Rainey Street In Austin – Restaurants, Bars, and Culture

Tucked away in downtown Austin, Texas is the lively Rainey Street Historic District, where renovated houses have been transformed into charming bungalow bars and restaurants. This historical district is one of a kind with everything from bars, music, food, and a place to hang out with your dog.

We’re gonna go over the places you absolutely cannot miss on your next visit to downtown Austin.

5 Best Rainey Street Bars in Austin

The bars on Rainey street are notorious for their daytime drinking. It’s the perfect place to catch a game or catch up with friends. Almost every bar has a fun, thematic atmosphere.

1. Unbarlievable Bar

A circus-themed bar with bright colors and tasty drinks– they even have a slide for extra fun.

Image From: The Business Journals

2. Container Bar

This has got to be one of the most unique bars out there. The whole bar is literally made out of four-ton metal shipping containers. It’s a must-see if you’re looking for a cool place to hang out.

Image From: Visit Austin

3. Placeholder

With a tropical almost Tiki style, you and your friends will be able to grab a cocktail and relax on the huge patio.

Image From: Art Seen Alliance

4. Bungalow

This is a self-proclaimed easygoing bar, where you can have just about any occasion. Whether you’re seeking a big party or an intimate drink with a friend, this is just the spot for it. Definitely take a picture with the “I hate you so much” mural, and pay homage to the twist on the original!

Image From: Austin Entertainment

5 Best Rainey Street Live Music in Austin

A large part of what makes Austin so great is the live music, and Rainey Street is no exception. On the weekends almost all of the bars have a set up for live music, and you can experience local artists up close and personal.

Some of the best lowkey spots for live music on Rainey Street are:

1. The Parlor Room

This spot is fun and vibrant with music. The large patio is equipped with games, craft beer, and cocktails.

Image From: Austin Entertainment

2. Augustine

This charming bar hosts local artists every weekend in their timeless atmosphere.

Image From: Austin Eater

3. Craft Pride

Texas-made craft beer also comes with Texas made musicians. Definitely check out the local artists who create great vibes at Craft Pride.

Image From: Austin Entertainment

4. Lucielle Patio Lounge

The atmosphere of Lucille’s is calm yet lively. You can enjoy the live music while relaxing on a hammock, or petting the many furry friends who frequent the bar.

Image From: Austin Entertainment

5 Best Rainey Street Restaurants in Austin

Here’s quick rundown of the best Rainey Street restaurants in Austin:

1. Asador on Rainey

These are some of the best tacos, especially their weekend brunch menu.

Image From: USA Restaurants

2. Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden

They’ve got lots of appetizers to share with friends but the best thing they have is between the buns. They have a long list of sausages that they put on a bun with unique twists and they are a must-try.

Image From: The Travel Mentor

3. Emmer & Rye

Their farm-to-table food creates fresh and unforgettable flavors. Their menus change daily because of this so keep that in mind. Definitely snag a reservation to experience their sweet and savory menu.

Image From: A Taste Of Koko

4. Lustre Pearl Rainey & Tommy Want Wingy

The chicken wings here are like no other, they come as a lollipop! They’ve taken the mess out of chicken wings and let you have it right on a stick.

Image From: Lustre Pearl Rainey & Tommy Want Wingy


Rainey Street is definitely worth exploring if you want a taste of what makes Austin so special. You could spend your whole weekend in this downtown treasure alone. Between the food, drinks, music, and fun, it’ll be almost impossible to leave the district.

Eva Rogers

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