Your Guide to Austin Murals

Austin may be known mainly for its musical scene, but the city is also home to many murals and street art exhibits. They’re a staple on every Austinite’s Instagram, a must-see for anyone visiting from out of town, and a big part of what keeps Austin weird. Here are some of the best, most iconic murals you should definitely check out and need to be on your Austin things to do list.

With postcards going steadily out of fashion, a pic of this mural makes a charming alternative to send your faraway relatives! Found at 1720 S 1st St. on the side of Roadhouse Relics, the Greetings from Austin mural was modeled after a 1940s postcard and it is essential for anyone in the city–native or visiting–to come by and take some vintage pics. 

Tau Ceti, which can be found at the corner of Brazos and Second street, became Austin’s tallest piece of public art when it was completed in 2018. The vibrant gradient extends 10 stories (103 feet!) up the northwest corner of a city parking garage and was designed to create a variety of effects as the sunlight exposure changes throughout the day. Whatever time of day you go see Tau Ceti, it’s sure to be a spectacle.

Located in the always colorful South Congress neighborhood, the I Love You So Much mural is the perfect place bring your best friend, spouse, mom, cat (listen, I’m not here to judge who’s most important in your life) to let them know how much you appreciate them–while also getting some super cute pics, of course. And while you are here, make sure to check out some of the best restaurants in Austin on SOCO!

Painted in 1992 by Daniel Johnston, the Hi, How Are You mural can be found on the corner of Guadalupe and 21st Street and is emblematic of both Austin’s unique music scene and the local effort to start new conversations around mental wellness. Daniel Johnston, a successful musician despite his mental health struggles, is the inspiration for the Hi, How Are You project, which strives to remove the stigma around mental illness and encourage open communication. So if visiting the mural leaves you wanting more, go to their website and check out some of their mural-themed merchandise!

Anyone enjoying a nice day near Congress Avenue Bridge can’t help but notice this inspirational masterpiece. Seemingly torn straight out of a comic book, this mural was finished only this year and is meant to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote. “The Beauty of Liberty and Equality” is, fittingly, the largest mural in Austin, and you can witness it in all its feminist glory at the corner on the side of the Line Hotel at 111 E Cesar Chavez St.

If the I Love You So Much mural didn’t put a smile on your best friend’s/spouse’s/mom’s/cat’s face, this one is sure to! Found at 2000 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., take your favorite person here to tell them you LOAF them with some MAGARINally good puns.

This mural, found at 582 N Interstate 35, acts as a beacon for West 6th Street and a spectacularly vibrant way to show off that you’re not only in the capital of Texas, but the live music capital of the world. From bakeries to bars to billiards, this mural is definitely pointing you towards a good time on Austin’s most famous street.

Of course, no mural tour would be complete without a stop at Austintatious. Painted back in 1974, it was the first outdoor mural in the city–and if this compilation of murals is evidence of anything, it certainly started a trend. Visiting this iconic mural at the University Baptist Church on 22nd Street is sure to make you feel like a true Austinite.

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Megan Aune

Megan is a former TexasTasty intern who is now graduating from UT to pursue a career in publishing. She still loves Austin patios.