Local Foods –– The Iconic Houston Based Restaurant in Austin

Imagine coming into a restaurant, ordering your favorite food and having the most delicious, satisfying food delivered to you in under ten minutes. That was my experience at Local Foods. If you haven’t heard yet, Local Foods is a Houston based restaurant that is now making its first debut in Austin. It’s a health focused, quick-service restaurant that seeks to create fresh, hyper-seasonal food with the highest quality local ingredients––hence the name. More than this however, they also seek to create meaningful relationships with its team, guests, and communities.

Clean and Aesthetic Vibes

As a Houston native, I’ve heard about Local Foods for quite some time now but have never had the chance to visit. So when I heard about the pop-up location in Austin, I knew that this was my chance. Coincidentally though, I also had the chance to visit the restaurant in Houston a few days afterwards as well. So now I have visited this iconic restaurant twice––once in Houston and once in Austin.

Before getting into the actual food, let’s talk about ambience. Because let’s face it, in today’s Instagram-worthy environment, where you eat is almost as important as the food itself. Fortunately for Local Foods, their ambience is on point. When entering into any Local Foods location you’ll find yourself in a beautifully designed space that has a diner-like atmosphere. There are booths, tables, and high top tables. Local Foods’ color scheme is also visually appealing showing vibrant blues, yellows, greens. The restaurant just gives off good vibes altogether.

Fresh, Fun Food

As for the food, it was better than I could have imagined. On my visit to the Austin location, I ordered the crunchy chicken sandwich, the truffled egg sandwich, the garden sammie and the spring harvest salad. Everything was absolutely amazing. The crunchy chicken salad was filled with plenty of chicken, chips, and a delicious buttermilk ranch dressing. The truffled egg salad was so good, it actually made my boyfriend regret cutting out eggs from his diet. The garden sammie was every vegetarian’s heaven. And finally, the spring harvest salad was surprisingly delicious as well. Even though I kinda hate salads because they never fill me up, I enjoyed this salad more than any of the sandwiches.

On my visit to the Houston location, I ordered the vegan spinach dip, the garden sammie again, and the vegan taco salad. The Spinach dip wasn’t officially on the Local Foods menu––it was the chef’s special of the day––and it was so delicious. My boyfriend and I devoured it in under ten minutes and we both agreed that it was the best spinach dip we had ever had. As for the garden sammie, it was just as delicious as I remembered. The sandwich was packed with brussel sprouts, curried cauliflower, hummus and avocado. It had all of my favorite foods. Finally, the vegan taco salad was filling and satisfying as well. It was a classic taco salad but with the highest quality ingredients I could taste.

As for the sides, I was a HUGE fan. Local Foods is one of the only restaurants I’ve been to where they actually serve fruit as a side. I don’t know why more restaurants don’t do this! I ate watermelon and a kale salad on my first visit––which was delicious––and chips and potato salad on my second visit. The chips were crunchy and had lots of flavor to them. The potato salad was extra filling and savory.

Although I’ve only visited Local Foods twice, I think it’s safe to say that this is my new favorite restaurant. The environment is so calming, the food is amazing, and the service is top notch. Most importantly, they have options for every type of diet. So whether you want locally sourced high-quality chicken or vegetables, Local Foods is the place for you.

Dirty Martin’s Place: 95 Years of Austin Burgers

For those familiar with the Austin burger scene, Dirty Martin’s Place is no secret given its long history. Considered by many to be a tradition, Dirty’s has continued operation since its opening adjacent to campus in 1926. Its continued existence and, indeed, growth over those years is a testament to the quality of its ownership. Anybody craving Austin burgers whose recipes have remained virtually unchanged in 95 years can rely on Dirty Martin’s Place.

An Austin Joint Since 1926

Displayed proudly on many of its signs is the number 1926, the date of the restaurant’s establishment. At the time, the joint consisted of only a small drive-in and humble kitchen with some barstools. Regulars would affectionately give its nickname of Dirty’s on account of the dining area’s dirt floors in early years. The restaurant’s (tastefully) painted fence displays its full name: Martin’s Kum-Bak Hamburgers.

