Love Supreme Pizza Bar In Austin

A new pizza spot has opened up on Manor Road and it’s gotta go on Austin’s list of pizza restaurants. Love Supreme Pizza Bar opened a few weeks ago and they’re serving some amazing pizzas, sides, and cocktails. Chef Russell Victorioso prepares an offering of two different styles of pizza, Neapolitan and Detroit-styled pizza, which is different from a traditional pizza joint that just sticks to one.

Patio Vibes

frozen Strawberry Margarita

My favorite part of the restaurant is the ambiance they have created with their décor and open dining space. They have a huge patio that is really cute and strung with lights that flows into the bar area and dining room through an open wall.

If you always find yourself googling good patio spots in Austin as I do, definitely check out this spot. You order from the bar directly. We tried the frozen Strawberry Margarita and the Hibiscus-Lime Cooler both of which were really refreshing and well-balanced.

The Food

Honey Sambal Chicken wings

The Honey Sambal Chicken wings are amazing. They are the perfect balance of spicy and sweet and have a lot of meat on the bones. We also tried the “Love Supreme’ pizza which had pepperoni, sausage, red onion, kale, broccoli, rabe, chili flake, watermelon radish, and mozzarella. It was served Neapolitan style with a perfectly chewy and crispy crust. It was definitely different from a traditional supreme pizza, but the flavors really blended well together, and the crust was amazing.

To finish the meal, we ordered one of their giant warm chocolate chip cookies which are decadent and perfectly soft. I definitely will be returning to Love Supreme Pizza and taking advantage of their beautiful patio and great food. I sat inside when I visited but I’m looking to return with my dogs. With great cocktails and ambiance, I recommend anyone in Austin craving pizza to check.

chocolate chip cookies

Official Website

Address: 2805 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722, United States.

Service options: Dine-in, takeaway, & delivery.

Eva Rogers

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