Retro Boat Rentals ATX – Detailed Review

Are you still looking for places to socially distance? If you have already gone to all of the parks, trails, and done every outdoor activity under the sun, then you should plan your visit to Retro Boat Rentals. Making their debut in Austin for the first time two weeks ago, they reside on Lady Bird Lake where you can rent a boat to cruise on the lake and take in all the views that Austin has to offer.

These boats are nothing like what you would typically find in Austin. With the classic retro aesthetic of the boat, the motors and engines have been upgraded to zero-emission electric motors. They pride themselves on being more eco-friendly; by switching motors, they have eliminated noise as well as water pollution in their experience. Each boat has been repurposed so that it is safe for everyone to use while keeping the history.

They have a range of fleets to rent out, from two-four people, there is a boat for you. If you wanted to bring your little furry friend then definitely check out June.

Do not worry if you cannot swim because each boat is equipped with life jackets, paddles, an anchor, as well as a blowhorn for emergencies. I got a chance to take a trip on Vera, a 1956 Herter’s El Dorado in a beautiful shade of blue, a lovely two-seater. Perfect for any date or cruise with your best friend.

There is no experience needed when renting out a boat. I have never driven a boat before and it is surprisingly easier than I thought that it would be. All of the staff were friendly and more than happy to help my friend and me with how to maneuver the boat.

After we got out on the water, I got to take in the views of the hills as well as the breathtaking skyline in Downtown Austin and Congress Bridge. My friend and I decided to bring some food along with us to eat while we were on the water. It is encouraged to bring something to snack on, and there is even room for a cooler on a few boats.

Even though it was only a two-seater, there was more than enough room for two people. You could even stop the boat on the lake to take the perfect photo.

Being on a boat is less labor-intensive than being on a kayak or paddleboard; however, all three give you an experience like no other.

This unique experience was the highlight of my week and I cannot wait to come back with more of my friends!

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