The gradual changes to the architecture of the building over the years happened on an as-needed basis. A recent renovation of the space has enclosed the patio once exposed to the outdoors, adding televisions and more seating. Additionally, the restaurant’s obtainment of a full liquor license has expanded its cocktail menu with a myriad of tasty drinks. Many events have been hosted at Dirty’s over the years, including vintage car shows and weddings held on-site. Martin’s Kum-bak Hamburgers was conceived as a meeting place for the Austin community to meet and eat.

Guests wanting to dine-in can have their burger needs met starting 11AM any day of the week except Monday. Entrants to the building can form a line to make their orders, or take a seat at the beautiful full-service bar. Many of the decorations are old photographs, signs, and news articles, proof of the restaurant’s history. It’s hardly a surprise to see a lot of burnt orange around these parts, given the neighborhood…

Full Bar Service & More

 I took a seat at the bar and was immediately impressed with the range of drinks on display. I had assumed that the restaurant was much more focused around just burgers, and the full bar threw me for a loop. My excellent bartender David explained the recent renovations, then proceeded to pour me the best Michelada I’ve ever had. The Momo’s mix used is non-tomato based, with much more emphasis on the lemon and spice flavor.

I wanted to order the favorites, so I asked the staff what they thought best showcased their menu. The Dirty Totchos were amazing – tater tots smothered with ground beef, queso, and homemade Pico de Gallo. My biggest regret in that moment was that, if I wanted to keep trying food, I couldn’t eat all of them. It would end up being the right decision for the task to come.

The next appetizer I ordered, personally recommended to me by my bartender, were the Corn Nuggets. For those curious, it is possible to freeze and then deep-fry clumps of creamed corn in nugget form. This is the basis for this dish, and they are absolutely delicious; like bits of sweet, creamy corn goodness.

Another cocktail sounded nice with my appetizers, and I asked after some of the original recipes. I had the opportunity to try a Spicy DT Margarita, a cocktail of fresh jalapeno-infused mango puree, 03 Orange Liquor, and 512 Tequila. The Chamoy Tajin rim similar to the one on my Michelada was the (figurative) cherry on top. I’d highly recommend it – if you can handle the heat.

A Place for Burgers

The time had come to address the elephant in the room and order one of Martin’s Kum-bak Hamburgers for myself. I proceeded to do the opposite of a hamburger and order Val’s Chicken Sandwich. A marinated grilled chicken sandwich topped with Swiss, fresh avocado, and Chipotle mayo sounded too good to pass up. The hand-breaded onion rings, the recipe for which has existed since 1926, were a great side to my sandwich. The cherry limeade served in an old-fashioned glass was a refreshing beverage to wash it all down with. I would leave that day feeling completely satisfied, not realizing the horror of the situation until I got home.

I had eaten and gotten completely full without getting to really dig in to one of their burgers! So, I went back a few days later to fulfill my original task, as well as get another one of their excellent Micheladas. Setting aside what is probably my personal health, I decided upon the Large Chili Cheese Burger with a side of Chili Cheese Fries. I could tell on my first bite that this was a recipe that had remained unchanged for years. The grilled onions and jalapenos I added were fresh, and Z’s chili was on point.

With my appetite and my craving for burgers now taken care of, I decided to end my visit with an old-fashioned malt. I always take the opportunity to turn my shake into a malt if it is offered, so to see it on the menu was a real treat. Like the limeade before, it was served in a glass and topped with whipped cream and a (literal) cherry.

I may have been late to the party in my personal discovery of Dirty Martin’s Place, but that is often the case when finding new restaurants. The important thing is to share those restaurants who deserve their recognition with others. Dirty Martin’s Place has been cooking the same great Austin burgers for 95 years, and I hope to see them continue for many more to come!

