Food Trucks that Keep Austin Weird

Megan Aune

There’s a lot of things that Austin simply does right and I’ve come to learn that one of them is definitely food trucks. The city has a lot of them, and as it’s gotten nicer outside, I’ve found myself driving to a new food truck park every weekend to see what I can discover. So if you don’t feel like sitting down at any of Austin’s amazing restaurants, come check out one of these funky food trucks that keep Austin weird.


Bananarchy’s fruity dessert concept is truly revolutionary. This truck prioritizes ethically sourced ingredients, making sure to get their bananas and chocolate from socially responsible companies. They also compost their banana peels and recycle all they can! At Bananarchy, you can choose to try one of their specialty desserts or create your own dip, toppings, and drizzle. As it gets warmer, Bananarchy is a must-stop for a delicious frozen treat. 

The Happy Grilled Cheese

For a gourmet take on a classic comfort food, look no further than The Happy Grilled Cheese. This Jacksonville-based food truck specializes in everything from the original, simple grilled cheese, to a mozzarella-stick-and-macaroni-stuffed melt that will blow your mind and melt your tastebuds. Check this place out and try one of their extraordinarily unique and perfectly gooey creations. 


Jean-Baptiste Thouénon, owner of Saperlipopette, has brought to Austin his country’s take on the American food truck. Saperlipopette serves both sweet and savory crepes, sticking obstinately to France’s simple, delicious recipes. Come here to try one of Jean-Baptiste Thouénon’s time-tested and masterfully made crepes.  

The Mighty Cone

For this Austin truck, everything you need to know is in the name. Well, almost everything–you may also find it helpful to know that The Mighty Cone started out as an ACL exclusive. It’s a simple but mouth-watering chicken taco placed in a paper drink cone for the convenience of festival-goers. Nowadays, they have a permanent location near Zilker Park and an expansive menu, which of course still includes their original chicken cone. Stop here to try this famous ACL classic on any day of the year. 


This Austin favorite has added a public house location, but you can still go to the original food truck. Being honest, you’re probably better off bringing a friend to tackle one of these big fat creations. For fruity fillings, fudgy icing, and sugary toppings, Gourdough’s is a staple for Austin dessert-lovers. And if you need any further proof, check out this totally awesome article, which I just happened to stumble upon by complete accident.