Mozart’s Coffee Roasters In Austin, TX – Detailed Review

Established in 1993, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters serves as one of Austin’s most popular coffee shops. Its location guarantees its customers a beyond satisfactory experience because of the beautiful view of Lake Austin that is provided. Whether you’re craving a spot to study or to catch up with friends, Mozart’s gives the option of indoor or outdoor seating which accommodates many.

Opening their doors at the early hours of 7:00 a.m. and closing at midnight allows Mozart’s to welcome a countless number of people. This wide gap of time gives anyone and everyone the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee or a bakery treat while enjoying a sunrise or sunset. You are able to choose from a variety of the tables located inside or on their outdoor patio which consists of two-floor levels.


I have had the pleasure of visiting Mozart’s both pre and post-COVID and I can vouch that they have taken all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of all. There were marks on the floor that started from inside the coffee shop all the way out to the patio where people should stand to ensure social distancing while waiting to order. Having the choice to sit outside and enjoy the weather while working on my laptop at a table distanced just the right amount from the next was the perfect combination. 

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Mozarts Coffee Menu

Mozart’s in-house bakery consists of a fulfilling amount of menu options that take care of any appetite craving that ranges from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rest assured that Mozart’s bakery has you covered whether you are feeling oatmeal, tacos, muffins, quiche, or bagels for your early morning start. Or, some sandwiches and calzones for a late snack with some cannolis, cakes, tarts, cookies, or scones as some self-care treatment. 

I was fortunate enough to get to try their chai latte, Italian calzone, and chocolate chip cannoli. I am both proud and ashamed to say I ate all of those delicious menu items in one sitting. But, it was the perfect combination of food to enjoy while taking a much-needed study break.

Monthly Coffee subscription

Not only can you enjoy Mozart’s famous coffee by ordering a cup for yourself at their coffee shop, but you can also purchase a bag of their coffee blends to have in your own home simply by ordering through their website. They carry whatever type of coffee you prefer, ranging from light, light-medium, medium, and dark roast. Mozart’s encourages people to start a coffee subscription where you subscribe monthly and receive many perks such as free shipping, gifts, and discount codes. 

Order Online

Mozart’s also offers convenient ways to enjoy their menu items without having to wait in line whether you don’t have the time or simply would rather avoid contact with others. You have the choice to place an order online for in-store pickup or to have your order delivered locally through Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub.

Outdoor Seating

Many people can recognize Mozart’s outdoor patio because of the many wooden tables scattered around and the stage where occasionally a piano occupies the space. Mozart’s website keeps its customers updated with daily events that occur. They feature different artists who come to share their talent in music. Vocalists, pianists, guitarists, and even the occasional jazz trumpeters make their debut on the stage. 

Mozart’s Annual Christmas Light Show

During the holidays, Mozart’s holds their annual Christmas Light Show which is a tradition that many people, I myself, have made to go to in honor of the holiday spirit. The whole patio and coffee shop exterior is decorated with lights and not just those simple holiday string lights…I’m talking huge decorative lights that cover every inch of the exterior and range in a diverse amount of colors. Not to mention, the live musical entertainment that captivates the audience at each show and access to the best cup of hot chocolate.

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Mozart’s Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, Mozart’s offers a variety of Valentine-themed treats for you and your loved one to enjoy. Their gift guide consists of hand-decorated cookies, cupcakes, gift packs filled with coffee and treats, and even dog biscuits. If you’re looking for plans to celebrate this love-filled holiday, go to Mozart’s and order a treat while enjoying their COVID compliant indoor seating and full outdoor deck.


This award-winning bakery and shop where both the coffee and food are made onsite definitely proves to be the spot to check off your bucket list. Everyone deserves to treat themselves so why not indulge in Mozart’s famous dark chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons, or tiramisu cups. Make some new traditions and enjoy live entertainment with some flavorful bakery goods and rich coffee!

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