Food TikTok’s Got a New Trend: Pasta Chips

TikTok has become a huge culinary content space in the past two years. “Food TikTok” includes chefs from all sorts of backgrounds sharing their techniques and creations with the world. People are creating many new culinary trends through this platform, and they spread like wildfire! Today we’re here to tell you about the latest one: Pasta chips.

What are Pasta Chips?

Pasta chips take the bold italian flavors used in pasta and make them into a crunchy snack! All you have to do is place some boiled pasta in an air fryer. This leaves you with crunchy pasta pieces to dip in the sauce of your choice just like you would with chips. Check out our step by step guide below to learn how to make them at home!

Image courtesy of AirFried.com

How To Make Them

  1. Boil the pasta of your choice (shape does not matter!) until it’s cooked.
  2. Season season season! This is where the chips get their italian flavor. First add some olive oil and parmesan cheese, then add the seasonings of your choice. Common seasonings used here include italian seasoning, oregano, and garlic powder, or you can just keep it simple with some salt and pepper. Some chefs on Tik Tok have even included buffalo sauce or ranch in this step to jazz it up! It’s all up to your flavor preference.
  3. Next, spread them out and stick them in an air fryer for 10-12 minutes at 180 C. If you don’t have an air fryer you can use an oven instead! Just stick them in for 17-20 minutes at 200 C.
  4. Lastly, take them out and enjoy! They are best served with marinara sauce or any other Italian dip.

Be sure to check out our Tik Tok @TexasTasty to see our attempt at creating these and check out our website for more recipes!

Up and Coming Festivals and Events in Austin

One of my favorite things about Austin is that something is always happening. Whether it is a food festival, a raging concert, or a rowdy carnival, if you’re in the know, your weekends can always be filled. But sometimes, being in the know around Austin is harder than going to these events in the first place. Despite living here for 10+ years of my life, I still miss out on dozens of exclusive Austin events every single month. So to make sure that YOU don’t miss out on these opportunities, Texas Tasty compiled a list of all the up and coming events in Austin that are happening in the remainder of the year! 

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Description: This year marks the 20th year of the renowned music festival that brings our favorite artists outside of the studio and into one of our favorite parks. The festival occurs over 2 weekends, each featuring a diverse lineup with 8 different stages and over 90 different artists and bands. Because they’re celebrating its 20th anniversary, the ACL lineup include George Strait, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Stevie Nicks, Rufus Du Sol, Dababy, Erykah Badu, and numerous other stars! 

Date: Weekend 1, October 1-3, Weekend 2, October 8-10

Location: Zilker Park 

Ticket Price: One day Passes range from $135 general to $2100 VIP and Platinum. 3-day tickets range from $300 general to $4000 VIp and Platinum.

***Tip:  Currently, all direct ticket sales are sold out at the moment, there are third party websites that are reselling tickets. Different Facebook groups such as UT Buy/Sell/Trade or Austin Buy/Sell Trade are good places for potentially lower costs. 

Austin Food + Wine Festival 

Description: A three day weekend filled with countless opportunities to bless your palates with signature bites from top rated Central Texas chefs and the chance to savor top wines from all over the country. There will also be Fire Pits where you can eat entrees hot off the plate cooked right in front of you and a Feast Under The Stars that feature a 5-course meal prepared by expert chefs right next to the beautiful Austin skyline. 

Date: November 5th – November 7th, 2021 

Location: Auditorium Shores and Republic Square Park 

Ticket Price: Ticket prices are not released yet due to the event being rescheduled. Sign up for their email list to get the latest updates. 

Behind the Scenes: Hollywood Sistine Chapel 

Description: Texas Performing Arts has a nearly complete replica of the Sistine Chapel. This exhibition is the very first public viewing of the entire Sister Chapel suite. You can experience an immersive, up-close examination of hand-painted artworks that depict scenes from the Old Testament painted by artists such as Michelangelos, Perugina, Botticelli, and numerous others. 

