Vegan Taco Spots in Austin

Ah, another Tuesday. Not quite as bad as Monday, where we need 3 cups of coffee to properly function, nor quite as fun as Friday, when we know the weekend is right at the tip of our fingers – we can taste the tequila already.  However, here in the 512 Tuesdays are anything but boring. Us Austinites take our taco addiction very seriously and offer plenty of scrumptious options to go get our vegan taco fix.

La Revolution

La Revolution

La vegan. With lots of tacos, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and even Notzarella Sticks. Located in Thicket Food Park on 7800 S. First Street, Revolution Vegan Kitchen offers an all, you guessed it, vegan menu with food that “doesn’t have to ‘taste vegan’”. The food stand brings to you the best of Austin, with close proximity to a kid’s playground, live music on the weekends, and on-site parking! A dream. My personal favorite are the Al Pastor tacos: Soy protein, pineapple, chipotle, Mexican spices. Topped with raw onions, cilantro, and pickled onions. Served with a corn tortilla with a side of salsa.

Vegan Nom

Vegan Nom

Located on E Cesar Chavez St. is the “most original vegan taco truck in Austin Texas”, the Vegan Nom. The food truck began with a passion to create authentic tex-mex flavors for all vegan lovers alike, and now the Vegan Nom offers a variety of options from both breakfast (of course!) and dinner tacos, burritos, nachos and snacks & sides. The Vegan Nom is also home to Planet Queso, an original in-house created dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free and gluten free vegan queso that can be purchased per 16oz bags! My personal favorite is the Hella Vegan Quesadilla, filled with beef, cheddar, crema, chipotle, and guac.

Nissi Vegmex Cuisine

Nissi Vegmex Cuisine

Priding themselves on offering ‘mouthwatering Mexican’ Nissi Vegmex Cuisine is located on 1106 E 11th St,and offers a variety of soy proteins, salsas, and drinks as well pre-prepared plates on their menu. Nissi also offers the option of food preparation (takes 7 days) for a pound of the vegan protein of your choice to take home! My personal favorite is the flauta plate: 3 rolled tacos with a side of rice, beans, crema, lettuce, tomatoes and guac cream.

Mr. Natural

Mr. Natural

Vegan, vegetarian, and local, Mr. Natural is an Austin staple for not only breakfast, brunch, and dinner, but for their inhouse bakery offering a plethora of baked goods as well as the option for custom cakes (for weddings, too!) Having two locations in East and South Austin, Mr. Natural’s menu goes beyond just tex-mex but all genres of food. That being said, their taco menu is quite diverse, with even the option to build your own taco from a list of different customizable food items available. My personal favorite is the Vegan Seitan Fish Taco: Breaded and fried homemade seitan, cabbage, carrots, avocado, cilantro, vegan sriracha mayo, pico de gallo, and a wedge of lemon.

The Vegan Yacht

The Vegan Yacht

If you still want to participate in the Tex-Mex fun, but burritos are more your thing, check out The Vegan Yacht, located in South Austin on 2000 South Oaks Drive.  The menu offers several burritos, but also a bowl, vegan hot dawgs, and a fun freeto pie option. There is also a kid menu for the young-ins as well! My personal favorite is the freeto burrito: organic tempeh chili, organic corn chips, avocado and vegan cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled. Pairs nicely with a chilled topo chico.

Every day of the week holds some sort of significance, and Tuesdays should never be left out of the fun. Lucky for us, there are plenty of Austin things to do and eating at some of the best vegan Texas restaurants the south has to offer is one of them. Happy eating!

The Vegan Yacht 2

Marcy has been a Texas Tasty blogger since August 2020. She reports on vegan food around the Austin area, and the occasional grocery store haul. Her passions lie in the world of consumer-packaged goods (cpg) and finding the best organic burritos around town. IG: @marcyvega

Sugar-Free Treats in Austin

One of the most exciting things about any new place has got to be the food. If you have a sweet tooth like mine, the 512 is more than equipped to accommodate you. Almost every time I talk to my family, I’m telling them about how I dragged my roommate out for cupcakes, or milkshakes, or donuts. I’m always saying I’ll have to take them to all the places I’m discovering next time they come to visit. The appeal is dampened, though, by the knowledge that my dad, who has had diabetes for about ten years. Ironically, he was largely responsible for my love of sugar growing up, but now can’t actually try any of the things I’m telling him about. So, I decided to track down some of the most beloved sugar-free sweets. For those whose blood sugar needs constant supervision or those who are just making some modifications to pursue a healthier lifestyle, here are some drool-worthy sugar-free treats in ATX. 



