Best Fancy Restaurants in Dallas

Dallas has a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants across the city. The fine dining scene is no exception. From Italian to French to American, these restaurants are some of the best fancy places in Dallas for a romantic date night, an important business meeting, or a high-end family dinner. Most of these restaurants include a dress code and require reservations. Dive into our 10 best fancy restaurants in Dallas.

List of Top 10 Fancy Restaurants in Dallas

Here’s our list of the top ten fancy restaurants in Dallas:

    1. Monarch
    2. Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek
    3. Drake’s
    4. XOXO Dining Room
    5. Meridian
    6. STK Steakhouse
    7. Cadot Restaurant
    8. Town Hearth
    9. Fearing’s Restaurant
    10. The French Room

1. Monarch

Address: 1401 Elm St, 49th Floor, Dallas, TX 75202


Monarch is an Italian restaurant run by two-Michelin star chef Danny Grant. They specialize in pasta, wood-fired steaks, and seafood. Some of their signature dishes include Lobster Spaghetti and Shrimp Scampi Ravioli. Their dining room matches the level of their cuisine with lovely decor and seating. They have a business casual dress code. 

Imagine you’re at Monarch, about to dig into some delicious Lobster Spaghetti. While enjoying the cozy vibe, why not add a little flair to your outfit?

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Sunday – Thursday, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Friday & Saturday, 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Happy Hour

Sunday – Friday, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

2. Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Address: 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd., Dallas, TX 75219

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

At Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, you’re set to savor a delightful blend of American cuisine with a French influence. As you prepare to enjoy the sophisticated ambiance and upscale dining experience, why not enhance your meal with a special touch?

Consider adding a fine bottle of wine to complement your meal perfectly. 


Sunday & Monday, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

Tuesday & Wednesday, 7:00 am – 9:00 pm

Thursday – Saturday, 7:00 am – 9:30 pm

3. Drake’s

Address: 5007 W Lovers Ln Dallas, TX 75209


Drake’s is a jazz and blues lounge that specializes in American food. They have an elegant dining space and a level of sophistication. They are a great place for fine dining

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Sunday – Wednesday, 4 pm – 10 pm

Thursday – Saturday, 4 pm – 11 pm

4. XOXO Dining Room

Address: 3121 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75225

XOXO Dining Room

XOXO Dining Room is a stylish pink dining room combined with an upscale cocktail lounge. They have a gorgeous outdoor garden with lots of lovely seating as well as multiple indoor dining options. Some of their signature dishes include Lobster Mac and Australian Lamb Chops. 

Step into the chic ambiance of XOXO Dining Room, where the stylish pink decor sets the scene for a memorable dining experience. As you anticipate indulging in signature dishes like Lobster Mac and Australian Lamb Chops, why not add a touch of elegance to your time here?

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Dinner: Monday – Sunday, 5:00 pm – Close

Brunch: Saturday & Sunday 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

5. Meridian

Address: 5650 Village Glen Dr, Dallas, TX 75206


The Meridian is an upscale Brazilian restaurant with dishes inspired by seasonal ingredients and the chef’s garden. With gorgeous plating and a lovely dining room, it’s a great place for a delicious dinner. 

Enter the elegant setting of Meridian, where the flavors of Brazil blend with seasonal ingredients for a culinary experience unlike any other. As you anticipate savoring the inspired dishes crafted with care, why not add a touch of sophistication to your dining affair?

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Monday, Closed

Tuesday – Sunday, 5 pm – 10 pm

6. STK Steakhouse

Address: 2000 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

STK Steakhouse

STK Steakhouse has locations across the country and has been voted one of the 100 best steakhouses by Forbes. They are elegant and classy, a steakhouse combined with a chic lounge, and a great place for a sophisticated dinner. 


Monday – Thursday, 11 am – 11 pm

Friday, 11 am – 12 am

Saturday, 10 am – 12 am

Sunday, 10 am – 11 am

7. Cadot Restaurant

Address: 18111 Preston Rd # 120 Dallas, Tx 75252

Cadot Restaurant

Cadot Restaurant is an upscale classic French restaurant run by its own French chef, Jean-Marie Cadot. With gorgeous place settings and a sophisticated inside, it’s a great pick for our top ten list. 


Lunch: Thursday & Friday, 11:00 am – 2:30 pm

Dinner: Monday – Saturday, 5 pm-close

Sunday, Closed

8. Town Hearth

Address: 1617 Market Center Blvd., Dallas, TX 75207

Town Hearth

With chandeliers lining the dining room and a car by the bar, Town Hearth is a unique upscale restaurant in Dallas. They specialize in American food, steaks, and seafood and are a great stop for events. 


Sunday & Monday, 5 pm – 9 pm

Tuesday – Thursday, 5 pm – 10 pm

Friday & Saturday, 5 pm – 11 pm

9. Fearing’s Restaurant – The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

Address: 2121 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

Fearing’s Restaurant - The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

Fearing focuses on elevated American cuisine with bold flavors. They have earned multiple awards and drawn in every type of person who appreciates unique cuisine. Fearing’s is a great restaurant in Dallas for a high-end, delicious meal. 


Breakfast: Daily, 7 am – 11 am

Sunday Brunch: Sunday, 11 am – 2 pm

Lunch: Monday – Saturday, 11:30 am – 2 pm


Sunday – Thursday, 5:30 pm – 9 pm

Friday – Saturday, 5 pm – 10 pm

10. The French Room

Address: The Adolphus Hotel, 1321 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75202

The French Room

The French Room transports you to Europe with traditional European architecture, design, and decor, as well as a classic French menu. Visit for tea time or lunch and experience the gorgeous dining room and delicious menu. 


Wednesday – Sunday, 11 am to 3 pm


Whether it’s traditional French dining or elevated American cuisine, Dallas has it all. We hope you visit some of the places on our list of the best fancy restaurants in Dallas.

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