Date: June 25th to August 1st, 2021 

Location: Bass Concert Hall 

Ticket Price: Full Price tickets are $20, Seniors and Military tickets are $15, Student tickets (primary, secondary, and college) are $10, groups of 10 or more receive special rates of $12 per ticket. 

Dessert Fest Austin 

Description: If you love desserts and enjoy beer, this is the event for you! Dessert fest is a specially curated treat just for their guests. You can enjoy Sunday Funday festivities while sampling various desserts and beers from around the city. This event is sponsored by Hi Sign Brewing and Food + Travel with a portion of the proceeds going towards the Hospitality Fund. There are two different ticket options: VIP and General Admission. The VIP Ticket includes an early entry time, dessert sames, 2 beer drink tickets, voting ballot to name Best Dessert, non-alcoholic beverage samples, goodie bags, access to photo booth, eating contest, prize giveaways, and music. On the other hand, the general admission includes everything except for Goodie Bag, 1 Beer ticket, and early entry time. 

Date:  October 24th,  2021 @1:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: Hi Sign Brewing 

Ticket Price: General tickets are $15, VIP tickets are $25, and Kids tickets are $10. 

2021 Taste of Round Rock 

Description:  This is a community led event that features 30+ restaurants in the local area to showcase their cuisine. For that reason, this is a great opportunity to explore small businesses around your home, try different menus, discover new places, and share a nice evening with your colleagues, friends, and family. 

Date:  August 10th, 2021 

Location:Round Rock Sports Center 

Ticket Price: General admission is $25 with children under 12 free and free parking

Austin Music and Arts Festival

Description:  A showcase of major concerts, contemporary art displays, classic car shows, motorcycle shows, and exclusive access to wave pools and lazy rivers. An all in one event where you can enjoy the Taste of Texas Food Garden with delicious cuisine and domestic craft beers. There will be live music from national recording artists throughout the day on the main stage alone. In addition, there will be visual artists presenting cultural heritage pieces from Austin, Texas! 

Date:  September 25  to September 26, 2021 from 11am – 9pm 

Location: Typhoon Texas Water Park in Pflugerville, Texas 

Ticket Price: General admission is $10. The ticket includes an all weekend access pass to everything for both days of the event. Children under the age of 12 are free! 

Pecan Street Festival 

Description:  This festival is one of the largest, and longest-running arts/crafts and music festivals in the nation. This is a free two day art festival that is held bi-annually on 6th Street. This festival includes hundreds of local and national hand crafted creations made by national artisans from all around. As a result, this is a great place to get authentically crafted items made from metal, wood, fiber, clay, leather, glass, stone, or repurposed materials. There will also be a variety of live music and food booths throughout the event. 

Date:  September 18 (11am-10pm) and September 19 (11am – 8pm) 

Location: Downtown Austin, 6th Street 

Ticket Price: Free!

We hope you enjoy some or all of these Austin events! Share your experience with us too, be sure to tag @Texastasty on instagram! 

Trippie Redd Drops New Single “Holy Smokes” with Lil Uzi Vert

A few days ago rapper Trippie Redd dropped a new collaboration called “Holy Smokes” off of his upcoming album “Trip at Knight”, and it’s been trending on YouTube ever since! “Trip at Knight” is set to be released sometime before the end of August. Trippie Redd has been teasing the album for the past couple of months and building excitement among his rapidly growing fanbase. The first single he released for it called “Miss The Rage” peaked at #4 on the Billboard Global 200 and spent two weeks on the charts as it spread across social media. Now that he’s released the second single, we’re here to give you the scoop on it! Follow along for our review.

Another Dimension

The production on Trippie Redd’s music is always interesting to listen to. We’d best describe the R&B beats as futuristic, and exuding the feeling of being in another dimension. “Holy Smokes” is no different. The beats feel refreshing and different and there is just enough going on without it feeling too chaotic. Lyrically, the song explores similar themes to his past work, specifically zooming in on wealth and relationships. The lead line “holy f*ckin’ smokes, I got my money up” sums up the parts of the song discussing money and the other contrasting lead line “sad thing is money still won’t buy love” pretty much sums up what he is saying about relationships. With his gain of wealth he is satisfied, but not content.

