Texas Tasty’s Top 10 Best Places for Cold Drinks in ATX

Summers in Texas are no joke. With living during the COVID-19 pandemic our usual ways of beating the heat might not be the same. But a cold drink can still do the trick while supporting businesses.


This beloved juice bar can be found at multiple locations all over Austin. JuiceLand is known for using plant bases for their smoothies, juices and other foods. If you are looking for a healthier alternative for a cold drink on the go, JuiceLand has you covered.

The Soup Peddler

Don’t let the name deceive you. Known for its soups and sandwiches, The Soup Peddler also has some of your favorite juices and smoothies using the freshest fruits and vegetables to go perfectly with their food.


Picnik is a health conscious restaurant and bar catering towards keto/paleo, gluten free and vegan diets. They offer iced teas and iced coffees along with some healthy goodies that can be taken to go. The Picnik Palmer is my favorite and is totally refreshing when the weather is hot.

Summer Moon

Summer Moon provides a calm and relaxing ambience to have a nice chat with a friend or to catch up on work all while enjoying a cool drink from a variety of options. More known for their coffee, they also have iced teas, and I have actually enjoyed their iced teas here, especially the Hibiscus Mint Tea.

Once Over Coffee Bar

Once Over Coffee Bar has an outdoor seating surrounded by trees and a creek to help you cool off if you want to stay outside and enjoy your iced coffee to the fullest.

Bennu Coffee

Bennu Coffee is another great place to get work done or read a book. This 24 hour coffee shop has coffee brewing for 16 hours making all of their coffee delicious and rich. Get an iced coffee to accompany your hot day.


Koriente is a hidden Mom and Pop Korean restaurant on E 7th Street. They offer the traditional tea and milk tea flavors for their boba drinks. Their service is excellent and quick, so if you are wanting a quick bite and drink, Korinete is the place to go.


Teahaus is an Asian tea room that serves signature beverages from tasty boba Jasmine milk tea to mint Mojito iced coffee. There is an array of traditional and experiential drinks to cool off with.

Yard Milkshake Bar

The Yard Milkshake Bar Austin provides a way to get creative and make your own milkshake with fun flavors and toppings. You can also choose milkshakes from their specialty menu like The Unicorn and Cookie Monster shown below.

Sweet Ritual

Sweet Ritual is a dairy-free ice cream parlor that uses real fruit, spices and vegan baked goods in their ice creams. They have basic flavored shakes from chocolate to mint but also have peanut butter, strawberry and others available for curbside pick up.

Chris Kim

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