Garbo’s Lobster In Austin – Detailed Restaurant Review

Garbo’s Fresh Maine lobster brings a fresh breeze of Northeastern flavors to the city of Austin. With a generous amount of melted butter and a fresh squeeze of lemon, count on these lobster rolls to make your mouth water as soon as you walk into this sea shack! While this restaurant has its brick-and-mortar location in North Austin, owner Heidi Garbo originally started serving her signature rolls from her food truck (Garbo’s) which is still up and running today! Check out the food truck schedule to see where they’ll be next!

Before coming to Austin, Garbo and her two sisters adored the lobster shacks they grew up with around the East Coast. Wherever they moved, the oldest (Heidi) always brought with her seafood culture. With the city’s overwhelming support, she opened up her first food truck. And then, in 2015, they opened a brick-and-mortar establishment, “Garbo’s Lobster”! Eventually, each of her sisters came down to Austin to officially make Garbos a family business. This little lobster shack embraces its Maine seafood aesthetic, from decorative buoys hanging from the outside fences to the navy blue and salmon pink colors on the interior. Serving over 50,000 lobster rolls since their opening, it is safe to say that Garbo’s has mastered the art of making this Northeastern treasure.


Garbos Lobster In Austin
Image Courtesy of Garbo’s Lobster in Austin

Garbos Lobster Menu

Garbo’s is more than just lobster rolls: from their weekly specials to their small sides, the variety of new, northeastern flavors served each week keep things exciting and new! Want even more seafood? Do not worry, this Lobster shack is equipped with a raw bar that serves fresh oysters, caviar, ceviches, and more, flown in by the Island Creek Oyster Company.


Garbos Lobster In Austin
Image Courtesy of Culture Map Austin

Lobster Rolls

With a total of 3 lobster rolls to choose from, Garbo’s menu is short but full of fresh lobster flavor! Garbo’s also has a seasonal roll to keep things exciting for frequent customers. Can’t choose between the Connecticut roll or the Maine roll? Just try both! The Maine Lobster roll comes with cold lobster with a bit of mayo on a warm bun, while a Connecticut Lobster roll is served with warm, buttery lobster. Pair your lobster with some hand-cut fries and freshly squeezed lemonade to have the full Northeastern experience.

Come to this shack during brunch to get exclusive menu items! Garbo’s freshens its menu with some trendy avocado toast and an eggs benedict with a lobster twist. Not in the mood for morning fish? There is always the parfait with a little honey, seasonal fruit, and french toast sticks!


Garbos Lobster In Austin
Image Courtesy of Culture Map Austin


From Cocktails to non-alcoholic beverages, Garbos serves all types of trendy liquor and drinks.


The cocktails are not just imaginative in name but also in flavor with a great acidic twist. Made fresh in-house, Garbo’s Red Snapper cocktail has a fresh hit of the sea with a little clam juice and spices with its hot sauce blend. Not into spiced cocktails? Try the Blue Hawaii Wine Cooler made with fresh lime juice and Comoz Blanc vermouth for something a little more clear in flavor.


Want something a little more classic? Choose between their regional or international wines to add to your Northeastern Sea Shack experience. From a classic Prosecco to a Pét-nat grown in the Texas high plains, Garbo’s serves quality wines with sweet round flavor.


Want a more traditional Lobster eating experience? Get a draft beer with Garbo’s selection of over ten options sourced from Maine or locally from Texas. Each with its own unique smooth and crisp flavor. Make sure to choose wisely!


Not a fan of Alcohol? Garbo’s carries lemonade and Root beer soda for those who want a little taste of Maine!

Location + Opening and Closing Hours

Garbo’s Lobster is open Tuesday through Sunday. From Tuesdays to Thursdays & Sundays, they open from 10 am – 9 pm. On Friday and Saturday, from 10 am – 10 pm.

Want to pick up a Saturday or Sunday brunch? Head on over between 10 am – 3 pm!

 Online Order Process

To order online, click here and pick your preferred pick-up location! Through ToastTab, you will be able to schedule a pickup time and add all the dishes your heart desires.


Garbo’s Restaurant’s coastal charm and fresh Maine lobster is so addicting you keep coming for more. It has a short but sweet menu with ample choice in food, sides, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike. This Sea Shack is a breath of fresh air for both northeastern natives and local Austinites. With freshly sourced and quality ingredients, Austin’s Lobster shack is an essential restaurant not to miss here in Austin!

Claire Hartemink

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