It’s Lil Uzi Vert!

Lil Uzi Vert hops on the track for the second verse. Trippie Redd had made an Instagram post back in May asking fans who they would want featured on the track. Fans overwhelmingly voted for Lil Uzi Vert to feature, a rapper well known for his craft in the industry. Although this was his first collaboration with Trippie Redd, it received a great reaction. Their quite different voices created an interesting contrast. The second verse encapsulates the vibe of Lil Uzi Vert and his music well, while still fitting the energy and themes Trippie Redd explores in this track!

Overall, Holy Smokes was a great listen and we’d recommend it especially if you’re into rap/hip-hop music, or a fan of Trippie Redd or Lil Uzi Vert. If you’re looking for some new music it’s definitely worth a listen, you may be pleasantly surprised! If you enjoyed this review and want to read more music reviews, be sure to check out our page!

The Best Budget Meals in Austin for $10 or Less

Austin food prices don’t have to put a huge dent in your bank account. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. You can still get that authentic Austin taste even if you’re balling on a budget, or even just looking to eat out at a restaurant without spending a lot of money. Here are some places to enjoy Austin cuisine for $10 or less.


621 E. 7th St.


Located in Downtown Austin, Koriente is an Asian-inspired restaurant with healthy options made from scratch at a budget price. The majority of their dishes are low in oil and sugar, its ingredients are fresh, their menu contains vegan and gluten-free options––what’s not to love?

They are currently only serving take-out because of COVID-19 restrictions but it’s definitely the perfect option for takeout under $10.

Dirty Martin’s Place

2608 Guadalupe St.


A staple of Austin since 1926, Dirty Martin’s Place offers some of the best burgers in town. A personal favorite of mine is the Habanero Burger, with the option to make all burgers with one or two patties. Their entire menu (aside from 4 items) is all under $10. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty, too.

888 Pan-Asian Restaurant

2400 E Oltorf St.


Located in the Riverside area, 888 Pan-Asian is the answer to all your pho and fried rice needs for under $10. Their portions are sizeable, delicious, and the best value for your money. They also have other dishes like vermicelli, curries, and stir fried noodles hovering around the $10-13 price range. My personal favorite from here: their sweet sticky mango rice. It’s not an entree but it doesn’t make it any less amazing!

Juan in a Million

2300 E Cesar Chavez St.


If you’re an all-day breakfast fan, Juan in a Million is your spot. A breakfast and lunch place located in East Austin, the restaurant was started by school teachers in the 80’s and prides itself on homemade recipes reminiscent of abuelita’s kitchen. This place is the best early day spot with many options under $10. It’s most praised item: the “Don Juan el Taco Grande” for only $6.75.

Juan in a Million offers breakfast for people in Austin who want to go out to a restaurant on a budget.

Don’s Japanese Kitchen

411 W 23rd St.


A favorite of UT students and Austinites alike, Don’s Japanese Kitchen is a food truck located in a parking lot behind the Co-Op Store in the University of at Austin area. It’s an unmarked black truck but you can usually find it by the line of people waiting to place an order. Their “Don” Bowls provide you with a generous portion of protein and rice for less than $10. They open at noon and remain open until they’re sold out, which is usually about 3 or 4 pm every day. Unfortunately, you can’t order online but waiting in the line surrounded by college students is part of the experience.

Don's is a classic among UT Austin students, and while not a restaurant, this food truck is definitely forgiving on your budget.

Taco More

2015 E Riverside Dr.


Mexican restaurants and street tacos that don’t adhere to Tex-Mex cuisine are uncommon in Austin, however, this place serves the most authentic and best quesabirria tacos that I have ever had in Austin. Made out of tender goat meat bathed in goat soup broth and served with consume, this $10 and under plate will not disappoint. There are other equally amazing $10 and under options if you’re not into goat meat and you can even ask them to replace it with beef (but why would you want to?).

