rice lover, or Shrimp Tom Yum Noodle Soup for the seafood fanatic.

An entree I think everyone could enjoy, except vegetarians (sorry to all the vegetarian readers), is the Northern Style Curry. Kin Dee’s Northern Style Curry is beyond delicious. It’s a bowl of everything good – egg noodles, coconut chicken curry, crispy noodles, lime, and shredded vegetables. If I could only recommend one item from Kin Dee, it’s definitely this curry. You have to try it; there aren’t enough words to describe just how good it is.

If you’re more into rice over noodles, I can respect that, and might I suggest the Thai Basil Chicken as your entree? Minced chicken (or tofu!), Thai jasmine rice, long bean, and Thai Chili Peppers are the primary ingredients in Kin Dee’s Thai Basil Chicken, and I just have to say, the flavor of the Thai jasmine rice is out of this world. Thai Basil Chicken is an incredibly popular dish in Thailand, so if you want a little taste of Thailand, this is the perfect rice dish for you!

kin-dee more dishes from their menu

Overall, Kin Dee is the perfect addition to the new Market development in Houston Heights. It’s perfect for lunch with the family or a night out with friends. It’s a great introduction to Thai food for those who haven’t had authentic Thai, while also being something comforting and familiar to those who already love and adore Thai food. If you find yourself in the Heights, give Kin Dee a try and find your new favorite Thai spot!

Location + Hours

1533 N Shepherd Drive Suite 160, Houston, TX 77008. Their hours are 11 AM – 3 PM; 5 PM – 10 PM Monday through Thursday, 11 AM – 3 PM; 5 PM – 12 AM on Fridays, 11 AM – 12 AM on Saturdays, and 11 AM – 10 PM on Sundays.

Highway Vodka Review – Houston Hemp-Based Vodka In Distillery

Highway Vodka is changing the game by being the first black-owned hemp-based distillery in Houston, Texas.

The History

The history behind the creation of Highway Vodka originates eight years ago with the Vodka Co-founders, Ben Williams and Wendell Robins. Two friends whose love for distilling started out as nothing more than entertainment.

Fast-forward to now; Highway Vodka is creating a name for itself by sharing its unique strain of hemp that’s in its vodka! The company prides itself by ensuring that the ingredients of this enticing vodka are all “cooked up from scratch, by hand.”

History of Highway Vodka located in Houston

“I started to become interested in the ins-and-outs of distilling by watching my dad make batches with his friend,”

Highway Vodka’s lead distiller Codi Alan said. She is one of the first female black distillers in the country. I recently spoke with Codi, and she mentioned how her interest turned into her joining her family business.

“I think it’s so much fun to be a part of this business,” Alan said. “The best part about doing this is that I get to work with my family every day.”

Highway Vodka – Making Process

Highway Vodka making process

The Visit

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Highway Vodka on #NationalVodkaDay! Codi took guests behind the scenes and elaborated on the process behind making the vodka. Hemp, locally sourced corn and water from their “artesian aquifer” is the foundation of their “mash.” The mash is transferred to the fermentation stage and sits for one to two weeks.

experienced the Highway Vodka backend process

The hemp activates as a binder to the yeast during the fermentation stage while converting the sugars to alcohol. During this period, a dense layer of hemp oil forms at the top of the fermenter. A six-time distilled vodka, highway vodka is smooth and has a distinguished taste!

After the tour we got to bottle our own vodka and eat tasty bites that were infused with Highway Vodka!

Highway Vodka food dish

For more information, follow the distillery @highwayvodka on Instagram, or visit their website.

The Magic of Aga’s – Authentic Indian in Houston

When you want authentic Pakistani/Indian food in Texas, Houston comes to mind, yes, there are some great placed all Houston Texas – last week we shared one of our favorite Indian restaurants in Houston. Today, let me tell you about my favorite Indo-Pakistani food spot in Houston known as Aga’s Restaurant.

The Roots

Aga’s is an Indo-Pakistani restaurant located in Sugar Park Plaza. They began business in 2001 and offer a memorable dine-in experience, along with delivery through UberEats, DoorDash, and Grubhub and catering services for all sorts of events. Since 2001 Aga’s has made a big name for themselves for their high quality service. Now, onto the star of the show: the food.

My Top Picks

Aga’s includes all sorts of authentic meals, desserts, and beverages. Their menu is very diverse and accustomed to fit many different preferences. For starters, all of the meat is halal, but there are plenty of vegetarian options as well! Let me tell you about my top picks in dishes whenever I visit! They offer tons of great options to choose from when it comes to appetizers, but my go to is Chicken Lollipops. These chicken drumsticks are perfectly marinated in a house blend of rich spices, deep fried and served with fresh homemade chili sauce.

