Jack Allen’s Menu – An Austin Staple

Jack Allen’s focuses on three things, local quality ingredients, southern hospitality, and great value. Jack Allen’s opened originally in 2009, being one of the first restaurants in Austin, Texas to offer only locally crafted beer.

This great spot is owned by Jack Gilmore and Tom Kamm. Jack Gilmore is a chef, and in my opinion, when an owner is also a chef it creates a recipe for a wonderful restaurant. With an unchanging menu of elevated comfort food, this restaurant has grown to be an Austin staple.

4 Best Items on Jack Allen’s Menu

1. Grilled Ruby Trout

The Grilled Ruby Trout dish is one of my favorites, and something I have tried to replicate at home. The dish comes with sundried tomato walnut pesto, apple-pecan relish, veggie-studded rice, and wilted spinach. The acid from the apple-pecan relish cuts through the rich fish and rice perfectly, creating a very well-balanced dish. The sundried tomato pesto is a unique addition, as normal pesto has a base of basil. 

Grilled Ruby Trout

2. 13 Spiced Chicken Pasta 

Jack Allen’s 13 Spiced Chicken Pasta is wonderfully unique. It includes red pepper linguine, spinach linguini, fresh jalapeno, chipotle cream sauce and Cotija cheese. What makes this dish especially unique is the fact that they use pasta that has been infused with red pepper and spinach, adding the perfect elevation to this pasta dish. This dish is perfectly spicy in a way that perfectly cuts through the creamy sauce. The 13 spices they use in the dish makes it a very well-seasoned pasta dish, with a generous amount of chicken. 

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3. Baja-Style Fish Tacos 

This dish is one of my personal favorites, as I love a good fish taco. These Baja-Style Fish Tacos come with grilled fish, avocado, pico de gallo, JAK slaw, veggie-studded rice, black beans. The fish they use is usually fresh-water Black Drum, offering a unique variation to the Tilapia and Cod you would normally see on a fish taco. The JAK slaw is zesty and flavorful and pairs well with the fatty avocado and succulent fish. This dish is one of my personal recommendations, when you go to visit Jack Allen’s

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4. 5 Cheese Macaroni & Chicken 

This dish is served as an entrée, but it is one of my favorite things to share with the table. I absolutely love ordering Mac & Cheese at restaurants and this variation is excellent. This dish of Jack Allen’s comes with twisted elbow macaroni, a well-seasoned cheese sauce, and achiote chicken. The achiote chicken in my opinion is what makes this take on macaroni and cheese so good.  As always, they are generous with the chicken, sticking to their great value motto. Order it as an entree or as a shared plate and you are bound to have no regrets.

5 Cheese Macaroni & Chicken

Jack Allen’s Menu Prices 

Category Item Price 
StarterHouse-Made Pimento Cheese $6.99
StarterCrispy Chicken Lollypops$7.99
StarterSpinach Gorgonzola Ravioli$11.99
StarterBarbacoa Stackers$9.99
StarterCarl & Deanna Miller’s Queso$8.99
Git Your GreensSteak Salad$16.99
Jak OriginalGrilled Ruby Trout$16.99
Jak OriginalBaja-Style Fish Tacos$14.99
Jak Original13 Spiced Chicken Pasta $16.99
Jak Original5 Cheese Macaroni and Chicken$16.99
South Texas Tacos Slow Roasted Green Chili Pork Tacos $11.99
South Texas TacosChili Mango Shrimp Tacos$13.99
In the BunFat Jack’s Burger$13.99
In the BunGrilled Veggie Sandwich$10.99
DessertBlondie Pie $7.99

Jack Allen’s Menu Categories 

Jack Allen’s Menu has 6 categories. Their menu includes Starters, Get Your Greens, Jak Originals, South Texas Tacos, In the Bun, and Desserts. This wide range of menu categories makes Jack Allen’s a place where anyone can find something they would like.

The starter category includes things ranging from pimento cheese to chicken lollypops, with 12 total options. The Get your Greens category includes a wide range of 8 different salads with the option to add Grilled Cilantro Chicken or Grilled Ruby Trout to any salad.

The South Texas tacos category includes 5 different tacos, with varying proteins and toppings. Their Jak Originals category features their staple entrees and includes a total of 11 unique dishes. Jack Allen’s in the Bun category features 5 different sandwiches ranging from hearty burgers to grilled veggie sandwiches. Lastly, Jack Allen’s offers 5 delectable desserts from their blondie pie to a chocolate torte. Again, with a menu with this range, finding something to order at Jack Allen’s could not be easier. 

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Jack Allen’s FAQ

  1. Is Jack Allen’s Kitchen currently taking reservations?
  2. Is Jack Allen’s Kitchen currently offering delivery or takeout?
  3. Is there a Jack Allen’s kitchen happy hour menu?

1. Is Jack Allen’s Kitchen currently taking reservations?

Yes, you can reserve a table by at any of their five locations either by calling one of the numbers below (require for parties +6) or through their website. 

Jack Allen’s Oak Hill: 512-852-8558

Jack Allen’s 360: 512-351-9399

Jack Allen’s Round Rock: 512-215-0372

Jack Allen’s Anderson Lane: 512-428-6944

Jack Allen’s Cedar Park: 512-528-5194

2. Is Jack Allen’s Kitchen currently offering delivery or takeout?

Yes, Jack Allen’s offers take out or you can order delivery through Grubhub or FoodBoss. 

3. Is there a Jack Allen’s kitchen happy hour menu?

Yes, it is from 3-7pm Monday-Friday and they offer ½ off starters, and $1 off all drinks.

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