Leaf and Grain Launches New Fall Menu

Living in such a fast-paced, work-oriented city like Houston makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. With fast food restaurants seemingly on every corner and traffic dragging your home commute longer, cooking healthy, freshly-made meals can seem like a chore. This is where Leaf and Grain steps in and excels. Established in Houston in 2016, Leaf and Grain set out on a mission to provide busy Houstonians with delicious meals that are filling and good for you. Their mission statement is to make it easier for people to put the right things in their bodies without feeling like they’re making a sacrifice, and this has earned them a dedicated and loyal customer base.

With the Fall season slowly making its way to Houston, Leaf and Grain want to provide people with healthy and delicious meals that welcome the new season. They have officially launched three inspirational Fall-themed dishes for everyone to enjoy this Fall. Plus, they’re soft-launching a new sandwich menu that is just as satisfying and healthy as their beloved bowls. 

Chef Elizondo’s Chicken Mole Plate

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Leaf and Grain have partnered with James Beard Award semifinalist Victoria Elizondo to bring her famous Chicken Mole Plate to a location near you. Modeled after Chef Elizondo’s, of Cochinita&Co fame,  Cochinita Mole, the Chicken Mole Plate comes with a serving of rich, savory chocolate mole garnished with sesame seeds. I fell in love at first bite, the mole sauce was perfectly smooth and dark and the chicken was cooked to perfection. The plate comes with a side of beans, rice, and pico and topped with red onions and crushed tortilla chips. It was perfectly balanced, the pico added the necessary spice and the tortilla chips brought a nice crunch to the entire plate. The only thing that could make it better is a corn tortilla to get the perfect bite of everything the plate has to offer. This is a great plate to get as the Fall cold-front starts to settle in Houston. 

Chef Nick Wong’s Ginger Scallion Noodle Bowl


In collaboration with Chef Nick Wong, one of Houston’s best, Leaf and Grain have also introduced his Ginger Scallion Noodle Bowl. This plate takes advantage of its Asian cuisine with its springy ramen noodles in ginger scallion sauce topped with fresh edamame, cucumbers, crispy shallots, and garlic. This plate is lighter than the other two, but it is the freshest among them. Biting into a forkful of cooled noodles with a side of Houston-made kimchi was like getting a taste of Spring in October. On the topic of kimchi, this plate had some of the best fresh kimchi I’ve had in Houston, it’s truly the standout of the plate. It also comes with a side of chili oil which I definitely recommend adding to your plate and mixing it in for an added kick. 

 Deets Hoffman’s Oktoberfest Plate

This plate comes straight from Leaf and Grain founder, Deets Hoffman. Paying tribute to Oktoberfest, this hearty plate is a love letter to traditional German cuisine and aims to bring its savory flavors to the Houston’s cuisine. The homemade bratwurst meatballs really make this plate: savory and salty, yet deliciously light. The dish also comes with roasted potatoes, peppers and onions that bring a variety of flavors that compliment the meatballs. To my surprise, the honey mustard sauce complimented the bitterness of the fresh arugula and brought the whole plate together. This was probably my favorite of the three dishes, the brown rice and pretzels being a delicious yet health source of protein, this dish brings savory, German cuisine to the streets of Houston.

 Chicken Pesto Sandwich

To my surprise, when I arrived to Leaf and Grain to try their new Fall items, I discovered that they are soft-launching a new sandwich menu. I had the pleasure of trying their Chicken Pesto sandwich. The bread was toasted to perfection, with a crispy outside and soft inside. The chicken breast was balanced with a topping of lettuce and tomato that make any sandwich perfect. The item that made this sandwich a standout was the savory, sun-dried tomato aioli that was poured carefully in between the layers of chicken, pesto, and greens. Since it is not officially launched, Leaf and Grain’s sandwich menu is something to keep an eye out for. It’ll definitely be worth the wait for anyone in Houston looking for a filling, yet light, sandwich during their lunch hour. 

Leaf and Grain has gained a loyal following by ensuring their menu items are fresh and locally-sourced and a great, healthy alternative to the vast repertoire that is Houston cuisine. The interior was cozy and welcoming with the wood-toned dining area and the abundance plants and paintings that beautifully decorate the interior. The staff was pleasant and welcoming, overall Leaf and Grain is a company to add to your list of places to try in Houston. 

5525 Weslayan St, Houston, TX 77005

(713) 492-0704

Instagram: @theleafandgrain

Hours of Operation:

10:30 AM – 8 PM, everyday

Eva Rogers

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