10 Best Places To Get Kolaches in Austin

Kolaches have a special place in Texas culinary tradition. They are ubiquitous, whether in a high-end bakery or a roadside convenience store. Brought over to Texas by Czech immigrants in the 1800s, the pastry has become synonymous with the state. Traditionally, the beloved treat is made with a sweet dough patty (kolaches come from the Czech word for wheel) and filled with fruit, poppy seeds, or other sweet fillings. 

After arriving in Texas, the circular sweet dough bun wrapped around cheese and sausage, that most are familiar with came to be. In the Czech community, this is actually called a Klobasnek, but everyone calls it a Kolache. 

Some places exclusively make the sausage “Texas style” kolaches. However, many have both versions, including the traditional sweet dough bun kolaches of the past.  Whichever version of a “kolache” you prefer, Austin has got you covered. Here, we have compiled the 10 best places to get kolaches in Austin.

10 Best Kolache Shops in Austin 

  1. Round Rock Donuts – This almost 100-year-old bakery is a must-stop.
  2. Lone Star Kolaches – Their menu is the size of Texas, and you will wanna try them all.
  3. Moonlight Bakery – You may know Moonlight for their cakes, but their kolaches are just as delicious.
  4. Austin Kolache & Koffee Shoppe – A more traditional Czech bakery with great kolaches and klobasneks.
  5. SH Donuts – A family-run hidden gem in East Austin.
  6. Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches – Pair a craft beer with some cool flavored kolaches at Batch.
  7. Kerlin BBQ – Combines two Texas favorites: Barbeque and Kolaches
  8. Donut Taco Palace – Breakfast tacos and kolaches make a beautiful Texas pairing.
  9. Mrs Johnson’s Bakery – The drive-thru donut shop has been an Austin staple since 1948.
  10. Capital City Bakery – A 100% plant-based bakery so everyone can enjoy their treats.

Austin’s Top 10 Spots To Enjoy Kolaches 

1. Round Rock Donuts (@roundrockdonuts)

Round Rock Donuts
(Via Round Rock Donuts Website)

Round Rock Donuts is first on the list of Kolaches in Austin that has been in the donut and kolache game since 1926, known for their “Texas-sized” donuts. Since then they have expanded to a location in Cedar Park. They keep things simple, only offering a combination of sausage cheese and jalapeño savory kolaches. But, they also keep things sweet, with their fruit kolaches. The cherry looks almost too good to eat…almost. 

Address: 106 W. Liberty Avenue, Round Rock TX, 78664 (Round Rock Location)

  1614 E. Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park TX, 78613 (Cedar Park Location)

Hours: 5:30am-4:30pm

2. Lone Star Kolaches (Twitter: @LoneStarKolache)

Lone Star
(Via Lone Star Website)

Everything is bigger in Texas, including menus. Second, on the list of Kolaches in Austin is Lone Star Kolaches. They have tons of kolaches, both sweet and savory, to choose from. Come with an appetite, because you will want to try them all. Some of the more unique flavors like pineapple, to more traditional poppy seed kolaches are available. The Ranchero, with ham, egg, cheese, and jalapeño may also catch your attention. They have five locations throughout Austin and one in Pflugerville. Not only do they deliver, but you can have Lone Star cater for your event. If you do end up catering, send an invite my way.

Address: 2210 W. Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78757 (Central Austin Location)

Hours: 5:30am-2:30pm

3. Moonlight Bakery

Moonlight Bakery
(Via James W./Yelp)

While Moonlight is beloved for its croissants and cakes, you shouldn’t sleep on its kolaches. They have great sweet options, including some seasonal flavors. But, their savory kolaches run out very quickly, so get them while you can. You can switch out the sausage for their tasty ham, swiss, and jalapeño. They also have vegan and Gluten-free options. 

Address: 2300 S Lamar Blvd Ste 102 Austin, TX 78704

Hours: Tues-Sat: 6:30am-5:00pm

4. Austin Kolache & Koffee Shoppe (@austinkolache)

Austin Kolache & Koffee
(Via Austin Kolache instagram)

Austin Kolache and Koffee Shoppe have been selling traditional kolaches and klobasneks for over forty years. Some fan favorites are the classic jalapeño, sausage, and cheese Klobasnek, and the apricot kolaches. Their sticky buns, and of course the coffee, are also delicious. Delivery and takeout options are available. 

