Best Vegan Restaurants In Austin Texas

Eating out while on an all-plant-based diet can be difficult, not to mention expensive. Most restaurants have animal products in their dressings, their beans, and even cooked into their vegetables. The search for truly animal-product-free food seems endless unless you are at one of the few all-vegan restaurants in Austin. Once you find one though, it’s hard to know what to order, since most vegan restaurants have their own unique style of replacing animal products and they each have their own recipes…and of course, there’s still the price issue.

For this reason, we went out and found the best vegan Restaurants in Austin with the lowest prices and compiled a list for you. 

1 – Flower Child

Flower Child has a build-your-own bowl option where you can fill it to your liking, the options range from delicious vegetables that are in season to quinoa and tofu to top it off. In addition, they have delicious wraps, my personal favorite being The Thai Dye, it has a perfect balance of spice and natural flavors. 

2 – Mr Natural

The best vegan flautas in Austin can be found at Mr. Natural, they are a perfect combination of thin crunchy exterior and soft veggie interior. You have the choice of building your own, or picking a pre-prepared flauta, my personal favorite being the potato ones.  

3 – Modern Market

Modern Market has few but reliable vegan options on its menu. They are not experimenting with faking the taste of meat, so if that’s not your thing, this is a great place. The Buddha bowl and the sesame-glazed tofu salad are two filling, healthy and easy vegan options to add to your list. 

4 – Mission Street Burrito

Mission Street Burrito has well-disguised meat and cheese supplements. For a first-timer, I would advise ordering the Swiss quesadilla and add “chicken.” Their “chicken” is made from plant-based products and is well seasoned. The “cheese” is made from cashew, and it is the ingredient that stands out the most from the burrito. It has a strong taste, and if you like it then you will love the nachos and mac and cheese. 

5 – Arlo’s

Arlo’s has a plant-based menu filled with comfort foods at decent prices. From tacos to burgers, to frito pies, mac, and cheese with a side of salsa or french fries, their menu is perfect for a night in. 

6 – Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz was founded on the idea that a proper meal shared with your community is at the center of one’s well-being. They hand-pick the most organic ingredients and serve them with care. For adults, you receive a soup, salad, main plate, and drink for $13 without tax. Their dishes have a homey feel to them, and their mission makes the experience all the better. 

7 – Next Level Burger

The best vegan patty I have tried so far is from Next Level Burger. Their mushroom patty was soft but not too mushy, it was not trying to be someone it wasn’t, and the whole burger went well together. 

In addition to burgers, they also have vegan chili french fries. These are french fries that are topped in bean and tempeh bacon. The tempeh gave it a chili flavor, and when ordering you have to let the waiter know to not add any cheese or cream. 

8 – Austin Food Company

It seems like Austin has a taco truck at every corner, so I was iffy about trying the ATXFOODCO but I changed my mind on the first bite. Their tacos are stuffed to the brim so you truly get your money’s worth, and all their tacos are topped off with sesame seeds, raw coleslaw, and avocado. I would recommend their tempeh brisket taco and mushroom one as well. 

9 – Bouldin Creek Cafe

One food I have always had a special place in my heart for is our hash browns, and Bouldin Creek Cafe had some of the best hash browns I have ever tried. They were crunchy yet soft, with a unique tangy taste. In addition, this restaurant has a wide variety of breakfast tacos where they sub eggs for tofu which go nicely with the hash browns. As far as their bowls, they are accompanied by flavorful dressings, which bring the whole dish together. 

10 – Possum Pizza

Located in East Austin, Possum Pizza has the best selection of vegan junk food in the city. Their pizza toppings range from olives to bacon mac n cheese, they offer mozzarella sticks, and even vegan wings. Definitely worth a try, even for meat eaters!

best selection of vegan junk food

So this was it from out List of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Austin.

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