You may have heard of this shop’s Cupcake ATM, which dispenses freshly baked cupcakes and cookies at any hour. Sprinkles noticed the rabid popularity surrounding their red velvet cupcake and made it available in gluten-free, vegan, and–you guessed it–sugar-free versions. Look for the red “S” atop the decadent cream cheese frosting, and prepare yourself for the rich chocolatey flavor of this classic favorite.

Mr. Natural

Mr. Natural

A family-owned business that opened in 1988 and has continually prioritized nutrition and the use of natural ingredients, Mr. Natural’s bakery is accommodating of all dietary restrictions. As proclaimed on their website: “Whatever your need … wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free… we can make it for you!” They make everything from pastries you can go grab anytime to elaborate wedding cakes.

Mammoth Creameries

Mammoth Creameries

The inspiration for Mammoth Creameries came when Tim, one-half of the founders, was diagnosed with diabetes. Sympathetic to the ordeal of unsatisfied sweet-tooths, he and his co-founder, Sue, devoted themselves to a health-conscious lifestyle. This eventually led to the creation of this frozen custard. Their vanilla flavor has only 1 gram of sugar per serving (about 4 per container). Mammoth Creameries is also keto-friendly and emphasizes the use of all-natural, Texan ingredients.

Dream Bakery

Dream Bakery

As of January 6, the menu at Dream Bakey became exclusively gluten-free and keto (which involves very limited sugar intake). Their menu features such delectable dupes as the Not-a-Ding-Dong, which is completely sugar-free, and the Keto Cinnamon Rolls and Keto Blueberry Scone, which use a natural sugar replacement. If you just can’t choose (and I don’t blame you), try out their Keto Sweets Sampler.



D’Lites is most famous for their ice cream, which is low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates, but through some wizardry manages to maintain the creamy sweetness we all know and love. This grocery store is stocked with all sugar-free, keto, and low carb products – to give you an idea, their vanilla ice cream has only 1.5 grams of sugar per serving and their chocolate 2 grams. Before you drop by, make sure to check the weekly flavors on their website. Everything but the chocolate and vanilla classics changes every Sunday.

5 Houseplants Perfect for the First-Time Plant Parent

Now that spring is finally here, it’s a great time to become a plant parent.

Studies have shown that houseplants may reduce stress levels, boost concentration and productivity and improve air quality, in addition to numerous other benefits. I have plenty of houseplants myself – lucky bamboo, a spider plant, a snake plant and devil’s ivy, to name a few – and they’ve definitely helped transform my space and even improve my daily mood.

A common misconception is that houseplants are very difficult to maintain, but that’s not the case! Sure, orchids and lemon trees are really hard to keep alive, but there are options for everyone, regardless of experience.

Here’s a list of five houseplants perfect for beginners.


Succulents are great for beginners; they’re pretty low maintenance and can thrive in most conditions. Their thick, sap-filled leaves retain as much moisture as possible, which is why they’re usually found in deserts. They’re also aesthetically pleasing and can spruce up any space.


This plant also thrives in poor conditions, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to completely neglect it. Not only do lucky bamboos make wonderful gifts, but many also believe that they bring good luck (according to the principles of feng shui and vastu shastra). For more information, click here.


Spider plants are definitely my favorite houseplant. I mean, they’re pet friendly and one of the top air purifying plants. Plus, they’re not too picky when it comes to water, light or temperature. It’s still important to put some effort in, of course; without proper care, their leaves can turn brown and look messy. With proper care, they can live for 50 or more years! For more information, click here.


Native to America’s tropical rainforests, peace lilies are a popular choice for offices and homes. They also made NASA’s list of the top 10 household air filtering plants. Most are floor plants, since they can grow up to three feet tall.  Something to keep in mind: they’re best kept away from small children and pets, because they contain calcium oxalate, which “may cause stomach and respiratory irritation if ingested in large amounts.”


Relatives of the common pineapple, Bromeliads easily adapt to average home conditions and are available in a variety of colors and textures. While these plants are quite resilient, it’s imperative that you don’t overwater them. For more information, click here.

Texas Tasty Visits Lucky Robot

Lucky Robot is a Japanese Kitchen located right off of South Congress that offers the best sushi, ramen, dumplings, wagyu beef, to sake. They are the first sustainable sushi establishment found in Texas recognized by the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch program as a leader in marine life protection.

One of the most unique elements of Lucky Robot is their passionate effort to prepare their dishes fresh and in house. Everything that they offer is either locally sourced or natively source straight from Tokyo. Their goal is to create a fun and unique experience as your neighborhood Japanese Kitchen + Sushi Bar. And based on our first visit, they did all that and more!

