Birdie Bistro – Your Next Spot for Brunch

As a late riser, I’m a big fan of brunch. Waking up late and still being able to enjoy a plate of waffles, what else can you ask for? That’s why this latest restaurant I visited is a personal favorite. Located in McAllen, Texas, Birdie Bistro is a vintage European-style gourmet restaurant that offers various foods.

From omelets to sandwiches to parmesan-crusted salmon, Birdie Bistro is a restaurant that has something for everyone. And the best part is, breakfast is served all day.

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles of Birdie Bistro

It’s not illegal to visit a brunch restaurant and not order chicken and waffles, but it should be. Served with butter, syrup, and a house-made fried chicken breast, Birdie Bistro has made me love waffles even more. The waffles were excellent. They were soft, sweet, and melted in my mouth. It’s safe to say I’ll never look at an Eggo waffle the same.

The fried chicken was also great. It added saltiness and a crunch to the waffle, soaked in syrup. This dish perfectly combines sweet and salty.

Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Turkey Avocado Sandwich of Birdie Bistro

I decided to venture away from the breakfast menu for the next dish I tried. Birdie Bistro also serves sandwiches with various sides to choose from. I chose the turkey avocado sandwich with sweet potato fries and a side salad and wasn’t disappointed.

The sandwich was delicious. Every bite had just enough turkey, cheese, and avocado to satisfy my taste buds. The sweet potato fries paired well with the sandwich as well as the salad. Both sides added color to my plate, which I’m sure my Nutrition professor would be happy to hear. 

The Aesthetic

Birdie Bistro was awarded a Commercial Beautification Award in March 2021, and it shows. The outside terrace is beautiful, filled with greenery and Instagram-worthy spots. The inside part of the restaurant is also appealing. The room is decorated with pastel colors and cute decorations, giving off a friendly feel. You can even enjoy your meal next to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and check that off your bucket list!

The Aesthetic

Check out their Instagram @birdie_bistro for more pictures that will have you driving to McAllen, Texas to try their delicious brunch menu. 

Eva Rogers

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