Best Pizza Restaurants in Fargo

If you are looking for a nice spot to dine, you should visit Fargo, where pizza-making is done to perfection on an entirely different level. A patchwork of pizza restaurants is growing in this bustling town, and each one produces a delight with delectable treat options.

The pizza scene in Fargo is a superb example of how tradition and innovation can effectively work together. The pizza scene in Fargo has bold toppings and classic tastes that complement each other nicely.

These well-known and well-liked pizzerias have perfected their profession and elevated themselves to the position of being the absolute best in Fargo.

Come with us on a journey through the top nine best pizza restaurants in Fargo, where the aroma of freshly baked crusts and the taste of various sauces will combine to provide an experience beyond the ordinary.

List of 9 Best Pizza Restaurants in Fargo

On your tour of Fargo, Texas, you should stop at the best pizza restaurants in Fargo that capture the essence of authentic tastes and the talent of the chefs who prepare them.

  1. Rhombus Guys
  2. Deeks Pizza
  3. Blaze Pizza
  4. Spicy Pie Downtown
  5. Duane’s House of Pizza
  6. Pizza Ranch
  7. Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar
  8. Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant
  9. Spicy Pie

1. Rhombus Guys

Address: 606 Main Ave, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

Phone: +1 701-540-4534

Rhombus Guys

Rhombus Guys goes above and beyond the average by using various inventive toppings that create a sensation that makes your taste senses dance. Each pizza is a culinary art, using readily available ingredients and tastes from all over the globe. 

The fact that Rhombus Guys can produce even the most basic pizzas to perfection is the most excellent thing about them. Their attention to art is shown by their creation of the ideal combination of coarse yet tender bread and a substantial coating of high-quality cheese. 

Each slice achieves perfection due to the fantastic combination of different textures. Experience a new and exciting flavor with their trademark dish, the “Rhombus Delight.” 

This masterpiece is the epitome of pizza perfection, with a carefully selected variety of toppings that complement one another on the tongue. Whether you cling to the classics or experimenting with new flavors, your taste buds will be satisfied. 

Everything about this pizza place, from the one-of-a-kind toppings to the perfect crust-to-cheese ratio, has been meticulously selected to exceed your expectations. 

2. Deeks Pizza

Address: 702 N University Dr, Fargo, ND 58102, United States

Phone: +1 701-235-0708

Deeks Pizza

Deeks Pizza is a brilliant example of how to mix innovation with customization in a manner that brings about the best possible results. Those who work at this pizza shop have established a reputation for themselves by creating pizzas that include tried-and-true recipes and innovative concepts developed in the kitchen. 

For Deeks Pizza, finding the optimal balance between adhering to traditional methods of producing pizza and incorporating contemporary elements might be challenging. Consequently, the menu will appeal to individuals interested in trying new things and typical cooking fans. 

Quality is something that Deeks Pizza is recognized for being committed to. Every component of the pizza demonstrates a commitment to excellence, from the toppings that were selected by hand to the ingredients that were the freshest available. 

In addition to offering mouthwatering pizzas, Deeks Pizza is known for its welcoming atmosphere, allowing customers to enjoy the tasty cuisine and the courteous service. 

An enjoyable dining experience is guaranteed with every visit because of the warm and welcoming customer service and the intimate setting. People looking for a restaurant that offers a unique combination of traditional and contemporary cuisine will find that Deeks Pizza exceeds expectations. 

Experience the “Deeks Special” and discover why this pizza restaurant is such a well-liked treasure in the bustling culinary scene of Fargo. In this place, preparing pizza is elevated to a new level.

3. Blaze Pizza

Address: 1443 42nd St S, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

Phone: +1 701-552-7226

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza has mastered the art of delivering delicious pizza in a short amount of time without compromising on its quality. Because of this, freshly produced pizzas of excellent quality may be available in a fraction of the time, making the restaurant more convenient for busy individuals without sacrificing the food quality. 

The fact that Blaze Pizza places a high importance on originality is what sets it apart from other pizza restaurants. Guests can express their preferences by selecting fresh veggies, sauces, and toppings. 