“Faith” by Pop Smoke – Pop or Flop?

On July 16th, Pop Smoke’s label released his second posthumous album “Faith.” Listeners and Pop Smoke fans had been very excited for its release, especially after his first posthumous album “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon” had exceeded everyone’s expectations and topped the Billboard charts. However, now that the album is actually out, there seems to be a whirlwind of mixed opinions in the media, most of them seeming to come from a place of disappointment. While Faith should have been a work of art that continues the legacy of Pop smoke, it feels more like something his label carelessly threw together in the interest of maximizing profit. Of course we didn’t want to form an opinion based on just the media and listening to bits and pieces, so we sat down and listened to the album from start to finish. Here’s what we think.

Where the Album Excels

To start things off on a positive note, let’s talk about some of the strengths of this album. The album opens with a 46 second snippet called “Good News”. In this snippet you hear the voice of Pop Smoke’s mom, Audrey Jackson, talking about the man that Pop Smoke was, and how his real name “Bashar” means good news. This snippet is basically used to introduce Pop Smoke as a man who believed in himself, and this album as a way of him delivering good news to everyone. This piece probably feels the most authentic on the album. You can hear the genuineness in his mom’s voice, and the background instrumental compliments it perfectly. Not to mention the transition! The transition from the intro to the next track is ridiculously smooth as her voice fades out and his voice comes in to sing “More Time”.

Pop Smoke’s mother accepting award on his behalf

What’s neat about “More Time” is when it says “mama begging me to pray to Allah”. Allah is the God that followers of the Islamic faith pray to. Although it was said that Pop Smoke was Muslim, this is one of the only times he has made such a direct reference to his faith in his music. This allows listeners to zoom in more on the details of Pop Smoke’s life.

Similarly, throughout the album he makes many references to his mom and you realize how much they meant to each other. It feels like you are learning more about him as you listen. An example of this is in the track “Backdoor” when he says “my mama tell me be careful, better stay out them projects”. You can tell he places a lot of significance in her words as he scatters them throughout the album. Little things like these make the album feel like a fresh piece of work straight from him. Of course, the classic Pop Smoke ad-libs such as “wait” and “woo” are present throughout.

Where the Album Falls Short

Unfortunately, the strengths struggle to hold the album up on its own as it falls short in many ways. First off, we’re going to have to agree with the Pop Smoke fans when they say that it doesn’t feel like a piece of work from him. It isn’t hard to tell that his record label haphazardly threw this together using incomplete snippets. Most of the songs are super short in length, and there is barely any sense of completeness within them. Just when you’re beginning to get into the song, it ends. Honestly, as an artist you could probably get away with this on a single or EP, but on an album? An album is where listeners go for a complete listening experience! This album feels neither complete nor cohesive.

You’re probably wondering where the lack of cohesiveness comes from. Lyrically, most of the songs explore similar themes: wealth, women, struggles, desires, and gang violence. However, the overload of features completely tears apart the binding of the album. Of course, it’s nice to have a variety of styles and voices on an album. But when they’re all thrown together without any thought, it doesn’t work, and that’s what it feels like here. It feels like the record label threw together a bunch of big names in music to gain streams (and therefore profit). No thought was put into the artistic value that would be destroyed in the process, which makes the album suffer.

For example, “Demeanor” which features Dua Lipa honestly was a great single. It felt complete, and the blending of genres between the two artists didn’t feel completely unnatural. This would’ve been a great pop single (keyword: pop!) but it definitely was not one to put on this album. It takes away a good amount of Pop Smoke’s style and energy and struggles to feel like a rap song. There is even more chaos in some of the other collabs. Up to four features pile up on some songs, and others sample from a classic Ne-Yo song. Collaborations and sampling as a musician require a lot more thought than they seem to be given here.

Is it Worth a Listen?

