Top 10 Texas Restaurants That Deliver (In More Ways Than One)

In a market saturated with dozens of delivery services like Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub, etc. it can be difficult to choose where to indulge on nights when cooking dinner just isn’t on the menu. To top it off, we’re living in pandemic, and despite the state’s businesses being open, it’s important to practice social distancing in order to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. In an effort to remedy this threat to cuisine, here’s TexasTasty’s top ten picks for restaurants that’ll deliver a night full of flavor right to your doorstep— without burning a hole in your wallet. And don’t worry we have something for everyone from Austin to Houston and in-between!

Houston Area

Kim Son Restaurant

With three locations in the greater Houston Area, Kim Son Restaurants have been serving the community with delicious Chinese-Vietnamese cuisine since the 80’s. There’s dozens of delicious soups, rice platters, and hearty noodle dishes to choose from. The Pho Beef with bean sprouts and mint is a bowl of savory heaven, the Kim Son Sampler boasting egg rolls that are the perfect mix of crunch and softness. While there’s a minimum delivery cost of $25 through the restaurant’s delivery service, Kim Son is also available through Doordash , GrubHub, UberEats, and more from its Bellaire, Sugarland, and Downtown locations for a minimal fee.

Jupiter’s Pizza

Why reserve breakfast foods for the morning rush? Jupiter’s Pizza serves a gourmet array of unique sourdough pizzas and Belgian waffles both sweet and savory, along with omelettes, skillet meals, French toast, and even salads for those who crave something a bit more earthy. Even better, all of their signature dishes, like the famous Jupiter pizza and Morning Belle waffle are available on DoorDash for no additional delivery fee with the DashPass service. It’s a deal that’s out of this world.

Thai Cottage

Available through Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, and more, Thai Cottage boasts a menu averaging 4 stars across platforms that’s available in 9 Houston Area and greater Texas locations. From decadent desserts like the seasonal Sweet Rice and Mango to the Tiger Cry charbroiled beef entree, to the kids entrees averaging around $5.00, there’s something for everyone at this popular haven of Asian cuisine.

Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

Wai Wai Kitchen

Asian fusion food with specialty entrees like mango chicken and ginger stir fry maxing out at $9.25– a steal. The restaurant is rated 5/5 on Grubhub, and deliveries are made for a small fee via Postmates, Doordash, Favor, and more. Customer reviews boast Thai Cottage’s large portion sizes that give you more bang for your buck, a Yelp reviewer writing that “the shrimp/chicken lo-mein melted in my mouth.” What’s not to love? WaiWai kitchen is sure to keep your night in flavorful and fun.

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Kitchen boasts southern cooking described as “integrity tested by fire” on their website. Honestly, it’s easy to see why. After 4:00pm on Sundays and Wednesdays, customers can feed the whole clan with a rich rotisserie chicken, 3 Texas Size sides, and 4 rolls for just $20.00. Aside from that, the chain also offers crispy drumsticks, an array of Texas style sides, bowls, sandwiches, and their famous chicken enchiladas with house made tomatillo sour cream— all made easily available through their delivery service as well as other third party providers.

The Biscuit Bar

Risk it for the biscuit no longer! The Biscuit Bar’s 4 Dallas area and greater Texas locations offer an app for both iPhone and Android through which delivery is made, a feat both convenient and free of charge. Their Tasty Joe Cocktail was featured in Forbes, and their famous loaded biscuit meals are highly acclaimed by local news outlets like Plano Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and Crave DFW. Biscuits range from the low price of $4.00 for a standard sausage biscuit to $13.00 for their most costly item at the Dallas location, The Rough Night, loaded with southern fried chicken, burger patty, ham, turkey, pulled pork, crispy bacon, tots, cheddar, and house-made sausage gravy.


Bombay Express

With delivery available through Doordash, Bombay Express offers a variety of exclusively vegetarian Indian food and street snacks. The Aloo Paratha, a layered bread filled with spiced potatoes and a side of yogurt, is as popular as it is a house favorite. Cheese Dosas filled with onions, jalapeños, and traditional spices offer miles of flavor. If your sweet tooth needs some TLC, Galub Jamun— dumplings made with condensed milk and soaked in rose syrup— and Kulfi— authentic Indian ice cream— are just two of the delicious options offered on the dessert menu of this delectable staple.


Oprah raved about this pizza. Enough said. Originally based in New York City, Roppolo’s two locations in West Campus and 6th Street offer patrons fresh Sicilian pizza for a 20% discount in the 78701 zip code. It gets better: kids eat free Sunday, and with the purchase of Roppolo’s gourmet food, the establishment uses its proceeds to donate to organizations they consider “a god send of goodness for our community.” Quality pizza? Low price? Charity work? Just order through their website and let them do the rest!

San Antonio


No contact delivery and supporting black business during a pandemic? WingIt wings nothing— just delivers on its promise for quality service. With two San Antonio area locations founded by a former football star and Texas college graduates, WingIt serves a plethora of flavored boneless and bone out wings, $5.00 daiquiris on Monday’s, and a signature pineapple lemonade flavor that’s bursting with citrus and delight.


The food will make you want to “leave the gun and take the cannoli” (their words not mine). With a loaded menu of burgers, cheesesteaks, Vienna hotdogs, and more for a bargain, WiseGuys just seems like the wise decision. For customers looking for healthier options, the eatery offers sandwiches and salads, along with wraps like the Grilled Chicken Wrap— grilled or fried chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and mozzarella cheese with sauce bound by a spinach wrap. It’s The Godfather of Chicago style dishes in the heart of Texas, and it’s sure to live up to its acclaimed 4.5 star rating across the web.

Chris Kim

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