Using this customized experience, each pizza is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind reflection of the individual’s preferences. At the core of Blaze Pizza’s menu is the “Blaze Signature” pizza, a very well-liked dish that demonstrates the place’s commitment to providing high-quality food. 

This exquisitely crafted masterpiece has the ideal blend of tastes, so it is consistently popular among pizza enthusiasts who take their pizzas seriously.

4. Spicy Pie Downtown

Address: 322 Broadway N, Fargo, ND 58102, USA

Phone: +1 701-356-7437

Spicy Pie Downtown

Spicy Pie Downtown is an excellent location for those who want pizza with tastes that are bold and spicy. Because this pizza place has perfected the art of blending heat and taste, it is an absolute need for those passionate about spices and searching for a fantastic pizza-eating trip. 

Spicy Pie Downtown has established itself as a successful business by not being afraid to experiment with different tastes. This restaurant is well-known for its ability to create pizza with a unique flavor by using solid and spicy ingredients. 

The food is excellent, and the whole experience is enhanced. At Spicy Pie Downtown, there are many delicious things to eat, but the “Spicy Supreme” is the one that truly sticks out from the crowd. 

Spice and taste come together fascinatingly on this pizza. Every slice is an explosion of flavors and sensations that will leave even the most seasoned spice enthusiasts with an impression that will last a lifetime. 

People who are passionate about spices are the ones who speak Spicy Pie Downtown’s language. Those who want their pizza with a little bit more heat will find that the menu is tailored to satisfy their preferences, turning each slice into a spicy party.

5. Duane’s House of Pizza

Address: Multiple 

Phone: Multiple 

Duane's House of Pizza

When it comes to the vibrant pizza culture in the city, this eatery is a representation of heritage. Pizzas that are considered traditional and will always stay in style are what it is renowned for. 

The history of Duane’s House of Pizza can be traced back to the moment when Fargo was founded. In this well-known restaurant, which has been a custodian of tradition for many generations by remaining faithful to the skill of baking pizza, there are deep roots that stem from the place. 

“Duane’s Classic” is the leading pizza served at Duane’s House of Pizza. It is a cooking marvel that perfectly summarizes the true meaning of tradition. The fact that each slice of this pizza is the product of decades of expertise demonstrates that the pizza shop is committed to maintaining the art of manufacturing traditional pizza. 

It is beautiful that Duane’s House of Pizza can provide you with a flavor of the past by concentrating on the straightforwardness and authenticity of classic pizzas. Every component, from the crust cooked to perfection to the ingredients selected with great care, demonstrates how much they value the custom.

6. Pizza Ranch

Address: 4480 23rd Ave S A, Fargo, ND 58104, USA

Phone: +1 701-356-4141

Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch has perfected the art of combining pizza making with buffet-style meals so that both taste like they were made for one other. Thanks to this innovative way, customers can enjoy a diverse selection of flavors while also enjoying the social ambiance that comes with it. 

The “Ranch Feast” is the leading pizza they offer at Pizza Ranch; it’s their signature dish. The pizza experience is above and above what is typically offered, and it is a true feast. A wide variety of mouthwatering pizzas are available at this pizza place, ensuring that there is something for every person seated at the table. 

Pizza Ranch is aware that individuals have varying preferences regarding pizza, and the “Ranch Feast” demonstrates this. Every person who enjoys pizza can choose a slice that satisfies their unique requirements, whether it be an old favorite or an innovation offered as a buffet. 

Pizza Ranch is known for its mouthwatering cuisine and its child- and family-friendly atmosphere, which emphasizes the pleasure of dining together and the companionship that comes with doing so. 

7. Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

Address: 1640 13th Ave E, West Fargo, ND 58078, USA

Phone: +1 701-532-2220

Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar

With its bustling atmosphere, Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar is more than simply a place to dine; it is where sports, camaraderie, and good times come together. The atmosphere is usually vibrant, which is why people like getting together with their friends and family here for social events and parties while they are here. 

