Plaza Colombian Bar and Coffee– An Escape From Austin

With a great, dog-friendly patio space and lots of options for outdoor seating, Plaza Colombian restaurant is the place to be. A vast menu allows any person to find something they would love and also lends itself to provide vegans with plenty of options. The outdoor area was pretty big, consisting of little grass huts connected by a boardwalk and a fun sand area with beach chairs. 

To start off the evening, I took a look at the drinks. The Sexy Colada was perfect and very refreshing. With the creamy coconut flavor, the drink gave me tropical vibes and may be the best drink I’ve ever had.

Next, I tried the Espresso Martini. I’m a diehard coffee fan so this drink was perfect for me. It was like drinking a cold brew with a punch of alcohol. Perfect to wake yourself up. 

The last drink I tasted was the Stranger in Paradise. While this drink was not my favorite, it definitely brought me out of my comfort zone. The drink has a strong ginger flavor and came in a fun tiki glass. Try this drink if you want something new!

My favorite dish, the veggie patacon, was so flavorful and unique. When you come to this restaurant, you know you will eat something you’ve never had before. The pairing of the veggies and the plantain together was perfect and I find myself thinking about this meal every once and awhile. 

I also tried the chicken arepa– pulled chicken on top of a corn puff, topped with mozzarella cheese and habanero peppers. The corn puff gave me a nice potato vibe and it was overall, really cheesy and really good. I liked adding the green cilantro salsa to it and suggest you don’t add the egg on top. 

The one dish I wasn’t expecting was the Colombian hotdog. With a great mixture of salty and sweet, this hotdog is a fun take on a childhood favorite. I’m not usually a huge hotdog fan but I will definitely make this the exception. The hotdog, consisting of Wagyu beef, and topped with pineapple sauce (which was to die for), caramelized onions, POTATO CHIPS and other great sauces really stole the show. To end it off, the steak and chicken empanadas were great– a nice staple. 

In terms of atmosphere, Plaza Colombian nailed it. With live music every Friday night, I sat in the sand area and relaxed. I was instantly transported out of America which I welcomed. After visiting, I was sad. I already missed the friendly staff (shout out Houston), the dogs that enjoyed their complimentary waters and the food that can’t be found anywhere else (except for maybe Colombia). 

Chris Kim

A passionate Texan with a flair for capturing the essence of the Lone Star State through his words. Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Chris brings a unique perspective. With a background in journalism and a love for storytelling, he weaves together narratives that transport readers to the vibrant landscapes and rich culture of Texas. Whether he's exploring hidden gems in local communities or savoring the diverse flavors of Texan cuisine, Chris invites you on a journey to discover the untold stories that make Texas so tantalizing.