So that brings us to the final question. If there is so much criticism, is it worth a listen? It’s definitely worth a listen if you put aside any expectation of it being as authentic as some of his previous work. Some songs do well in bringing back Pop Smoke’s talent and vibe. A lot of the hype and motivational ones would also honestly make great music to bump in the car or workout to. If you’re also big on pop music, then some of the collaborations might be to your liking. However, if you’re a hardcore Pop Smoke fan, maybe sit this one out. Hopefully, the label will focus more on quality and authenticity instead of quantity and popularity moving forward!

“Faith” is now available on all streaming platforms for those who want to give it a listen. Be sure to check out our page for more album reviews!

Visit Georgetown: Restaurants and Eateries for All

Just about 25 miles north of Austin, a vibrant food scene hustles and bustles in Georgetown, Texas. With visitors from all over the state, popular restaurants in the city have made their mark, and whether you’re looking for a classic cafe, savory steak, pizza or specialty cocktail, Georgetown has something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or even a week, we’ve got the ultimate guide to eating around the restaurants in the historic Georgetown town square.

Monument Cafe

Before you begin your exploration, you’ll definitely want to enjoy a tasty, filling breakfast or brunch. Luckily, Georgetown has plenty of styles and dishes to choose from its numerous restaurants. If you’re seeking a charming, southern-style experience, stop by Monument Cafe for a traditional, “Grandma-Approved,” breakfast, lunch and bakery.

Serving Georgetown since 1995, Monument Cafe has become a classic and one of the most highly regarded restaurants in the area. Buttermilk pancakes, chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, avocado toast– and that’s not even half of the menu. The cafe’s foods are not only made from scratch but are locally sourced whenever possible as well. Be sure to leave room after your meal though. The bakery options are too sweet to skip.

The Golden Rule

After spending your morning discovering the town square, its museum and shops, you’ll definitely be hungry. Just a few blocks away from Monument Cafe, you’ll come across The Golden Rule, which is the perfect spot for cocktails, lunch and even dinner dishes.

The Golden Rule has everything you need. And their motto, “Above all else: Goodwill, Friendship, & Kind Regard,” makes for one of Georgetown’s favorite spots. Being a “speak-easy style” restaurant, visitors 21+ can enjoy featured cocktails, beer and wine. Of course, that’s not all. The restaurant’s extensive menu offers a variety of choices all throughout the day and evening. For lunch, enjoy an Elk Double Smash Burger or devour the Wagyu Filet Mignon. (An added bonus: make room for a Sunday brunch reservation and try bagels, biscuits and gravy, french toast and more.)

Just across the street from Williamson County’s Historic Courthouse, you’ll also find the taco spot Georgetown loves. With fresh tortillas and ingredients all throughout the day, it’s a gem for breakfast tacos, lunch, a snack in between and dinner.

Plus, what is a Texas town without its tacos? Mikey V’s Tacos on the Square offers street tacos, breakfast tacos, a “Cali Menu,” dessert, corn in a cup, fries and even sells its tortillas to go. From viral birria to vegetarian tacos, the restaurant’s mission stands: “serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week.” And while returning week after week, with its breakfast tacos, scratch made tacos and dessert, Mikey V’s Tacos on the Square is ready to serve up any meal of the day.

Tejas Meat Supply

But if you’re feeling a deli-style sandwich for lunch, take a short walk to E. Seventh St., and you’ll find fresh-cut meats, sandwiches and even a butcher shop.

Tejas Meat Supply goes beyond selling meat. Offering cuts from sustainable Texas ranches, fine artisan foods, beer, wine and sandwiches, the shop and restaurant prides itself on quality. You can take a seat and enjoy your well-deserved lunch or pick up steaks, brisket and even “wild game” for the next cookout… or do both. A sandwich for lunch and a quality meat for dinner make for a day well spent. 

Another great lunch spot around the corner is new to Georgetown, offering seafood, a market and even entertainment in the evenings.

