Reimagined Chinese Food at Old Thousand is Good, It’s Dope.

Lily Thorpe | October 26, 2021

Old Thousand presents a new take on Chinese food so good, you’ll leave planning for your next visit. What makes these reimagined classics so good? A little Texas flair in some dishes. Specials like the Mala Fried Chicken Sandwich or the Brisket Fried Rice are sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. The eclectic twist of the menu translates to the quirky vibe of the dining room, making Old Thousand your next casual lunch and dinner spot

Dining In

Old Thousand is so dope, they serve two locations in Austin. The East 11th and Burnet locations both feature a lunch and dinner menu and eclectic finishes of decor. For the first year of the Burnet location, Old Thousand operated as a take-out-only establishment. Now, they are opening their dining room to the public for the first time ever. 

The newly opened room features bold floral wallpaper on every corner, perfectly fitting the quirky design style. Photos of The Mona Lisa wearing a mask and Ruth Bader Ginsburg wearing a crown adorn the wall. Next to the modern pops of decor are also traditional Chinese prints and patterns. The dining room seats a plethora of guests, and the back patio is a spacious space, perfect for the cooling fall weather. During our visit, they also embraced the spirit of Halloween, decorating the dining room for the holiday. 

Reimagined Chinese

One look at Old Thousand’s menu, and you know each dish brings classic flavors with a bold twist.

Can you take the heat? The Mala Fried Chicken Sandwich is an undertaking on its own. Crispy hot fried chicken topped with Szechuan tomato slaw is perfect for one or two to enjoy. The sandwich pairs perfectly with the Green Chili Coleslaw, a slaw made with green chili Szechuan mayonnaise to add the right amount of tang to this classic side. 

Remember the Texas flair we mentioned earlier? Order the Chino Mac Salad. The perfect side dish created with peanuts, Sichuan peppercorn, mustard greens, and chili oil. The Brisket Fried Rice is the right choice for anyone looking to indulge in a smokey twist on a classic dish. 

What dishes will everyone enjoy? Old Thousand’s Beef and Broccoli and the spring rolls are a favorite at the table.

At the end of your lunch or dinner experience, you can’t forget to order the 5 Spice Chinese Churro. The fried donut-like dough comes with a smooth pandan cream. There will be no churro or cream to spare when everyone has a taste, and you may want to consider ordering two. Pro tip from our server — if there is pandan cream left, dip your fortune cookie in the cream for the most magical combination of sweetness.

Stop by Old Thousand’s dope 11th St or Burnet location Tuesday-Sunday for Lunch, Dinner, or drinks and experience this Texas twist on many classic Chinese dishes. Find them at