Wonderspaces Austin Offers New Way to See New Art

Wonderspaces, beginning in 2016, has finally made its way to Austin, TX, the city immersed with food, culture, and art. Wonderspaces is an interactive museum designed to showcase a variety of art in unique ways.

The museum is currently showcasing fourteen different types of art and will be changing up the exhibits every few months so that more artists can share their work with the community. Art is something that brings people together and this is something that is needed during this pandemic.

COVID has restricted people from gathering together; however, Wonderspaces has enforced rules and regulations so that people can enjoy art safely.

Wonderspaces Austin Tickets

Before coming to Wonderspaces, I purchased tickets and picked a timeslot to come in at. I would recommend ordering your tickets a few days in advance because there are limits on how many people can come during each time slot.

You have to have your temperature taken at the front desk upon arrival and wear a mask the whole entire time. If you do not abide by these rules, you will be asked to leave.

Wonderspaces Exhibits

Some exhibitions that you might see this month are Submergence, Body Paint, Dinner Party, and The Last Word. Submergence is a piece made by Squidsoup. This art piece has thousands of lights dancing to the sound and music that complements the color and movement.

Wonderspaces Austin

Walking through all of the moving lights make you feel like you are surrounded by a thousand fireflies. If you timed it right enough, you could walk through the lights and it would feel like the lights are following your every move.

This first piece of art is a great place for a photo opportunity. It was made for the audience to gaze at the lights and watch in awe.

Body Paint by Memo Akten is an interactive piece of art that allows the audience to create what it looks like. This exhibit focuses on the movement of the human body and energy that is produced.

Whenever you dance or move over the screen, the color changes and it follows the movement created. This allows the audience to express themselves in how they want to interpret the art.

Dinner Party by Charlotte Stoudt, Laura Wexler, and Angel Soto is an interactive exhibit that shows a film through a virtual reality headset. The room of the exhibit is dressed like the scene from the film. It’s paired with the VR experience to allow people to feel as if they were there as it was happening.

This connects the audience to the art and puts them in the shoes of someone from the film, making the art more enjoyable. If you are concerned about putting on a headset during this pandemic, you do not have to worry.

At this exhibit, they have VR sets that are cleaned and sanitized after every use, masks to go over your face before putting on the set, as well as a video model on how they are still trying to maintain social distancing.

Wonderspaces Austin reviews

The Last Word by Illegal Art is my personal favorite. This piece of art is another piece that allows the audience to interpret their own meaning.

Illegal Art made it possible for people to say things that were left unsaid. It is a great opportunity for people to reflect on their lives and share anonymously things that they never had the chance of expressing.

Wonderspaces Dallas

The art is a wall filled with tightly wrapped paper. The red end indicates that someone has written on it. A white end that you are allowed to take and write something of your own. People leave their notes anonymous so that there is no judgment or shame from writing how they feel. The artist also made it possible for people to enjoy other people’s last words.

There are several other exhibits to enjoy here, but these were some of the exhibits that stood out to me during my experience. This is a great place to come with friends to take a break from being cooped up inside.

Wonderspaces make art enjoyable and more accessible to those who do not have the chance to go see some of these pieces. Art brings people together and during this time it’s important to have people come together in the safest way possible.

Wonderspaces Austin FAQ’s

Q: How long does it take to walk through Wonderspaces Austin?

A: On average, it takes about 75 minutes.

Q: Is there parking at Wonderspaces Austin?

A: There is free parking located at Wonderspaces Austin.

Q: Who owns Wonderspaces Austin?

A: Wonderspaces is a Los Angeles-based company whose president and co-founder is Jason Shin.

Although there is no phone number listed for Wonderspaces Austin, if you have any additional questions, check out their FAQ on their website, or contact them through their messaging system.


If you are looking for something to do during this quarantine, then Wonderspaces is the place to go. With rave reviews online, Wonderspaces is a must-see.

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