Honesty, Lucky Robot was one of THE COOLEST restaurants that I have ever been to in my 19 years of life and there are a couple of reasons why.

Interior: Edgy. Street. Cherry Blossoms.

The moment you step foot into the restaurant, the vibe changes. Once you are inside, the ambiance and the overall mood completely takes over. One moment you may be in SoCo and the next, you’re surrounded by LED lights, cherry blossoms overhangs, swing sets, and lots of Japanese inspired furniture and wall art. It very much resembles what a visit to a Japanese Night Market would be like in the prime of cherry blossom season.

Lucky Robot

The Food

The moment we sat down; the series of shock continues. Once we arrived at our seat, the waiter placed what seems like small cotton balls on a plate. But the moment the cotton balls comes in contact with water it expands into HAND TOWELS. From there, we were directed to take a look at the menu, and you can access the menu directly off of a QR code from a plant!

I’ll be honest, the extent of my sushi knowledge is little to none. Everything on the menu all sounded good but very foreign so I had to ask a lot, a lot of questions before even ordering. We ended up ordering 5 items upon the recommendation of our waitress.

Wagyu Yaki Nashi

This is a Wagyu Short Rib glozed with lemongrass soy paired up with a side of Asian Pear, Nikkei Chimichurri, farm-to-table Sunomono, and mustard seed.

Wagyu Yaki Nashi

This is definitely a dish that you have to take your time with. There are only a few pieces of the wagyu short rib but each piece definitely made a mark. It was such a pleasant bland of savory and sweet, the meat was so soft that you barely had to chew. We took our sweet time with each piece of the beef. This dish was definitely a quality over quantity type of entrée.

Umi Miso Ramen

Ramen soaked in spicy miso seafood broth with a variety of striped bass, shrimp, Naruto Maki, baby corns, white onions, napa cabbage, and mushrooms.

I personally really enjoyed the ramen. The broth was on the thicker side, it had an extremely rich flavor that coats each part of the noodle. I really liked the kick that came from the spicy broth itself, there is almost like a hidden punch with each bite that you take. The variety of toppings that they had not only added onto the aesthetic but the taste itself. The bass and the shrimp complimented each other extremely well. The overall balance of this bowl was amazing, with just enough broth, topping, and noodles the entire time.

Umi Miso Ramen

Prime Chirasi Bot

This was a mixture of different types of fish that includes Big Glory Bay King Salmon and 3 types of daily primate market sashimi over sushi rice. It also came with a side of avocado, cucumber, sunomono pickles, sesame, and 144-degree egg.

Although I am not a seafood connoisseur by any means, I can say wholeheartedly that this was the softest and most supple fish that has ever entered my mouth. I remember that as we were eating, we were quite literally trying to eat it as slow as possible to savor the flavors. Each piece of the fish just melts into your mouth. 

Prime Chirasi Bot

Lomo Itame

This is a Wagyu flank steak, with shishito peppers, crisp fingerling potatoes, red onions, Nikkei chimichurri, and ponzu verde.

This dish was definitely flavor on type of flavor. In comparison to the other Wagyu entrée, this one had more texture to the meat. It was easy to chew but each bite had its own character and texture profile. Aside from the fact that it was extremely pretty to look at, the dish extremely savory. You can taste the blend of all the peppers, onions, chimicurri, and the verde working together to bring it all together. I remember that it was really dark so we couldn’t tell apart the potatoes and the beef, so it was like a little lottery to see who would get the meat.

Lomo Itame 1
Lomo Itame 2

Chomame Fizz Sake

A sake blend with butterfly tea infusion, peach, lemon, and brut.

I did not indulge in a drink, but my companion did. And I remember distinctly that the moment he took a sip, his eyes bulged out and he stared to exclaim how he would never drink Sake the same way.

Chomame Fizz Sake

The Service

The service was absolutely top-notch. Even during quarantine, there’s definitely a good amount of traffic going in and out of the restaurant, but they handle it extremely well. Everything was up to proper safety standards, all the employees wore masks, there were both outdoor and indoor seating. I think the service was what really tied the whole experience together. I had seen pictures of Lucky Robot plastered across social media so I was extremely excited to have the chance to visit. But going in, I literally had absolutely no idea as to what to get. I think my friends and I spent at least 20 minutes just looking through the menu, asking questions to the wait staff, and even after the dishes came out, we were trying to match it up to what we ordered.

