Best Desserts After Lunch In Austin, Texas

Emma Cain

Best Desserts in Austin

Trying to compile a list of Austin’s best desserts is a hard task to complete, for there are so many talented bakers and pastry chefs in this city. However, I managed to compile a list of the best desserts with a multitude of styles, from farm-to-table to vegan and gluten free, to just pure decadence. So the next time you are wondering about the best dessert places near me – this is your list!

Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop 

1905 S 1st St

Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop opened in 2008 and has been serving wonderful cookies, cupcakes, pot pies and more, with two locations in Austin. Seasonally they make pot pies in the fall, and I have yet to try them, but it’s on my list for this holiday season. What makes this place special is their giant moist cookies and decadent cupcakes. My favorite is the snickerdoodle cookies that seems like it has some kid of cinnamon sugar filling mixed into the dough that adds an extra element that made this place stand out to me.

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Crema Bakery & Café 

9001 Brodie Ln

This place is a local favorite of mine, being from deep south Austin. Their coffee and tea drinks always impress, but during the summer they gather Fredericksburg peaches and make my favorite peach cobbler in town. The crust-like topping isn’t too thick and perfectly moist and sweet. What makes this dessert stand out to me is the local peaches. They sell these is large format and personal sizes. I recommend stopping in and grabbing one before the season is over, and while you’re there grab some lunch. They have great sandwiches, salads, and soups as well.  

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85˚C Bakery Café 

11301 South Lakeline Blvd

Firstly, it is hard to get a cream puff right. The pâte à choux pastry must be light and airy, and the filling makes or breaks the confection. 85˚C Bakery Café does it perfectly. They describe it as “2 pieces of light puff pastry with cream filling inside. They describe it as “two pieces of light puff pastry with cream filling inside”, and I completely agree. 

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La Patisserie

602 W Annie St

A cronut is my favorite dessert hybrid, and La Patisserie does its own rendition on it that takes the cake. A cronut is a cross between a croissant and a donut. It is layered pastry with fat like a croissant but fried like a donut. La Patisserie calls theirs the Crobrio, crossing a croissant with brioche dough. Brioche is an enriched dough that contains a decent number of eggs. The combination of flaky buttery croissant with rich enriched brioche makes the perfect donut. They toss theirs in sugar, for the perfect dessert. The profits from this confection used to go to the Austin nonprofit Urban Roots, in 2013, making La Patisserie not only delicious, but socially conscious. 

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Zucchini Kill Bakery 

701 E 53rd St

Zucchini Kill Bakery was founded in September of 2016, by two feminist punk pioneers, who just happened to be former bandmates for an all-women punk band. Jessica Freda and Cece Loessin were inspired by a feminist punk band Bikini Kill!, and their long time love for vegan baking.  What makes this place special is that while they are gluten and soy free and vegan, their products do not take a hit in quality and flavor. For instance, they serve a variety of baked goods from unique cupcakes, cookies, cake rolls, cinnamon rolls, and my favorite the vanilla cream coffins. The coffins are their rendition of a Twinkie, and are perfectly fluffy, moist, and the cream in the center in light and not too sweet. Currently, they have a special that features a pack of coffins, and they are donating 100% of the proceeds to Austin Bat Refuge, making this a guilt-free dessert. Even if you are not in Austin, Zucchini Kill Bakery ships their baked good and custom cakes all over the United States. 

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Sour Duck Market 

1814 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Sour Duck Market is one of my favorite lunch spots for great café style comfort food. However, they also have a bakery as an addition to the restaurant that features some amazing pastires. Their most popular are their Texas sized chocolate chip cookies, chocolate crissonts, and my favorite the kouign-amann. A kouign-amann is a French pastry like a crissont but layered with granulated sugar, with the butter, in-between the layers of pastry. This makes for a caramelized crunchy, chewy croissant like pastry. 

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Capital Grille 

117 W 4th St

My personal favorite dessert is a crème brûlée, and Capital Grille’s take on mixing a crème brûlée and cheesecake is one of my all-time favorite desserts. It is a classic vanilla cheesecake with a thick graham cracker crust, and the top of it is brûléed with sugar. Finally, it is served with a strawberry sauce and fresh berries that cut through the richness of the cheesecake and balance out the dish to make one of my absolute favorite desserts in Austin. 

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Barley Swine 

6555 Burnet Rd

Barley Swine is one of my favorite places to splurge on a date night. Their tasting menu features over ten courses of all purposely crafted farm-to-table dishes. Their desserts are just as local and delicious as the rest of their menu. Currently, they are serving a masa semifreddo with sage pressed apple and smoked apple butter. Also, a poblano Texas sheet cake with peach sorbet and peach chamoy jam. These are just two examples of the wonderful desserts they produce as the menu changes seasonally. 

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4200 N. Lamar Blvd

Uchiko also has some seasonal desserts, but they have a few classics that stay on the menu year-round for a good reason. My favorite is the Milk and Cereal which has fried milk, chocolate mousse, and toasted milk ice cream. The ‘fried milk’ is a fried dough filled with a warm vanilla pastry cream. The two other desserts that stay on year-round are their banana cake and the jasmine cream. Both are great, but the Milk and Cereal is a wonderfully delicious play on textures that overshadows the rest. 

Tiny Pies 

2032 S Lamar Blvd

Tiny Pies celebrated 10 years in Austin this year, as the family-owned shop opened in 2011. Now with locations in 13 cities, Tiny Pies uses their family recipes to create amazing mini pies from scratch daily. They use high quality ingredients that are locally sourced. Tiny Pies offers sweet and savory tiny pies, and you can order them gluten-free or vegan of you choose. Their apple pie and key lime meringue are my favorite pies I have tried and loved. However, they have a very large assortment from breakfast pies to chocolate cream and pumpkin chai. 

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Churro Co. 

1906 S 1st St

Churro Co. started with two friends from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico that shared a passion for Mexican street foods, and thus Churro Co. was born in 2014. The churros alone here are the best I have ever had. They are perfectly crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside, covered in cinnamon sugar. You can order them plain like I like to do, or you can get one of their many combinations. One of their most popular is the Campfire that features churros tossed in graham cracker sugar, topped with Mexican chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and torched marshmallows. I highly recommend trying this dessert spot if you haven’t already. 

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Sweet Caroline’s

5700 W Slaughter Ln

Sweet Caroline’s is a snow cone truck located in south Austin that serves New Orleans style snow cones during the summer. Every time I drive past this truck the line is always at least a dozen people long, and for a good reason. This place is unique because they offer a secret sweet cream as an option you can get drizzled on your snow cone, and it is wonderful. They offer over 50 different flavors, in addition to their own special combinations as well. My favorite is the Sweet Caroline which has coconut, strawberry, and cream. It is one of my favorite ways to cool off in the summer and enjoy a delicious treat. 

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Word of Mouth Bakery 

917 W 12th St

Word of Mouth bakery serves great sandwiches served on fresh baked bread and salads, but their tres leches is what makes me keep coming back to this bakery. The tres leches is soaked in the milk mixture and topped with whipped cream and a raspberry. It is perfectly simple but executed exquisitely. You can order just a slice or the whole cake. In addition, they have a wide array of other delicious pastries as well like brownies, bars, tarts, cookies, and cupcakes. This is a great spot for lunch, but you cannot leave without dessert.