The Luck Reunion Music Festival at Willie Nelson’s Ranch

What is Luck Reunion?

From sea to sea people from across the country gathered at the illustrious Willie Nelson Ranch for the annual Luck Reunion to experience a diverse lineup of artists ranging from alternative indie to country folk music. The lure of the Luck Reunion hooked music enthusiasts from all walks of life creating a melting pot that would rival any musical festival. Of course the draw was the talents of the artists in attendance but being able to see the ranch that Willie raised his family on was the ultimate cherry on top. 

Stepping foot onto the Willie Nelson Ranch was like being dropped into an old western where saloons opened with swinging doors and being a cowboy was the norm. The people in attendance certainly understood the assignment coming in outfits that would make Willie Nelson himself jealous. 

Via Luck Renion

Food and Drink

Speaking of saloons, Luck Reunion attendees didn’t have a chance of going thirsty as Tequila Herradura, TX Whiskey, Tito’s Vodka and many others supplied free drinks to everyone in attendance. The spirits they provided paired perfectly with the spirit of the Luck Reunion as music is made just a little bit better with a drink in your hand.

Via Luck Reunion

Along with amazing drinks the Luck Reunion had food trucks from the Austin area to satisfy the hunger that is inevitable when enjoying incredible music. From lobster rolls to karaage rice bowls the food was as diverse as the artists in attendance. Along with amazing food there was amazing competition in the form of a burger and drink contest giving select local Austinites the opportunity to show their skills. 


The Luck Reunion lineup couldn’t have been any better as attendees got to experience a wide range of music spanning from indie artists such as Bendigo Fletcher, Japanese Breakfast, and Neal Francis  as well as country folk artists such as 49 Winchester, Charley Crockett, and Tami Neilson. But the man everyone came to see was the spirit of the south Willie Nelson, who performed with his sons Lukas and Micah to end the night. My whole life I have listened to Willie’s music through the wires of a radio but nothing compares to hearing it in person. While the flow of his music is iconic, in every song Willie gave his songs a brand new feel changing the rhythm and pace of his delivery. Even at the age of 88 Willie put on a show that people will long remember. 

Via Luck Reunion

We were lucky to be able to attend the Luck Reunion this year at Willie Nelson’s Ranch and experience an event that is written in the lore of the lone star state. We can’t wait for next year!

Eva Rogers

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