Oakmont Food Company Review

If you are looking for a cute Austin restaurant, look no further! The moment you walk into Oakmont Food Company, the laid back, and trendy vibe, along with a kindhearted staff, welcomes you in. The speakers hummed the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” as we entered, perfecting the chill and happy feel of the space. The dining room is light and airy, with a modern bar at the center and adorable fairy lights hanging from the ceiling. We were seated promptly in the front room, a quiet space with windows out onto the patio, letting in plenty of light until the sun went down.

ambiance of Oakmont food company

The Juice

Once we sat down, our waitress (who was so sweet our whole visit) recommended that we try one of their cold pressed juices. We opted for the fruit punch, which is packed with antioxidants, and absolutely loved it. It tasted fresh and like real fruit— the opposite of what you’d normally expect fruit punch to be. It was light, refreshing, and the perfect drink to accompany our meal.

Oakmont pressed juices from the menu

The Menu

After scanning the online menu, we landed on the breakfast plate and the Oakmont burger. I was so excited to see that they had a breakfast menu that they served all day.

Oakmont menu breakfast and burger

My breakfast plate came with eggs (I got mine scrambled), bacon, fruit, and the best potatoes I think I’ve ever had. I mean it y’all, I dream about these potatoes. I also opted for the pancake instead of toast, which I also definitely recommend. It was fluffy and moist and came with an incredible honey butter on the side that elevated it that much more. 

Oakmount menu breakfast bacon fruit and potatoes

The Oakmont burger was also a fantastic choice. A double patty, classic American burger can’t go wrong.  It was served with a heaping side of crispy french fries, which we could not stop reaching for. After raving about both the breakfast potatoes and fries to our waitress, we had a good laugh about how obvious our favorite food was. 

Oakmont classic American burger from the menu

We Can’t Recommend It Enough

The staff throughout our visit was incredibly kind, and the food is genuinely delicious for a price that won’t break the bank. I take all of my family and friends visiting Austin to this spot regularly, and recommend it to anyone and everyone. With a photogenic interior and a laid back feel, there are truly no downsides to a meal at Oakmont.

Oakmont photogenic interior

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