The Curries

Starting off with curry, the selection of curries offered here is literally endless. They’ve got goat curries, beef curries, chicken curries, seafood curries, vegetarian curries, and even egg curries! My personal favorite is the Chicken Tandoori Masala curry. I have it with both rice and naan to get the full experience.

The chicken is soft and tender and the curry is rich in flavor and spice. The spice isn’t the kind that is unbearable, it is just the right amount that adds flavor and longing for more after every bite! I eat the chicken with the warm buttery naan first because it’s so easy to pull apart and then usually have the curry with rice because it allows its amazing flavor to be the star of the dish.

Did Someone Say Biryani?

Next up, we have the biryani. If you’re only going to order one item I would say make it this. Just like the other dishes, there are plenty of options for which type of biryani you can order. No matter what meat (or no meat) you have in your biryani, it packs a punch! In Indian and Pakistani culture biryani is a dish that takes time and attention to detail to create.

So many different spices and masalas are used when preparing it and it can be difficult to create in large quantities. However, Aga’s delivers it in its best form! They make sure that every bite is packed with bold flavor and it has the authentic home-cooked taste. It’s served with a cold yogurt sauce called raita to compliment its warm spice.

The Grill

Lastly, there’s no way I could forget to mention a dish from their grill! They have all sorts of grilled dishes and platters, but we can’t not mention their grilled goat chops. They are served sizzling straight off the grill and taste unlike anything else I have tried.

I can’t tell you the amount of grilled dishes I’ve had from other restaurants where it felt like I was eating leather! This dish is not supposed to cause endless chewing, it’s supposed to melt in your mouth, and at Aga’s it does just that. It’s got the nice traditional spices and flavors along with that beautiful charred flavor. It’s crispy on the edges but soft in the middle. They make sure to not over grill it so it doesn’t feel dry. I’d recommend having this one with naan, you won’t regret it!

These dishes are my favorites but they’re just a fraction of what Aga’s has to offer. When I visit I always find myself ordering multiple dishes just to get a taste of everything. I highly recommend visiting Aga’s Restaurant and exploring their menu whenever you’re in Houston!

For more reviews and restaurant recommendations be sure to check out our around town page!

Woodshed Smokehouse In Houston (Review)

We recently had the privilege of trying out Woodshed Smokehouse, Houston’s newest BBQ restaurant. Now, I know there are a few of these in Dallas and Fort Worth, but I spoke to Woodshed’s very own chef, Tim Love, and he explained that every location has four or five different food items that are unique to that specific location.

So you know what that means? I think it’s time for a little road trip to try those unique menu items and it gives you the perfect excuse to eat some of the most delicious dry aged beef bbq and duck!


During my visit to Woodshed, Chef Love showed a couple of Houston foodies and me, some of his favorite menu items, and I was honestly so amazed by just how delicious they tasted. For appetizers, we tried a kale salad topped with green apple and house guanciale. We also had shaved brussels sprouts and a side of mini bbq tacos in a bao bun. I’m usually not a big fan of brussel sprouts but these were absolutely delicious to say the least and those tacos, I mean just imagine the sweetness of the buns and the warmness of the bbq. Tell me that does not sound like heaven in your mouth!


The Main Course

Chef Love’s main course is even better than the appetizers! I had the opportunity to see him cut open the duck right in front of me and it was definitely an experience to remember. You all should’ve seen those knife skills! It is no wonder everything is cut to perfection. Chef Love also let me try some of his famous dry aged beef bbq and I am not kidding when I say that it was one of the best I’ve ever tasted! Woodshed offers a variety of sauces to go along with their meat, but my favorite was definitely the Korean bbq sauce. Imagine this sauce drizzled on top of some beef bbq? I know your mouth is watering right now.

dry aged beef bbq

Can’t Forget the Sides

I was still working on the bbq when Chef Love pulled out the street corn, beans, and the side of crispy potatoes. I know I already said everything was super good, but honestly, this street corn was to die for! It was the perfect side to end my meal if I do say so myself. The corn was the right amount of sweetness, and the cheese just made it all come together.

Woodshed Smokehouse Chef

By the end of my visit at Woodshed, I felt like I had gained 10 lbs but it was honestly all so worth it! I had no complaints about everything I tried and I will not lie, I am a pretty picky eater so that should tell you a lot. I will 100% be coming back to visit Woodshed with my family this summer, and I almost forgot to mention, but it is located right in the middle of Levy Park so you can only imagine the amazing atmosphere! It does not get any better than this!

Check out our TikTok from the visit.

