The Texas Tasty – Best Queso Around San Antonio

Sterling Silliman

San Antonio is known for many things. Some include the Alamo, the San Antonio Rodeo, and most importantly for having the best Mexican food around. Whether you prefer Tex-Mex or traditional Mexican cuisine San Antonio will not disappoint. Here are some spots where it would be a crime to pass up on a basket of tortilla chips and a big bowl of cheese.

Alamo Café

This San Antonio gem has been around since 1981. Ask any San Antonio local where to go for some good queso and they will send you to Alamo Café. Their chile con queso is a very simple and creamy dip with small bits of tomatoes and jalapenos. They also have Davy Dip which is their traditional chile con queso loaded with ground beef and guacamole. Ask for a side of tortillas. Alamo Café’s tortillas paired with the queso elevate it to a whole new level.  Whichever queso you go for I promise, by the time your meal comes you will already be stuffed.

Torchy’s Tacos

Now with three locations in San Antonio and countless locations around the United States, the once taco truck has found booming success. Torchy’s queso is unlike any other. Chef Mike Rypka has taken traditional yellow queso and has loaded it with everything you could ever want in a dip. This queso starts with a large dollop of guacamole that is drenched in green chile queso. It is then topped with cotija cheese, cilantro, and Torchy’s Diablo sauce. Here’s a tip, if a bowl of Torchy’s queso wasn’t enough, order a Trailer Park taco. This is a fried chicken, flour tortilla taco with all the goods. When you order it, ask for it “trashy”. They will then substitute the lettuce on the taco for extra queso. Thank me later.

Lupe Tortilla

This Tex-Mex restaurant started in Houston Texas and now has locations in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. The San Antonio location without a doubt has become a staple for amazing fajitas and of course queso. Lupe offers two different queso. Their traditional Chili Con Queso and their loaded queso flameado. The queso flameado has a melted jack cheese base and you can choose between chorizo, jalapeno sausage, or carne molida for some added protein and flavor.

El Marisol


With two locations in San Antonio, El Marisol is another iconic location for traditional Mexican cuisine. This family-owned restaurant offers not two but three variations of queso. If you are looking for a simple, traditional, queso you cannot go wrong with the Queso Marisol. Their family recipe adds another level of thick and creaminess to this dip. They also offer their queso with beef. However, nothing beats their queso flameado. This queso is a two cheese recipe with a surprise chunk of chorizo. If you enjoy good queso order a large one. You won’t be disappointed.



If you have already indulged in Alamo Café or El Marisol, yet you are still craving more queso, you have to go to Aldaco’s. This is another San Antonio staple for traditional Mexican cuisine. Blanca Aldaco has changed the game when it comes to Mexican food in San Antonio. Aldaco’s sticks to very simple queso. You have the option to add meat but this simple dip is perfect without it.


Chuy’s is another restaurant that started in Austin and has expanded to San Antonio. This Tex-Mex chain is known for its legendary dips. Chuy’s queso is very similar to many other queso but is nonetheless delicious. They serve their queso with green chili and ranchero sauces. What makes Chuy’s stand above and beyond many other queso is their happy hour fully-loaded Nacho Car. During happy hour you have unlimited access to queso, salsa, jalapeno ranch, and more. This allows you to make your loaded queso with just about anything you could think of.


Opening their doors in 1992, Rosarios is another legendary restaurant in San Antonio. This restaurant is well known for its numerous accolades in Mexican cuisine. Their Queso Rosario is made with chihuahua cheese which gives it a very authentic taste. The chihuahua, along with little bits of pepper and tomato make it the perfect queso. Order the queso flameado if you are looking for a little more flavor.


This chain burrito company is perfect if you are looking for a quick fix of queso. Their Tex-Mex queso keeps up with many other queso on this list. It is the perfect dip to add to any bowl or burrito.