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One of the best things about going out for a happy hour in Austin is that you’re more than likely to end up somewhere that combines an Insta-worthy atmosphere with a blog-worthy menu. Which is how Bar Peached ended up here. Located at 1315 W 6th Street, Austin, Texas every square foot of Bar Peached is designed to make you want to whip out your phone for a picture (or many), but if their menu proves anything, their fame goes far beyond the surface level. 

Bar Peached Reservation

bar peached reservation

Though they’re closed on Mondays, making reservations at Bar Peached is fairly easy any other day of the week. They’re open evenings Tuesday through Sunday (see their website for more specific closing times, which vary) and also from 11-2:30 for Sunday brunch. Reservations are made simple by their OpenTable, but be careful of the $50 cancellation fee if your plans aren’t solidified. 

Bar Peached Menu

bar peached menu list

Bar Peached advertises a focus on cocktails, tacos, and Asian-inspired comfort food. Their expansive menu certainly reflects this in the wide variety of appetizers, meals, and (my all-time favorite) desserts. Their dessert menu consists of Bingsu, Korean-style shaved ice, and their Birthday Cake Bingsu is incredibly popular (that’s it in the picture above!). Their brunch menu is just as impressive, with everything from matcha beignets to kung pao smashed potatoes, and my mouth is seriously watering right now. Although the Bar Peached menu is definitely pricier than your local McDonalds, it’s pretty standard for 6th Street, and you won’t find anything on it for over $30. 

Happy Hour Bar Peached in Austin, Texas

bar peached happy hour

Bar Peached hosts “Social Hour” daily (excluding Mondays, of course) on their patio from 5-6:30. This menu features draft cocktails, draft beer, wine, snacks, tacos, and “a little more,” slightly larger appetizers to tide you over until dinnertime. Arguably the most impressive happy hour bar in Austin, Bar Peached draws crowds with their gorgeous patio and drool-worthy menu (Margarita de Peached, anyone?) every day of the week. 

Does Bar Peached Offer Delivery Through OpenTable or Takeout?

delivery or opentable

Similar to making reservations through OpenTable, Bar Peached makes ordering takeout/delivery easy for you by providing a link to their ToastTab on their website! This has everything from dinner specials to curbside family meals. 

Overall Review of Bar Peached

review of bar peached austin restaurant

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our cumulative Bar Peached review: fantastic! At the intersection of gorgeous atmosphere, unique concept, and general tastiness, you’ll find Bar Peached. 

Megan Aune

Megan is a former TexasTasty intern who is now graduating from UT to pursue a career in publishing. She still loves Austin patios.