Velvet Taco In Austin – Detailed Restaurant Review

About Velvet Taco, Austin

Experience a trendy new way of eating tacos at Velvet Taco! This one-of-a-kind taco joint serves numerous combinations of global cuisines all on top of a fluffy tortilla. Self-proclaimed as “a temple for the liberated taco”, this restaurant breaks barriers for what a taco can be.

Established in Dallas in 2011, Velvet Taco has rapidly expanded across the Lone Star State, with one of its latest stores opening in Austin on South Congress in 2020.

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What’s striking about the South Congress location is its unique polished wooden interior and neon lighting. The retro-modern restaurant brings a bright-colored eating experience that matches its bold fusion flavors.

Looking to get the best bang for your buck? Velvet Taco has recently launched a new loyalty program called “The Velvet Room”. Accessible through the Velvet Taco mobile app, the loyalty program allows you to earn points with every purchase (for Drive-Up, Pick-Up, or In Restaurant dining) for free tacos, swag, and experiences. Not to mention:  Free chips & queso when you sign up AND a free slice of red velvet cake on your birthday!

Velvet Taco Menu

Velvet Taco’s menu is full of unique flavor combinations in taco form. From its Korean Fried Rice Taco to its Spicy Tikka Chicken Taco, this establishment shines through its array of culturally diverse menu items. After trying their menu, I created a definitive list of my favorites… See them below!

One item I could not stop eating was Picnic Taco. This dish bundles together the creamy buttery texture of the avocado crema and potato salad with the crispy skinned and juicy rotisserie chicken. With all the ingredients served on a fluffy flour tortilla, each bite reminds the palette of a relaxing afternoon picnic.

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The other dish on the menu I would recommend is the Chicken and Waffle Taco. As a way to highlight Velvet Tacos southern roots, its chicken and waffle taco is still respectful to the original combination. I am not usually a fan of this classic southern combination, but the taco element elevated the dish for me. The crispy chicken tenders and creative waffle-like taco shell creates the perfect fusion. Dressed with peppercorn gravy and a touch of maple syrup, the dish enhances the original flavors of chicken and waffles and is something new you should consider trying!

Looking to share tacos with friends and family? Velvet Taco also sells gift cards perfect for birthdays and thank you presents!


Want Velvet Taco at events or special gatherings? Luckily, Velvet Taco caters as well! To start a catering order, either select ‘pickup’ or’ delivery’ on their catering website. From there, you will be asked questions about the order. It’s that simple!

Location + Opening and Closing Hours

Located at the intersection of Congress Ave and 6th street, Velvet Taco is open 11am-11pm from Sunday to Wednesday. Great for a quick bite for lunch or a late night dinner! Thursday hours extend from 11am-12am and to accommodate the hard partiers and night-owls, Velvet Taco is open on Friday and Saturday from 11am to 2am the next day!

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Online Order Process

Want to skip the line? Order through the website to have your food ready before you arrive! To place your order,, first go to the top right hand corner of the website and click on “order now”. From there, just find the restaurant location you would like to pick up from and select the delicious tacos you want to order. 


Velvet Taco is an ambitious taco restaurant with a lot of great concepts and even more interesting tacos. The restaurant continues to innovate, adding new menu items each season (and experimenting with new flavor combinations with their special Weekly Taco Feature, WTF). Want to try something out of the box? Velvet Taco is definitely the spot for you!

Eva Rogers

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