Address: 8127 Mesa Dr Ste B202 Austin, TX 78759

Hours: Closed Mondays

             Tue-Thu: 7am-12pm

             Fri-Sun: 7am-1pm

5. SH Donuts 

SH Donuts
(Via An T./Yelp)

A bit of a hole-in-the-wall, SH donuts are not as well known as some other spots. But, it is certainly not lacking in quality. This family-run bakery is one of the better-kept secrets in East Austin. They have your classic Texas sausage, jalapeño, and cheese. If you want something equally as mouthwatering, and a little more unique, try their boudin kolaches. Two words I never thought would go together but sound delightful. Delivery is available, through all major delivery apps.

Address: 5313 Manor Rd Austin, TX 78723

Hours: 5am-1pm

6. Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches (@batchatx)

Batch Craft
(Via Batch Website)

Beer and Kolaches; now that is an Austin meal. Batch has all the classic kolache flavors, and some more inventive ones, to bridge old and new. If you are looking for something sweet the PB&J kolache is a must. If you are vegetarian, vegan, or just having a no-meat day they have veggie sausages. Like any good beer house, they have a lovely outdoor patio. 

Address: 3220 Manor Rd Austin, TX 78723

Hours: Sun-Thur: 8am-10pm

Fri-Sat: 8am-11pm

7. Kerlin BBQ (@kerlinbbq)

Kerlin BBQ
(Via Kerlin BBQ Instagram)

If you like me, you like some carbs with your barbeque. Kerlin BBQ managed to make Texas barbeque, even more, Texas, by stuffing it in a kolache. Despite only selling one kind of kolache, the brisket and cheddar, only on Sundays at the restaurant, it is one of the best kolaches in town. It is so loved that Kerlins just started the “Kerlaches” truck (@kerlaches)* which has a new location every weekend. 

Address: 2207 E. Cesar Chavez  Austin, Tx 78702 (Kerlin BBQ location)

*Kerlache truck location posted on their Instagram

Hours: 11am-4pm (Kolaches only available on Sundays at Kerlin BBQ)

             9am-10am (Kerlache Food Truck)  

8. Donut Taco Palace (@donuttacopalace)

Donut Taco Palace
(Via Donut Taco Palace Instagram)

If the previous two entries weren’t Texas enough for you, let’s add some tacos in. Donut Taco Palace has all of your breakfast needs, from breakfast tacos to, of course, kolaches. They only have the savory klobasneks, but plenty of sweet donuts to try. They sell individual kolaches or by the dozen, which is ought to be done everywhere if you ask me. Delivery is available.

Address: 5446 W Hwy 290 Ste 101 Austin, TX 78735

Hours: 5am-1pm

9. Mrs Johnson’s Bakery (@mrs.johnsonsbakery)

Mrs Johnson’s Bakery Billboard
(Via Mrs Johnson’s Website)

Mrs Johnson’s Bakery has been making Austinites baked goods since 1948. For most of their life, they have been famous for their donuts. Outfitted with a convenient drive-thru, it feels like a local Krispy Kreme, plus kolaches. They keep it simple, with sausage, cheese, ham, and jalapeño filled kolaches. You can’t go wrong with that. 

Address: 4909 Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78751

Hours: 7:30pm-12am (next day)

10. Capital City Bakery (@capcitybakery)

Capital City
(Via Capital City Website)

Everyone deserves to enjoy kolaches. For those looking for some plant-based treats, Capital City Bakery 100% vegan. Even the most carnivorous of us would love their vegan meats and cheeses. For something more untraditional try the Buffalo Chicken kolache. If you have a sweet tooth, they have sweet kolaches with vegan cream cheese and fruit fillings. Gluten-free options are also available. 

Address: 2211 E Cesar Chavez St Austin, TX 78702 East Austin

Hours: Thur-Sun: 10am-3pm

Kolaches in Austin FAQs

Does a kolache have meat?

Traditionally, kolaches do not have meat. The dough-wrapped sausages we are used to in Texas are called klobasneks, but everyone calls them kolaches.

Are Kolaches healthy?

I don’t think any yeast or sweet dough pastry is necessarily healthy. However, while it may not be good for the heart, it is good for the soul.

Who invented Kolache?

It is unclear who the original inventor of the pastry is, but it seems the kolache originated with the Moravian Czechs in the east Czech Republic. 


Kolaches, whether the traditional sweet kind or the savory klobasneks, are delicious reminders of the other culture’s influence on Texas cuisine. Once, they were a recipe brought over by Cech immigrants, today they are found in every place that serves breakfast. It is no surprise that Austin has so many yummy places that carry on that tradition. So that’s it from our list of the best kolaches in Austin Places you must visit.

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