Not only is the pizza known as “Boston’s Supreme” prepared as a meal, but it is also prepared as an exciting part of the overall ambiance of this place. The food options offered here are a fantastic fit for the energetic atmosphere, making it an ideal combination that appeals to individuals who are interested in sports and those who are looking for an exciting dining experience. 

Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar provides mouthwatering pizza and boasts a dynamic environment similar to that of a sports bar and serves mouthwatering meals. To watch the game and consume a great deal of delicious food, friends, families, and sports lovers gather there.

8. Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant

Address: 301 Broadway N, Fargo, ND 58102, USA

Phone: +1 701-235-5331

Sammy's Pizza and Restaurant

Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant is an essential part of the distinctive culinary tradition in Fargo. It is well renowned for sticking to traditional recipes that have been tried and tested over many years, and this place has a long history of following customs. 

Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant does an excellent job of preserving traditional recipes in their original form, resulting in an experience that is comfortable and consistently pleasing to the palate. 

Every bite of their renowned pizzas reveals the extent to which they are dedicated to using tried-and-true techniques and materials of the highest possible quality. Not only does Sammy’s provide delectable cuisine, but it also boasts a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that encourages old customers and first-time visitors to feel like they are in their own homes. 

A Fargo landmark that has become a much-loved component of the community is reflected in the atmosphere, which reflects the enduring spirit of the monument. If you want to try some of the traditional cuisine served in Fargo, Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant is calling your name with its traditional dishes and well-known “Sammy’s Special.” 

Spend some time participating in the tradition, savor the traditional flavor, and discover why Sammy’s has become such an essential part of the culinary history of Fargo. 

9. Spicy Pie

Address: Multiple

Phone: Multiple

Spicy Pie

One of the things on the menu at Spicy Pie that is quite well-liked is the “Hawaiian Heat.” This pizza takes the classic Hawaiian cuisine and gives it a tropical touch, which gives it a taste profile that makes it stand out from other pizzas. 

The “Hawaiian Heat” is a fantastic example of how creative Spicy Pie is and how willing they are to experiment with new things. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. It shows how Spicy Pie is able to cater to a diverse variety of preferences, which is something that this pizzeria takes great pride in. 

To demonstrate that it is committed to providing clients with original and interesting options that will surprise and satisfy them, Spicy Pie combines unique ingredients with classic Hawaiian tastes.  

It not only offers delicious pizzas but also has a vibrant and flavorful atmosphere that is appealing to those who are interested in trying new dishes. The restaurant is a beautiful location since it has a dynamic environment that corresponds nicely with its robust cuisine. 

“Hawaiian Heat” by Spicy Pie will transport you on a tropical vacation and is perfect for those who like trying new flavors. This place is known for consistently delivering solid and distinctive flavors, catering to the diverse preferences of the city’s residents.


The pizza scene in Fargo is like a mashup of various flavors and original new creations. In this article, we have included everything from the traditional allure of Duane’s House of Pizza to the daring and fiery delicacies served at Spicy Pie. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in Sammy’s Classic Pizza or Spicy Pie’s “Hawaiian Heat,” both of which have traditional tastes that people like since all these places serve excellent pizza.

The pizza culture in Fargo is comprised of a combination of a long history and contemporary concepts. 

Every slice has its unique history. Rhodes Guys, Deeks Pizza, Blaze Pizza, Pizza Ranch, and Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar are just a few of the pizza restaurants in Fargo that contribute to the city’s diverse flavors.

The above list covers the best pizza restaurants in Fargo that you should visit and savor, regardless of whether you are looking for the familiarity of a conventional pizza or the excitement of trying out new and exciting toppings. 

Every pizza lover in this bustling metropolis can choose the perfect slice owing to the high-quality cuisine, extensive options, and welcoming environments.

Therefore, go on an exciting journey into the pizza paradise of Fargo, where the old and the modern come together to create an excellent experience. 

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you can rest assured that your journey through the pizza scene in Fargo will be both delicious and fun whenever you visit these best pizza restaurants in Fargo.

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