The Pizza Press In Austin, TX – Extensive Review

In 2017, Austin welcomed another pizza place in its rapidly growing food culture and a spot that makes our best pizza in Austin list. Their selling point? A unique aesthetic and fresh stone-fired pizzas served on a pizza paddle. Originally from Anaheim, California, The Pizza Press rocks an American industrial-era newspaper theme. Their decor ranges from a mechanized dough press behind the counter to historic news clippings lining the walls. Even the menus are written with typewriter font!

The industrial era theme plays well with The Pizza Press’ bustling, yet playful, ambiance. Whether you choose to eat inside in a booth-style seat or outside on the patio, you will undoubtedly feel part of the big-city hustle, with a hot slice of pizza to boot!

The Pizza Press Menu

Wondering what to order? The Pizza Press has a variety of options: You can “craft your own story” with your own choice of toppings and freshly sourced ingredients, or order one of The Pizza Press’ signature pizzas, named after 1920’s era American newspapers.

a pizza by pizza press

Here are some of our favorites:

The Press Cheese and the Daily are your classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas with a twist: your choice of garnish or dressing drizzled on top. For more customizability, each pizza can be made with whatever sauce you like, from your traditional red sauce, to pesto or even barbecue sauce!

Like A LOT of cheese on your pizza? Then, The Times is definitely for you! Topped with a mixture of mozzarella and gouda, this pizza is full of melty-creamy goodness. To add some freshness and acidity, The Pizza Press finishes the pie with fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro and a drizzle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.

One of my favorite comfort pizzas, The Tribune is a veggie-rich rendition of the classic supreme. The combination of red onion, mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, olives and Italian sausage, creates a variety of flavors and textures. Overall a great and safe pizza to choose!

Want to try something new?

Give The Chronicle or The Herald a try! The Chronicle starts off with a basic base: olive oil and mozzarella cheese. For the toppings, the pizza takes a more unique approach, adding artichoke hearts, tomatoes, red onion, mushroom, chevre, and roasted red bell peppers. The Herald, on the other hand, features a unique white sauce foundation, with mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Not to mention the roasted chicken, red onion, and crimini mushrooms, that add to the pizza’s richness!

And then, there’s the infamous pineapple pizza: The Sun. This pie has long been the center of online debate and is definitely worth the hype. It features a red sauce base with a cured, honey-smoked ham and bourbon bacon. To top it all off, The Sun adds pineapple and tomatoes, which gives the pizza the acidity and sweetness it needs to shine! Don’t hate it ‘til you try it!

Looking to add a little somethin’ somethin’? Grab an order of The Pizza Press’ signature  Garlic Cheesy Bread with over ten side sauces to choose from! Or try their decadent Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie, straight from the oven and topped with vanilla ice cream.

Online Ordering Process

Online ordering from The Pizza Press is super simple: Download either Grubhub or UberEats on your phone and select whether you’d like to order for carry-out or delivery. Want to use the Pizza Press website? Order here and pick up in under 20 minutes!

The Pizza Press Austin Location and Hours

The Pizza Press is located at: 404 W 26th St. Austin, TX 78705,

And is open everyday from 11 a.m12 a.m.


The Pizza Press believes in taking an active role in the community, helping local non-profits and sports teams reach their fundraising goals. This restaurant prides itself on its affordability and flexibility to promote your non-profit. See if your organization qualifies!

The Pizza Press FAQs

Are there vegan options?

Yes! The Pizza Press has vegan cheese so you can build-your-own vegan pizza or make substitutions. 🙂

Is there outdoor seating?

Yes, there’s outdoor seating in the back. It’s decorated with string lights and a cute pizza mural!

How long does Pizza Press Take?

The wait time for your pizza is typically ~20 minutes once you order!

What are the COVID Safety Precautions?

Since the pandemic, The Pizza Press has implemented social distancing stickers. Tables are spaced 6 feet apart, and sanitizer stations are available throughout the establishment.

Is Pizza Press a Franchise?

Yes! The Pizza Press is a rapidly growing franchise originally from Southern California. With around 20 locations, the brand hopes to open up 20 more locations in the near future.

Who owns Pizza Press?

Liza Hilo is the owner of the pizza press and said she is very “excited to be here in Austin!”


Overall, The Pizza Press is the place to go for fresh, fully-customizable pizza, at a price that cannot be beat (all pizzas starting under $10). With vegan and gluten-free options, their menu caters to all pizza lovers, even including a 6-inch pizza for children 12 and under!

With their American industrial-era aesthetic and mouth-watering menu of customizable pizzas, The Pizza Press is not your average pizza spot, but a place to tell your own story.

Eva Rogers

Eva Rogers, a proud Texan and contributor for TexasTasty, infuses her writing with a deep passion for the Lone Star State. With roots in the vast plains of West Texas, Eva treasures the unique fusion of tradition and innovation that embodies the Texan spirit. Through her articles, she celebrates the diverse tapestry of Texas, exploring everything from its vibrant urban centers to its tranquil rural landscapes.