Things to do in Downtown Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas, is renowned for its rich Western heritage, highlighted by attractions like the Stockyards National Historic District, where visitors can witness authentic cowboy culture and enjoy rodeos.

The city is also celebrated for its thriving arts scene, with world-class museums such as the Kimbell Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum drawing art enthusiasts from around the globe.

Spring and fall are ideal seasons for exploring downtown Fort Worth. They offer pleasant weather for outdoor activities like strolling along the Trinity River Trails or enjoying events at Sundance Square.

Summer brings lively festivals and outdoor concerts, while winter provides opportunities to experience indoor attractions such as the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo or to cozy up in downtown restaurants and theaters.

With plenty of things to do in Downtown Fort Worth, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and diverse attractions that make this area a must-visit destination.

10 Best things to do in Downtown Fort Worth 

Discover the top things to do in Downtown Fort Worth near you, offering a mix of fun for everyone.

There’s plenty to see, from relaxing at the Water Gardens to exploring historic landmarks like St. Patrick Cathedral and the JFK Tribute.

Enjoy live performances at places like the Bass Performance Hall or catch a show at the Circle Theatre.

Don’t miss out on Sundance Square for lively vibes, or visit Acre Distilling for local spirits.

With so much to explore, Fort Worth has something for all tastes.

  1. Fort Worth Water Gardens
  2. Sundance Square
  3. Bass Performance Hall
  4. Sid Richardson Museum
  5. St. Patrick Cathedral
  6. JFK Tribute
  7. Fort Worth Convention Center
  8. Tarrant County Courthouse
  9. Acre Distilling
  10. Circle Theatre

1. Fort Worth Water Gardens

Address: 1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 392-7111

Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is one of the most mesmerizing attractions in downtown Fort Worth.

Designed by Philip Johnson, this urban oasis offers a serene escape from the bustling city streets.

The gardens feature several distinct areas, including the Active Pool, where cascading waterfalls create a soothing ambiance.

Visitors can also explore the quiet Meditation Pool, where gentle streams flow into a central pool surrounded by lush greenery.

Additionally, the Aerating Pool provides a stunning display of water shooting into the air, creating a captivating spectacle.

In the heart of downtown, the Fort Worth Water Gardens offer a tranquil retreat for locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful place to relax or a unique spot for photography, this urban sanctuary will captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression.

2. Sundance Square

Address: 420 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 255-5700

Sundance Square

Sundance Square is a vibrant hub of entertainment, dining, and culture in downtown Fort Worth.

Spanning 35 blocks, this pedestrian-friendly district is adorned with historic buildings, lively plazas, and an eclectic array of shops and restaurants.

Visitors can stroll along the brick-lined streets, enjoying the bustling atmosphere and admiring the charming architecture.

Additionally, Sundance Square hosts various events and performances throughout the year, ranging from live music to outdoor movie screenings.

With its diverse attractions and vibrant energy, Sundance Square offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to shop, dine, or soak in the lively ambiance, this dynamic district is a must-visit destination in downtown Fort Worth.

3. Bass Performance Hall

Address: 525 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 212-4325

Bass Performance Hall

You’ll find the Bass Performance Hall in downtown Fort Worth—a true cultural treasure.

Designed by David M. Schwarz, this stunning venue stands out with its beautiful limestone exterior adorned with intricate carvings.

Inside, you’ll experience top-notch acoustics, from symphony concerts to Broadway shows, making every event unforgettable.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just looking for a special night out, Bass Performance Hall has something for you.

Its elegant design and fantastic performances make it a must-visit spot in Fort Worth’s cultural scene.

4. Sid Richardson Museum

Address: 309 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 332-6554

Sid Richardson Museum

Situated in downtown Fort Worth, the Sid Richardson Museum offers a captivating journey through the art and history of the American West.

Housed in a beautifully restored historic building, the museum showcases a remarkable collection of paintings by renowned artists such as Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell.

These works of art depict scenes of cowboys, Native Americans, and the vast landscapes of the frontier, providing insight into the rich heritage and pioneering spirit of the American West.

For art enthusiasts and history buffs alike, the Sid Richardson Museum offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture and legacy of the West.

With its diverse collection and engaging exhibits, this hidden gem provides a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era, making it a must-visit destination in downtown Fort Worth.

