Barley Swine Restaurant In Austin – Detailed Review

Inspired by the rapid success of his food trailer Odd Duck, Austin-restaurateur Bryce Gilmore founded Barley Swine in 2010, an inventive farm-to-table restaurant located on Burnet Road. His mission? To support local farmers and celebrate the fruits of their labor through tastefully refined, small-plate dishes. To differentiate itself from its predecessor, Barley Swine takes a more experimental approach to its flavors.

Barley Swine is closely located to DeSano pizzeria, which is among the best pizzas in Austin. You can find it at 6555 Burnet Rd #400, Austin, TX 78757. Since its opening, Barley Swine has become one of the most popular ultra-casual dine-in restaurants with its homey-like feel.

Their menu is constantly changing according to ingredient availability with fresh, new tasty options arriving on a monthly basis. In addition to their food menu, Barley Swine offers innovative cocktails and wine pairings to complement each of their delicious bites.

barley swine using organic food

With their commitment to regional ingredients and passion for creative combinations, Barley Swine will undoubtedly continue to be a prominent foodie hotspot in Austin for years to come.

Barley Swine Menu

With a menu that continuously innovates, Barley Swine is sure to surprise you with new delectable dishes each time you visit. From their signature Tostada (with Kampachi Crudo and butternut squash puree) to their Akaushi Ribeye (with Gochujang BBQ sauce and kimchi beef jus), each dish features locally-sourced ingredients that are transformed with complex multi-national flavors.

barley swine dish from their menu

Their appetizer plates start at $10 with their larger plates averaging $25. Finding that you can’t choose? Barley Swine also offers a Tasting Menu with small portions of each of their dishes for approximately $100, with an optional beverage pairing, featuring freshly made cocktails to aged wines, for an additional $55.

Craving something sweet? There are some mouthwatering sweets on the menu as well! Try the Caramelized Fennel Ice Cream or Cocoa Nib Mousse with Grapefruit Sorbet!

Barley Swine Reservation

Note: Reservations are not required, but are highly recommended to reserve a seat:

  • Go onto the Barley Swine Official Website.
  • Tap the reservations button in the top right corner of their homepage.
  • There are a couple of seating options to choose from “Main Dining Room” to“Chef’s Counter”.

Barley Swine Online Order

Sadly, there is no online ordering or takeout at Barley Swine at this time.

Barley Swine Location and Hours

Barley Swine is located at 6555 Burnet Rd #400, Austin, TX 78757 and opens at 5 pm Thursday through Sunday.

Barley Swine FAQs

Here you can read the most important frequently asked questions.

Is Barley Swine Currently taking Reservations?

Yes! Reservations require a 50$ deposit and can be made here.

Does Barley Swine have Outdoor seating?

Yes! Right next to the entrance of the establishment, the outdoor seating is decorated with string lights and greenery with a roof to keep you from getting hot by the Austin sun.


With rich roots in Austin, the founding of Barley Swine is a real success story. From its trailer origins and drastic changes, the restaurant has stayed true to its philosophy: “Farm to Table Tasting Menu”. To add to their care of both farmers and visitors alike, Barley Swine also cares greatly about the planet we live on. The restaurant partnered with Zero FoodPrint to minimize their impact on climate change and help combat climate change.

With a philosophy of fresh local ingredients and reducing carbon emissions, Barley Swine provides some of the best flavorfully complex tasting dishes unlike any restaurant here in Austin. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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