Seoulju Korean Kitchen and Bar

Seoulju Korean Kitchen and Bar sits just down North Lamar, known for its fresh ingredients and large-format Korean dishes.

Seoulju Korean Kitchen and Bar Menu

Whether you want to enjoy a casual pop-up dinner, a planned event, or a night full of karaoke, Seoulju has you covered. Their crispy Korean Fried Chicken and late-night bar are just two things that will convince you to come to visit this spot. 

This delicious eatery is only open at this particular location in Austin, and hours are limited. It is important to keep in mind that they are only open four days of the week, starting from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Thursday/Sunday and 7 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Friday/Saturday. Their specific hours make it the perfect excuse to celebrate the end of the week with some Korean food, friends, and family. 

Seoulju Korean Kitchen and Bar Atmosphere

I owe it all to a friend of mine who recommended this place and even made a reservation for us. Right when you walk in, dark-colored walls and green lights surrounding the interior surround you. The restaurant has tables spread apart, and blackboards separate each table from one another. 

During COVID, Seoulju has taken every precaution to ensure safety for all of its employees and customers. Although walk-ins are always welcome, I recommend to make a reservation ahead of time in order to avoid long waits. If you choose not to dine in but still want a taste of their menu you can pick up your meal at their location or order through Seamless GrubHub for delivery. 

I got to dine in with a couple of my close friends and the ambiance was the perfect match for our Thursday night dinner together. There are various flatscreen TVs surrounding the restaurant and all of them display popular K-pop music videos. I saw couples enjoying date night, families gathering for a huge meal, and just groups of friends taking turns with the Hotpot. Clearly, Seoulju is the hot spot for all of your Korean food cravings and entertaining nights.

For the Table 

Being that it was our first time eating here, we took our time reading over the menu and figuring out what was best to split among the three of us. Our server was outstanding and never hesitated to bring us more bottles of water. For starters, we ordered Corn Cheese and Bulgogi Kimchi Waffle Fries. This was my first time trying this traditional Korean dish made of sweet corn loaded with cheese and butter. 

No words – the Corn Cheese was absolutely delicious and so creamy. Every time I dipped my spoon in for more and brought it to my mouth the cheese would stretch, and I would have to wrap it around continuously as if I were eating spaghetti. Next, the Bulgogi Kimchi Waffle Fries were generously coated with all of the ingredients and each bite had a savory taste. Each fry was equally heavy because of all of the bulgogi and kimchi piled on top. 

The next order of business was the Kimchi Fried Rice topped with a sunny side egg. I have always been a fan of kimchi, which is known as spicy fermented cabbage and consists of pickled vegetables. The perfect of amount of spice with each spoonful made it easy to finish the entire dish. Now, who could visit this place without having some of its famous Korean Fried Chicken? We ordered Thigh Nuggets tossed in the Korean Sweet Chili sauce. 

With each bite of the chicken, all I could think about was how fresh, crispy, and mouthwatering it all was. For the amount of food given, the prices are unreal. I admit, we devoured every dish so no to-go boxes were necessary. I didn’t even get to try a quarter of the menu, but I know I will be making a reservation very soon in the future. 

Until Next Time

I already know I will be visiting Seoulju again at the end of the month. I cannot wait to reorder some of the dishes I got previously while trying new ones as well. Treat yourself to completing another week and go celebrate with soju and Korean dishes to share with your table! Go follow their Instagram @seouljuatx to see all their latest updates and yummy content for your feed.  

Austin is filled with delicious Asian cuisine eateries and you can never get enough! Whatever specific craving you are having just know ATX has you covered. Check out 1618 Asian Fusion for another tasty restaurant recommendation! 

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