Vegan Taco Spots in Austin

Marcy Lara Estrada

Ah, another Tuesday. Not quite as bad as Monday, where we need 3 cups of coffee to properly function, nor quite as fun as Friday, when we know the weekend is right at the tip of our fingers – we can taste the tequila already.  However, here in the 512 Tuesdays are anything but boring. Us Austinites take our taco addiction very seriously and offer plenty of scrumptious options to go get our vegan taco fix.

La Revolution

La vegan. With lots of tacos, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and even Notzarella Sticks. Located in Thicket Food Park on 7800 S. First Street, Revolution Vegan Kitchen offers an all, you guessed it, vegan menu with food that “doesn’t have to ‘taste vegan’”. The food stand brings to you the best of Austin, with close proximity to a kid’s playground, live music on the weekends, and on-site parking! A dream. My personal favorite are the Al Pastor tacos: Soy protein, pineapple, chipotle, Mexican spices. Topped with raw onions, cilantro, and pickled onions. Served with a corn tortilla with a side of salsa.

Vegan Nom

Located on E Cesar Chavez St. is the “most original vegan taco truck in Austin Texas”, the Vegan Nom. The food truck began with a passion to create authentic tex-mex flavors for all vegan lovers alike, and now the Vegan Nom offers a variety of options from both breakfast (of course!) and dinner tacos, burritos, nachos and snacks & sides. The Vegan Nom is also home to Planet Queso, an original in-house created dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free and gluten free vegan queso that can be purchased per 16oz bags! My personal favorite is the Hella Vegan Quesadilla, filled with beef, cheddar, crema, chipotle, and guac.

Nissi Vegmex Cuisine

Priding themselves on offering ‘mouthwatering Mexican’ Nissi Vegmex Cuisine is located on 1106 E 11th St,and offers a variety of soy proteins, salsas, and drinks as well pre-prepared plates on their menu. Nissi also offers the option of food preparation (takes 7 days) for a pound of the vegan protein of your choice to take home! My personal favorite is the flauta plate: 3 rolled tacos with a side of rice, beans, crema, lettuce, tomatoes and guac cream.

Mr. Natural

Vegan, vegetarian, and local, Mr. Natural is an Austin staple for not only breakfast, brunch, and dinner, but for their inhouse bakery offering a plethora of baked goods as well as the option for custom cakes (for weddings, too!) Having two locations in East and South Austin, Mr. Natural’s menu goes beyond just tex-mex but all genres of food. That being said, their taco menu is quite diverse, with even the option to build your own taco from a list of different customizable food items available. My personal favorite is the Vegan Seitan Fish Taco: Breaded and fried homemade seitan, cabbage, carrots, avocado, cilantro, vegan sriracha mayo, pico de gallo, and a wedge of lemon.

The Vegan Yacht

If you still want to participate in the Tex-Mex fun, but burritos are more your thing, check out The Vegan Yacht, located in South Austin on 2000 South Oaks Drive.  The menu offers several burritos, but also a bowl, vegan hot dawgs, and a fun freeto pie option. There is also a kid menu for the young-ins as well! My personal favorite is the freeto burrito: organic tempeh chili, organic corn chips, avocado and vegan cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled. Pairs nicely with a chilled topo chico.

Every day of the week holds some sort of significance, and Tuesdays should never be left out of the fun. Lucky for us, there are plenty of Austin things to do and eating at some of the best vegan Texas restaurants the south has to offer is one of them. Happy eating!

Marcy has been a Texas Tasty blogger since August 2020. She reports on vegan food around the Austin area, and the occasional grocery store haul. Her passions lie in the world of consumer-packaged goods (cpg) and finding the best organic burritos around town. IG: @marcyvega