Enjoy a Night Out at Aviary Wine Bar

Enjoy a night of mouthwatering farm-to-table food and a huge selection of wine at Aviary Wine Bar & Kitchen. The classy wine bar opened in Fall 2017 and has been an amazing addition to the Austin food scene ever since.

Though the menu is relatively small, each dish is handcrafted by Executive Chef Andre Molina to highlight the local ingredients and create a delicious sensation with each bite. During my visit to the restaurant, I ordered 5 dishes that each stood out in uniqueness and flavor.

The Food

The Squash Panzanella came first. I had expected a classic panzanella salad with the token croutons and thick cut vegetables. That is not what this dish was, and I am incredibly happy for that. Shrouded by a carpaccio-like cut of fresh zucchini squash was a mix of juicy cooked squash and tomatoes, and crunchy pepita crumble. This all sat on top of creamy ricotta that’s richness complemented the fresh taste of the vegetables. The dish as a whole tasted amazing, but the creativity in showcasing the flavors and versatility of different types of squash is what made it memorable.

Next up was the Summer Beans, ordered without pecans because of an allergy. Though one note in color, the taste of this dish was anything but. A warm mix of green beans, collard greens, and crunchy kale chips, the flavors from each vegetable when eaten together was delectable. I recommend ordering this alongside other dishes, as it was definitely on the smaller side.

The one dish that I wasn’t the hugest fan of was the Shishito Peppers. Ordering this, I expected a bowl of crispy blistered peppers drizzled with a creamy Caesar-like sauce, as that was how the waitress explained it. But, when the dish arrived, it looked more like a soup than anything else. The flavors were really good, but the soggy texture of the peppers soaked in the foamy sauce was unappetizing in my opinion.

But, the Cabbage Wedges made up for the peppers and were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Designed to showcase the versatility of a cabbage, each component of the dish featured a different cooking method, made entirely with cabbage. The sour taste of pickled cabbage went perfectly with the mildness of the grilled wedges, only made better by the slightly sweet oxygenized cabbage puree.

The vegetarian meal was complete with our order of a side of fries. Being a restaurant specializing in local ingredients and creative twists, I didn’t expect these fries to be as good as they were. The perfect crispness in a thick but not too heavy fry, with options to dip in either ketchup, a creamy russian dressing-like sauce, or both. If nothing else, I’d come back to Aviary just to order these fries again.

The Experience

Overall, my experience at Aviary Wine Bar & Kitchen was delightful. Unique and tasty food, great company, and wonderful service. For anyone looking for a fun night out doing something a little bit different, I highly recommend visiting Aviary. You will not be disappointed!

Eva Rogers

A Texan through and through, her passion for the Lone Star State is evident in every word she writes.Hailing from the vast plains of West Texas, Eva has a deep appreciation for the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines the Texan spirit. Eva crafts articles that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Texas, from its bustling urban centers to its serene rural landscapes.