Plow Burger – A Vegan and Meat-Eater’s Food Truck Heaven

As a vegan of five years, I’ve learned to lower my standards when it comes to plant-based alternatives. Chicken is chicken and plants are plants. That’s the way things have always been, and even though plant-based alternatives can try to imitate meat, they can never really taste the same. Well, that’s what I used to think. Two weekends ago I went to the best vegan food truck I have ever been to and my standards have never been the same. I went to the Austin icon Plow Burger and I could not believe how realistic the plant-based alternatives were. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way though – the two other meat-eaters I went with also agreed.

Doing Burgers Differently

In case you haven’t heard, Plow Burger is an Austin based restaurant that seeks to serve delicious, plant-based food. Their mission is to serve this food and encourage others to positively impact their community and their environment by choosing to eat more sustainably.

Although my first visit was only two weeks ago, I am proud to say that I have been following this food truck since the beginning of its journey. When I first moved to Austin years ago, I heard about Plow Burger and followed them on Instagram. Since then, they have seen them grow in success each year. When I first came to Austin they were just starting out and they only had one location. Now they have three.

Before we get into the food, let’s talk about what makes this food truck different from the rest. Because let’s face it, there are so many vegan food trucks in Austin and although that’s amazing, it makes decision making much more difficult!

First of all, Plow Burger is different from the rest because they have vegan wings. Yes, you read that correctly, they have vegan wings! If you are a well-seasoned vegan like I am, you know very well that vegan wings are hard to come by. Yes, there are cauliflower wings and those are pretty good too, but let’s face it––they don’t taste the same as real wings. Plow Burger is different because they have vegan wings that actually taste like real wings. Wings with an actual bone (Well, not really, it’s sugar cane. But still!) Since I’ve lived in Austin I’ve never come across another vegan food truck that sells vegan wings. So this is a huge plus.

In addition to this, Plow Burger is unique because they have burgers of the week. This means that every week, they create a new burger to add to their menu. Since I have followed them on Instagram over the years, I have seen them create donut burgers, chicken fried steak burgers, french toast burgers, and even patty melts. No other food truck I know of does this either.

How Do the Burgers Stack Up?

Now let’s discuss the food, which was nothing short of amazing. On my visit two weeks ago my friends and I ordered the campfire burger, the breakfast burger, the fries, and two orders of wings. It was my vegan heaven.

After doing some Yelp research and discovering that most people preferred the campfire burger over the plow burger, my friends all decided to get this burger. It’s a BBQ burger and even though I’m not typically a fan of BBQ, I thought it was amazing. My friends loved it. While they enjoyed the campfire burger, I had the breakfast burger, which in my opinion, was far superior. The breakfast burger had an egg imitation called JUST egg, beyond breakfast sausage, hashbrown, vegan cheese, and a chipotle sauce. It was hands down the best vegan burger I have ever tried. I can’t remember the last time I ate a regular breakfast burger with real egg and real sausage, but this burger tasted just how I remembered it. All of my friends who tried the breakfast burger also said they preferred it over the campfire burger.

Now, on to the wings. These wings are the REAL DEAL. 100% plant-based while being 100% delicious. It tasted just like regular chicken wings. This is not only my opinion, but the opinion of my meat-eating friends. The wings were so good that my friends actually ended up ordering another order of wings.

Vegan wings offered by Plow Burger in Austin.

As you can tell by now, I loved everything about Plow Burger. I love their mission, their food, and their staff as well, who are helpful and very friendly. The only complaint I have to make is that their regular fries are well, regular fries. Nothing special about them but in their defense, they have a wide selection of not-so-regular fries. They have cheese fries, buffalo fries, bacon cheese fries, and loaded fries. So really, if I wanted not-so-regular fries, I should’ve ordered them. All things considered, I would 100% recommend this place to anyone––whether you eat plants, meat, or both, I can promise that this food truck will not disappoint. It will higher your standards of what plant-based alternatives should taste like.