City Post Chop House’s Oyster Bar and Market

Being partially open, City Post Chop House’s Oyster Bar and Market is up and running, serving up fresh oysters, shrimp, lobster and more. But there’s even more in store for the restaurant, as it’s “getting closer and closer to being fully open.” The restaurant anticipates premier steaks and a butcher counter. For now, you can still enjoy a quality lunch and even catch a live performance in the evening.

600 Degrees Pizzeria

Once the sun has set and you’ve journeyed all throughout the town square, it’s time for dinner. Of course, pizza, wings and craft beer are always a crowd pleaser. 

And who can say, “no” to a gourmet pizza? 600 Degrees Pizzeria’s pizza is “made fresh daily and hand tossed to order by artisan bakers.” Enjoy gourmet toppings, cheeses, garlic knots and more. The menu also offers salads and gluten-free pizzas along with meatballs and desserts. Create your own pie or enjoy the signature selection of 25 options. Craving a surprise? Order the 25th option and the pizzeria will curate a unique pizza just for you.

Barrels & Amps

Lastly, it’s impossible to fully experience a town without enjoying its nightlife. End your evening with live music, entertainment, drinks (and more food). Barrels & Amps is a bar and taproom that features live entertainment while serving drinks and plating pub food favorites, including pickle chips, sliders, hot chicken sandwiches and even beyond burgers for those skipping meat. The bar holds comedy nights and live music every weekend and gives visitors reasons to celebrate regularly. From “National Cheeseburger Day” to “National Drink Beer Day,” Barrels & Amps invites people over for any and every occasion. 

Moxy University’s Mean Girls Themed Pop-up Bar

Throughout July, Moxy University is hosting a Mean Girls themed pop-up bar at Zombie Taco located in West Campus. The bar opens at 2 P.M and offers a sweet selection of themed drinks. 

This Bar Is so Fetch

Not only are the drinks themed but so is the surrounding area and furniture. They have cute pink couches with a neon sign above it that says, “You can’t sit with us.” Along with several sections of the bar dedicated to scenes from the movie.

One room has couches inside with pink fairy lights hanging on one wall with the iconic “Burn book” from the movie. A stage is set up towards the back of the bar stage decorated as the backdrop for the winter talent show. It even includes a sleigh where guests can take pictures in.

One seating area is decorated as Ms. Norburry’s classroom with a large map of the cafeteria hung on one wall. The bar also has a big screen where they have the movie playing. 

The environment was super relaxing, I sat in the area that was decorated as Ms. Norburry’s classroom where I got to enjoy food from Zombie Taco. Zombie Taco is open 24/7 and is located inside near the bar. They have self-ordering kiosks and a large menu with a lot of great stuff.

Zombie Taco 

I ordered the Korean steak taco, the brisket and cheese taquitos with tomatillo salsa, chips and queso, and lastly, some Bavarian crème filled churros. The taco was extremely flavorful, the steak was juicy and the cucumber and shishitos combination was both refreshing and spicy. 

The taquitos came rolled in red fried tortillas with tomatillo and avocado salsa on the side. The bar fills the taquitos with brisket and six different cheeses. They were crunchy and savory, the addition of the tomatillo and avocado salsa was so delicious. This was definitely my favorite salsa that they had, its perfect for a hot day because it’s so refreshing. 

The Bavarian crème filled churros completed my meal. They were served warm and were incredibly soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The Bavarian crème was light and sweet without overpowering the sugar and cinnamon on the breading. 

The Drinks 

The bar offers a selection of specialty themed drinks all inspired by the movie. I ordered the “On Wednesdays we Drink Pink” it has Rum, DiSaronno, pineapple, strawberry and lemon juices. This was a fruity and refreshing drink that tasted like a summer vacation. Garnished with a pineapple, and pink in color this drink was an excellent take on the movie. (image of the drink)

In addition to this drink, they also had drinks by the name of You go Glen Coco, I’m a fun Mom and The Plastics. For an extra $10 they have a themed glass that you can keep too. Their special The Plastics is a tequila flight of Altos Plata, Reposado and Anejo. 

The Mean Girls themed bar is only being offered throughout July, so check it out while you can.

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