5 Things To Do In Summer In Austin Texas

The time we were all waiting for is finally here! Are you guys ready for all the summer fun? I know I am! I think that after everything we have been going through, we all deserve to take a small break and go out and enjoy the different activities that the beautiful city of Austin has to offer in Summer. My friends and I already decided to make this a summer to remember, so I wanted to share a couple of our favorite things to do, so you too can have a perfect summer in Austin.

5 Things To Do This Summer In Austin Texas

  1. Kayaking at Lady Bird Lake
  2. Lake Travis Zipline
  3. Lunch at Chuy’s in Barton Springs
  4. Visit the 360 Bridge
  5. Dinner Date at RA Sushi

1 – Kayaking at Lady Bird Lake

Kayaking at Lady Bird Lake

First up, you all knew we had to have this activity on our list. I think at this point it is tradition to go kayaking at Lady Bird Lake every time you come visit Austin. I recently went for the first time, and even though I don’t know how to swim, I still had so much fun! It was honestly such a fun experience, and imagine going on a summer day!

2 – Lake Travis Zipline

Lake Travis Zipline

I recently discovered this activity and immediately put it on my bucket list for this summer. I am an outdoor junkie, and learning that this is available in Austin got me super excited. I mean who doesn’t love a good ziplining experience, of course besides those who are scared of heights. But just imagine the view and the air hitting your face as you are going down the zipline over Lake Travis!

3 – Lunch at Chuy’s in Barton Springs

Lunch at Chuy’s in Barton Springs

You can’t have the perfect summer day in Austin without visiting the first-ever Chuy’s restaurant! We all know the food here is good, but I think this one is just so much more delicious and special because it was their first restaurant ever! Plus, if we are being honest, this is also my favorite one I’ve been to because the aesthetic inside is super cute! And did I mention there is a statue of Elvis Presley at the entrance?!

4 – Visit the 360 Bridge

360 Bridge

I have yet to experience visiting the 360 bridge and I am honestly so jealous of those who have already gone. I’ve heard people talk about their experiences here and I have been dying to go at least once this summer. I personally want to go in the afternoon and watch the sunset because I bet the view is going to be perfect!

5 – Dinner Date at RA Sushi

Dinner Date at RA Sushi

I’ve been to RA Sushi since 2018, and let me tell you this is still one of my favorite places for sushi in Austin I’ve discovered since moving here! The sushi and ramen are delicious, Plus the vibe that this restaurant offers is seriously amazing. I recently discovered that there is outside sitting, so just imagine the beautiful view of downtown on a summer night from the second floor of this restaurant.

Eva Rogers

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