Best Bars in Houston for a Refreshing Drink

Yohana Franco | February 16, 2022

This summer is about to get very interesting and fun. I don’t know about you all, but now that I am fully vaccinated, I am excited to try out a couple bars in Houston that I’ve been having in my bucket list ever since I turned 21. Grab your mask, your hand sanitizer, your ID, and get ready to add these next few bars in your bucket list as well!

1 – Present Company

Present Company

Not only does this bar look super aesthetically pleasing, but the drinks also look extremely good! If you are trying to go to a bar that will also have your Instagram feed looking extra good, I highly recommend this bar! They have a lot of tasty specialty drinks, but the one I am the most excited to try out is called “Rest in Paradise”. Tell me that name does not yell out summer to you!

2 – Truck Yard

Truck Yard

This is one of the very first bars that was added to my bucket list once I turned 21. They offer a variety of drinks to choose from including craft beers and various cocktails, but I think what really makes Truck Yard special is that it is basically an adult playground! It does not get any better than this.

3 – Tikila’s in the Heights

Tikila’s in the Heights

Tikila’s is one of the newer bars that has just been added to my list. The food and drinks are supposed to be really good, and let us also just appreciate how cute it looks! It literally seems like a little part of Hawaii just came to settle in Houston. They even serve their delicious drinks in small Tikis!

4 – Unicorn Disco

Unicorn Disco

Unicorn Disco is a cute, fun little bar that opened up a few months back. It offers a variety of drinks to choose from and a spot for bowling. The bar itself gives off very retro vibes and the aesthetic of it is 10/10 in my opinion! Plus, I heard that there is also a great dance floor! I will definitely be trying this place out this summer.