Our ACL Favorites From Weekend 1 You Need to See on Weekend 2

Austin City Limits weekend one was this past weekend and it was one to remember. Zilker Park was transformed for the music event into a music lovers paradise. Artists such as SZA, Flume, Pink, Paramore, and many more performed and left us with memories for a life time (or at least until next year).  Here are our can’t miss acts for weekend 2. 

Our Top 3 Favorite performances:

  1. Wallows
  2. Omar Apollo
  3. Flume


Wallows is a music group with members Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston. I personally went into this performance not knowing any of their songs, I only knew that one member was from the show 13 Reasons Why. I had such a good time seeing them perform and am now a fan! They all had such good stage presence and looked like they loved what they were doing. They all looked so cool and their catchy tunes took me to Alt-Nation heaven. 

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Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo has R&B and soul music. I went into his performance not knowing his songs and I still had such a good time. His performance felt so intimate even though the performance had some of the largest crowds of the evening. I quickly liked the songs and was quite shocked and exited when he started singing in Spanish. He sang a Ranchera and as a Mexican, I was so, firstly shocked, and secondly loving every second. Weekend 2 goers will love him!

Briana Sanchez/American-Statesman


Flume is an Australian DJ. I had never seen a DJ so I kind of didn’t know what to expect. He starts his set mellow and builds up into an Odesza like majestic performance. Overall, his performance is such a good time. If you are looking to dance around and have fun, flume is a can’t miss. 


Wallows, Omar Apollo, and Flume were my top 3 for weekend one and are a must see for weekend two! 

Phoenix and Death Cab for Cutie are Weekend 2 only and we can only imagine the are going to have must see sets. See y’all out there!

Eva Rogers

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