Best Fall Tea & Coffee Bars in San Antonio

Natalie Briceno | November 23, 2020

Tis the fall season and with the fall season comes the undeniable need for hot drinks. Here I have some of the best coffee and tea bars in San Antonio that you definitely need to check out this year.

CandleLight Coffeehouse: Best Overall for Coffee and Tea

The best overall for both coffee and tea has to be CandleLight Coffeehouse. It is conveniently located near downtown and the Riverwalk, this bar can take your breath away with its scenery and atmosphere. If you’re looking for the fun ambience and affordable drinks, look no further.

Barrio Barista: Best Twist

Ever want a bit of spice with your coffee, because I definitely do. Barrio Barista spices things up with their fun and welcoming environment. Not only can you purchase coffee and tea here, but there is also an all around menu with some really good tacos. If you’ve never had tacos with your coffee, you’re missing out! Barrio Barista is located in a little spot near Woodlawn Heights.

San Antonio Barrio Barista Coffeehouse

Theory Coffee Company: Best Flavor

My favorite part about any coffee I drink has to be the flavor. Theory Coffee Company has just the right everything for that requirement. The flavors range from bold to smooth with a creamy aftertaste. If you’re picky with your coffee, then check this place out. It won’t fail to meet your expectations. This coffee truck is located along NE Interstate 410 Loop. It’s easy to miss but hard to forget.

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Poetic Republic Coffee Company: Best Aesthetic

Having a good vibe is essential nowadays! This coffee shop definitely has those good vibes. Perfect for Instagram stories and a great time, Poetic Republic Coffee Company definitely has the best aesthetic in San Antonio! It’s located South of Downtown in a bustling heart of major interstate intersections.

Garden Tea Lounge: Topper in Tea Time

What’s topping the charts for tea in San Antonio? I think that has to be the Garden Tea Lounge. Although it’s only available for pickup right now, the tea from this place is so worth trying. It’s located in North San Antonio and is conveniently placed near department stores. So basically, tea after some shopping sounds amazing.


Madhatters Tea House and Cafe: Tea Twist

Just like the twist from Barrio Barista, we see a tea twist in Madhatters Tea House and Cafe. It’s all in the name really, We’re just drawn in. Aside from that, the drinks and atmosphere are superb. It’s also placed in the heart of San Antonio near a bunch of other cool stuff to check out.

Tealicious Cafe: Basic goodness

If you’re looking for a traditional tea place, then look no further. Tealicious Cafe has a wide variety of teas that all have great flavor. Looking past that, it has a comforting and welcoming look to it. I recommend this to anyone who wants a quick drink that’s worth the stop. This cafe is located in West San Antonio, not too far from the Downtown area.