The Houston Astros are Better than Ever

It is easy to think of the Houston Astros as a good team – yes they are. But this season has the making of something truly special and no we don’t mean just their record.  Yes, as of writing this piece they have a season high 13 game lead, but they also had two immaculate innings in one game, Justin Verlander has been having a Cy Young level season after Tommy Surgery, Jeremy Pena is putting up Rookie of the Year level numbers, Jordan is having an MVP season, and so much more.

The Juicebox

We got our start covering Longhorn games back in the day and haven’t covered as many live sporting events as we would have like. For July 4th we couldn’t think of a better idea than to cover an Astros game. With an attendance of  33,936 Minute Maid park was buzzing with red, white, and blue (yes also some orange). Over 20 years old the parks still feel fresh and the place to be on a holiday weekend during the summer in H-Town.

From The Astros

Heading into this game, the Astros had just finished sweeping the Los Angeles Angels and looking to continue building their lead in the West. They started out slow with lack luster pitching and an offense not clicking with Kansas City jumping to a quick 5 run to nothing lead by the end of the third inning. Then the Astros started chipping away with one run in each of the 4th, 5th, and 7th innings culminating in a massive 8th inning that resulted in 3 runs and a tie game.

And then…. well you know what happens next. Jordan Alvarez walked it off for the win. The Astros love America. That was the Astros biggest come from behind win this season and back to back walk off home run win.

Rest of the Season

The Astros are as a Team better than ever – players with outstanding individual seasons, team chemistry off the charts, and an offense and defense that seem to be coming together at the same time. Expect a fun summer/fall and a post-season filled with good vibes. Follow us on Twitter and TikTok for more Texas sports coverage.

Houston is FROZEN!

Disney’s FROZEN, the hit Broadway Musical is making its Houston debut in an exclusive 3-week engagement. From the producer of The Lion King and AladdinFrozen, the Tony-nominated Best Musical will play Thursday, June 30, 2022 through Sunday, July 17, 2022 as part of the Memorial Hermann Broadway at the Hobby Center 2021-22 Season.

Opening Night

2013 feels just like yesterday – that is when the animated hit Frozen hit theatres and took the world by storm. On Thursday night we attending the opening night of the on stage adaptation in Houston and the it felt like 2013 in the best ways possible.  This is a show every bit as magical as the animation, packed with visual thrills and gorgeous choreography alongside signature ballads that gain greater power in their live incarnation. It is big on spectacle yet never loses control with special effects.


There are currently five productions of Frozen playing around the world, including Australia, Japan, London and Hamburg. The Tony -nominated Best Musical completed its Broadway run in March 2020 after breaking four house records at The St. James Theatre.

Frozen has been created for the stage by an award-winning team and features the songs you know and love from the original Oscar-winning film, plus an expanded score with a dozen new numbers by the film’s songwriters, Oscar winner Kristen Anderson-Lopez and EGOT winner Robert Lopez. 

The creative team for Frozen also includes scenic and costume design by two-time Tony and Olivier Award winner Christopher Oramlighting design by six-time Tony Award winner Natasha Katz, sound design by seven-time Tony nominee Peter Hylenski, video design by Tony winner Finn Ross, puppet design by Michael Curry, hair design by David Brian Brown, makeup design by Anne Ford-Coates, special effects design by Jeremy Chernick and casting by The Telsey Office/Rachel Hoffman, CSA and Laura Wade, CSA.


Tickets can be purchased on the Hobby Center’s website.

Houston “Pumpkin Season” Pit Stops

In the great space city there are many spots where tourists and residents visit for a cup of coffee or buy treats satisfying the sweet tooth. Many tourists often rate Houston to have the best dining experiences, love the pastries, and amazing tourist experiences. Here are our top pumpkin season pit stops:

Pressed Juicery

This soft serve spot is full of discovery when you visit their Houston location, especially Downtown. Pressed Juicery is a brand founded in Central Valley, California and has grown successfully nationwide at their corporate branch locations including, Austin, Houston , New York , and Las Vegas. In late September, they introduced their new “Pumpkin Spice Freeze”, which is a cold soft serve with a kick of spice and add any topping of your choice. Something right for a sweet tooth or if you are looking for a treat on a hot day.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

The best thing about cake is you can find it in any flavor you like, and in every flavor of ice cream! One of the awesome places to visit is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creameries, in the Southeast side of the city. Jeni’s was first introduced by CEO and founder Jeni Britton Bauer from Columbus, Ohio back in 2002 and now has 40 plus locations nationwide. This fall they launched in Houston, and released their new frozen soft serve, the “pumpkin cake roll”, that has a cake flavor with a kick of pumpkin spice. If you are in town and  looking for a treat on a hot day or craving  for a scoop to add for your Thanksgiving pie, Jeni’s is the place to go. You can also find your favorite flavor at any local Wal-Mart or Whole Foods store.