5. St. Patrick Cathedral

Address: 1206 Throckmorton St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 332-4915

St. Patrick Cathedral

St. Patrick Cathedral is a historic landmark in downtown Fort Worth. It has been a symbol of faith and community for over a century.

With its striking Gothic Revival architecture and intricate stained glass windows, the cathedral offers a serene space for reflection and worship.

Visitors can admire the craftsmanship of the interior, featuring ornate altars, vaulted ceilings, and detailed sculptures.

Additionally, St. Patrick Cathedral hosts regular services and special events, welcoming parishioners and visitors to experience its timeless beauty and spiritual significance.

6. JFK Tribute

Address: 916 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 298-8100

JFK Tribute

In downtown Fort Worth, the JFK Tribute is a poignant reminder of President John F. Kennedy’s legacy and the impact of his historic 1963 visit to the city.

Located near the Fort Worth Convention Center, this outdoor memorial features a larger-than-life bronze statue of JFK, capturing a moment of connection with a young boy.

Engraved plaques detailing Kennedy’s visit and his enduring influence on the nation surround the statue.

The JFK Tribute serves as a place of reflection and remembrance, inviting visitors to honor the memory of a visionary leader whose legacy continues to inspire generations.

7. Fort Worth Convention Center

Address: 1201 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 392-6338

Fort Worth Convention Center

The Fort Worth Convention Center is a hub of activity and innovation in downtown Fort Worth, offering a versatile venue for a wide range of events, conferences, and gatherings.

With over 250,000 square feet of flexible space, including exhibit halls, meeting rooms, and ballrooms, the convention center can accommodate events of all sizes and purposes.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities, it provides a seamless experience for attendees and organizers alike.

Located in the heart of the city, the convention center is easily accessible and surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and attractions, making it an ideal destination for both business and leisure travelers.

8. Tarrant County Courthouse

Address: 100 E Weatherford St, Fort Worth, TX 76196

Phone: (817) 884-1111

Tarrant County Courthouse

As an iconic symbol of justice and governance, the Tarrant County Courthouse is a historic landmark in downtown Fort Worth.

Built-in the late 19th century, this majestic structure showcases stunning architectural features, including elaborate carvings, towering columns, and a distinctive clock tower.

The courthouse is the seat of the Tarrant County government and houses courtrooms, administrative offices, and public spaces.

Visitors can explore the building’s rich history and architectural significance through guided tours or admire its grandeur from the outside.

Whether seeking legal services or simply marveling at its beauty, the Tarrant County Courthouse remains integral to Fort Worth’s cultural heritage.

9. Acre Distilling

Address: 1309 Calhoun St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 632-7722

Acre Distilling

In downtown Fort Worth, Acre Distilling offers an experience blending craft spirits, cocktails, and Southern charm.

Founded on a love for quality and innovation, this distillery makes tiny batches of spirits using local ingredients and traditional methods.

Visitors can tour the distillery to see how it’s done and taste whiskey, vodka, and gin—all carefully made.

The tasting room is cozy and perfect for enjoying handcrafted cocktails and the flavors of Texas.

Acre Distilling is about quality and community, making it an excellent spot for spirit lovers and newcomers.

10. Circle Theatre

Address: 230 W 4th St, Fort Worth, TX 76102  

Phone: (817) 877-3040

Circle Theatre

For lovers of live theater, Circle Theatre offers an intimate and immersive theatrical experience in the heart of downtown Fort Worth.

Founded in 1981, this professional regional theater company is dedicated to producing contemporary plays and nurturing emerging talent.

Housed in a historic building, the theater’s cozy setting creates an engaging atmosphere where audiences can connect with the actors and become fully immersed in the storytelling.

From thought-provoking dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, Circle Theatre’s diverse repertoire ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether attending a matinee or evening performance, patrons are treated to top-notch acting, compelling narratives, and unforgettable moments long after the curtain falls.


In summary, Things to Do in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas, has much to offer everyone.

There’s something here whether you’re into its cowboy history or love art.

From checking out the Stockyards to visiting museums or attending festivals, there’s always something happening in this lively city.

And with different seasons offering different activities, Fort Worth keeps the excitement going all year round.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, it’s worth a visit in Texas.

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