ATX Sliders: Sliding into the Austin Slider Scene in 2021

Stationed in front of Saxon Pub on South Lamar, ATX Sliders is a sensational addition to the Austin food truck scene. ATX Sliders makes approximately 80 percent of its sliders, sides, and condiments in-truck, making each bite an unforgettably fresh and unique experience. The genius of ATX Sliders is the prioritization of each element equally. The base protein – be it beef, chicken, or veggie – and bun are not pushed aside in favor of sauces, cheeses, and garnishes. Rather, they provide the solid foundation needed to properly carry out any amount of creative flavor combinations.

Each slider is the whole package – the definitive example of a perfectly executed slider. Added to ATX Sliders’ commitment to good food is its commitment to Austin itself. Two dollars from each month’s featured slider go to the month’s featured charity. This month, the Green Chile Pork sliders directly benefit the adorable puppies, kittens, and assorted furballs at Austin Pets Alive!


You can find the measure of a great slider in its base elements, the bun and patty. It’s only fitting, then, to take the measure of ATX Sliders from its classic Longhorn slider. The tried-and-true American burger does not disappoint. The bun is perfectly toasted on the outside, soft on the inside, and the beef is juicy, flavorful, and filling. Despite its simplicity, The Longhorn is anything but boring and whets the appetite for the next slider that catches your eye. But before grabbing another slider, take a moment to cleanse your palate with some beautifully seasoned, texturally superb crinkle-cut sweet potato fries.

The Urban Cowboy

The Urban Cowboy builds around a thick fried chicken patty to deliver a lively flavor profile. Creamy queso encourages the chicken to melt in the mouth, and at the end of each bite the slider comes alive again with a kick from the jalapeño. Regardless of your tolerance for spice, don’t skip the jalapeño – it’s an essential piece of The Urban Cowboy. This masterful slider is my hands-down favorite. I could not stop eating despite the knowledge I had more sliders left to try!

The Bonnell

The Bonnell’s grilled chicken goodness makes it a close second to The Urban Cowboy, but for a very different reason. Where The Urban Cowboy was lively, The Bonnell brings a creeping, tantalizing sense of fulfillment to your meal. Goat cheese and arugula are two very prominent and savory flavors in themselves. The sweetness of caramelized onions, lightness of grilled chicken, and newfound familiarity of ATX Sliders’ proprietary texsauce temper the stronger flavors in the mix. Together, The Bonnell’s layers of flavor bring sense of quiet discovery and undeniable satisfaction to the palate.

The Southern Gentleman

Rounding out the chicken trio is The Southern Gentleman. Don’t be fooled – while this Gentleman will certainly have you home in time for dinner, he’ll also take you on a wild ride beforehand. A spicy buffalo-sauce-engulfed chicken breast clashes brilliantly with the pointed taste of arugula. In addition, an earthy and rustic gorgonzola sauce tether the two together. The Southern Gentleman is right at home at the rodeo, ranch, or sports bar, and brings the party to wherever he happens to be.

The consistency achieved throughout the three chicken sliders discussed above is also worth mentioning. We’re all too familiar with the fact that chicken will toughen up and dry out at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, each chicken patty that made it out of the truck was tender and moist. Consistency is key in the food industry, and ATX Sliders nails it every time.

The Barton Spring

Finally, the veggie section of the menu offers up The Barton Spring. Quirky and fun like its namesake, The Barton Spring showcases the versatility of its ingredients, which are often relegated to the savory side of things. Here, falafel, arugula, tomato, and onion burst into the sweet scene with precision and finesse. Falafel and tomato sauce combine in a delightfully sweet dance. The arugula and onion’s crispness keep them from overwhelming you, without obstructing the performance. The Barton Spring is a great way to end a meal and gives the energy to take the rest of the day in stride.

Nicole Diaz

As a lifelong Texan, Nicole is impressed that no matter how many brunches or festivals she attends, there’s always more to come. Her personal life goal is to eat and do everything Texas has to offer.