Highway Vodka Review – Houston Hemp-Based Vodka In Distillery

Highway Vodka is changing the game by being the first black-owned hemp-based distillery in Houston, Texas.

The History

The history behind the creation of Highway Vodka originates eight years ago with the Vodka Co-founders, Ben Williams and Wendell Robins. Two friends whose love for distilling started out as nothing more than entertainment.

Fast-forward to now; Highway Vodka is creating a name for itself by sharing its unique strain of hemp that’s in its vodka! The company prides itself by ensuring that the ingredients of this enticing vodka are all “cooked up from scratch, by hand.”

History of Highway Vodka located in Houston

“I started to become interested in the ins-and-outs of distilling by watching my dad make batches with his friend,”

Highway Vodka’s lead distiller Codi Alan said. She is one of the first female black distillers in the country. I recently spoke with Codi, and she mentioned how her interest turned into her joining her family business.

“I think it’s so much fun to be a part of this business,” Alan said. “The best part about doing this is that I get to work with my family every day.”

Highway Vodka – Making Process

Highway Vodka making process

The Visit

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Highway Vodka on #NationalVodkaDay! Codi took guests behind the scenes and elaborated on the process behind making the vodka. Hemp, locally sourced corn and water from their “artesian aquifer” is the foundation of their “mash.” The mash is transferred to the fermentation stage and sits for one to two weeks.

experienced the Highway Vodka backend process

The hemp activates as a binder to the yeast during the fermentation stage while converting the sugars to alcohol. During this period, a dense layer of hemp oil forms at the top of the fermenter. A six-time distilled vodka, highway vodka is smooth and has a distinguished taste!

After the tour we got to bottle our own vodka and eat tasty bites that were infused with Highway Vodka!

Highway Vodka food dish

For more information, follow the distillery @highwayvodka on Instagram, or visit their website.

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