The Toasted Yolk

The Toasted Yolk Cafe is a soothing spot to rewind on a coffee break or if you are looking to catch up with friends for brunch. This season they introduced a new pastry on their menu including three new latte options “pumpkin”, “spiked pumpkin spice” and the “Chocolate Espresso Martini”. This is a good spot if you are a cocoa and pumpkin fan who prefers an extra kick in their coffee and can pair any latte with sweet pumpkin streusel donut.

Tout Suite” + Sweet at the Sugar Room

The Sugar Room in downtown is a fun place to rewind and relax for a late night dessert run in the city. This popular lounge is well known of its partnered coffee with “Tout Suite” and Sweet htx bakery in middle of downtown. For this season, they released their new “ pumpkin spice” macarons that goes well with any coffee latte. If you prefer a late craving , the sweet HTX bakery is always open til the midnight hour for your sweet tooth.

Three Brother’s Bakery

At three brothers bakery this spot is well known for its famous cake pastries and go to spot for coffee on the run.  This bakery has grown successfully in a decade, and shares 3 locations in the south Houston area.This fall, they are releasing a new pastry in their works the “Pumpkin pound cake” and “pumpkin spice cheesecake” that you can pair with any caffeine beverage of your choice.

Giant Leap Coffee

Giant Leap Coffee is a popular spot located in the space area of Houston and co-owned by Logan Beck since 2018. It’s business started from the East end in serving customers and students just minutes across from the University of Houston. Giant Leap is a home cafe to many residents of Uptown Park after opening a second location in September and is a go to study spot to many college students and is minutes away from the West university place area.

SouthSide Espresso

In the montrose area, this coffee go-to spot is known for their relaxing winery lounge and its top notch lattes around  this season. This spot was first founded by Sean Marshall in 2012 when he started off as a coffee connoisseur. At Southside Espresso, they are launching their new sweet potato latte for a limited time during October til the end of winter. They are well known in Houston, for its partnership with Coterie HTX Restaurant and their second brand, “Fusion Beans Coffee”.

Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown Coffee shop is a popular stop for many pumpkin spice fans, especially for residents in the heights is a go-to spot to relax and spend their mornings or study after school. This place offers customers free wifi every time you visit here. This month, they released their new pastry “ Pumpkin muffins” which is a great combo with any chai or  “ pumpkin spice” latte on their menu. If you are looking to relax for a coffee break or a spot to warm up on a cold day, boomtown is the way to go.

Houston Open Golf Tournament

Memorial Park Golf Course – a course many of us at Texas Tasty have played hundreds of times – is host to the Houston Open Golf Tournament now! And we are here for it!

Memorial Park GC is considered the crown gem of the Houston public golf courses the city owns. From 1947 to 1963, the course hosted a PGA Tour event 14 times, Arnold Palmer even won it once and this year the Houston Open is back within the boundaries of H TOWN. Located within an expansive city park of the same name, Memorial Park was born in 1923 as a nine-hole, sand-greens layout but bloomed into a fully grassed 18 in 1936.

Astros Golf Foundation unveils 2019 Houston Open dates - ABC13 Houston

This is the first time in more than 50 years that Memorial Park has hosted the PGA TOUR. The course, which is located in the midst of the country’s fourth-largest city, underwent a dramatic renovation before this year’s tournament. The Astros Golf Foundation (yes the same ones that won us our 2017 championship) took ownership of the tournament in 2018 with three key objectives: to ensure the PGA TOUR event remained in Houston, to bring the tournament back to its glory and into the heart of the city, and to provide much-needed resources and funds to the citizens and community of Houston through park improvements, charitable fundraising and investing in youth.

We visited Memorial Park GC on Thursday for the first round and loved every bit of it. The weather was amazing, the golf courses was in perfect condition, and the worlds best golfers were ready to take on Memorial.

Inside the renovation of Memorial Park, Houston Open host

The Vivint Houston Open is the first PGA TOUR event in the United States to have fans on-site since March. Two thousand tickets were sold for each round of the tournament.

“It’s great having fans back out again,” Texas native Scottie Scheffler said after shooting 67 on Thursday. “The energy was definitely a lot different than us just being out here by ourselves.”

Walking on a course familiar to us, seeing shots hit from the same areas we hit shots from, and not having to drive outside the city to see the world’s best golfers was amazing. Going to a sporting event with fans made 2020 feel semi-normal. We look forward to seeing who wins this week and to seeing the tournament grow into Memorial Golf course.