But the staff was SO SWEET. They answered all of our questions whether it be about the food, the process, or the restaurant. She expressed to us how the employees go through months’ worth of training to understand the food that they serve and to ensure that they are able to provide the best experience possible for the customers.

Overall verdict, this is a great place to get a holistic serving of good food, good service, and experience. Although, the price is on the higher end, the quality of the food exemplifies the amount that you pay. So, the next time you’re looking for a nice place to eat and want to splurge and learn a little – visit Lucky Robot!

A Weekend Getaway to Del Rio, Tx

Spring break calls for weekend getaways and a little tanning by the lake. I personally spent my spring break visiting Del Rio, TX, a small town four hours away from Austin, TX. Whoever said that small towns don’t have much to offer was wrong because I had such a great time!


On my first day there, I was able to learn more about the history of Del Rio and admire its beautiful love for art. Back in 1998 there was a horrible drought that killed more than 200 people and they now continue to remember it through murals. My friends and I were able to get a tour of La Casa De La Cultura where we were shown all the different murals that Del Rio born and raised artists have worked on throughout the years.  What I loved the most about this tour was seeing just how much Del Rio shows appreciation for the Mexican culture. Some of the murals I saw included images of papel picado with the words Vida, Amor, Muerte, another one had an image of the Virgin Mary, and one that is still in the making will be a mural of women dancing Ballet Folklórico. Right next to all the murals is the Brown Plaza where people used to gather together to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or Mexico’s Independence Day with live music and food trucks all around. This was personally one of my favorite picture worthy areas of Del Rio!


Not only is Del Rio such a beautiful small town, but it also offers so much good food! During my time there I was able to get a famous guisado bean and cheese taco from Julio’s, and let me just say that I would go back just to get one of those tacos. My friends and I also went to a small family owned deli called The Brown Bag, and not only was the food so good but the aesthetic of it was super cute! I got the Fiesta Sandwich and I 10/10 recommend it! If you’re in the mood for a quick snack while in Del Rio I would recommend Tasty’s or Raspa King. The mangonada at Raspa King is by far one of my favorite things I was able to try in Del Rio! One of my friends also tried their white corn and loved it despite not being a big fan of white corn in general so that should tell you something.

The Lake

Finally, what I mostly loved about my experience in Del Rio was going to Amistad Lake. The drive to the lake was astonishing just in itself. When I tell you that I’ve never seen such clear and blue water, I really mean it because the scenery was seriously so beautiful. It was so peaceful, I loved that it felt as if we had our own small private section of the lake for ourselves to just swim and watch the sunset. Let me also not forget that Del Rio has the oldest winery in Texas! You are welcomed to go in there and do a little wine tasting or just relax while you have a chat with a glass of wine by your side. It doesn’t get better than this.

Although I was only there for a short weekend, I fell in love with Del Rio. From their amazing history, to the wine, to the lake, to the food, to their love for their art, it was all beautiful. What made the experience even better was that the environment was so peaceful and calm. All in all, I would definitely love to go back and relive this weekend all over again.

Top Things We Are Looking Forward to in 2021

Every year around this time, the motto “new year, new me,” would pop up everywhere. The sentiments of being able to leave behind bad habits, tiring lifestyles, and any sources of negativity in 2020 is one that I find myself gravitating towards. No matter how optimistic I tried to be last year, 2020 was definitely a year packed with a rollercoaster of emotions that left me feeling drained. With new energy, new mentality, and a new set of resolutions, here are some things, activities, and events that I am personally looking forward to this year!

Starting a New Planner and Journal

Over quarantine, I saw this tweet where someone really nailed how I felt. The text spoke about how disconnected everyone feels from reality as the minutes, hours, and days are all blurred together. And that cannot be more real. Throughout the past year, each day grew to become monotonous. Even with daily tasks, classes, and new Tik Tok videos that occupied my mind space, 2020 could’ve ended in March for all I knew. With the upcoming year, I hope to keep my time on track and practice more mindfulness and intentionality with the things that I do.

And as a part of that effort, I invested in an Erin Condren LifePlanner along with a Dotted Notebook from Archer & Olive.

One of my New Year’s resolution for this year was to actively reflect on each day whether it be a couple sentences, bullet points, or just jotting down cool ideas that crossed my mind throughout the day. I purchased one of the duo-life planners from Erin Condren for more practical uses such as keeping track of academic and work deadlines, daily to-do lists, among other shenanigans. While I attempt a free style bujo journal, which is this big DIY trend where you basically design your own planner/reflection notebook. I am challenging myself to write EVERYTHING down, whether it be my 2021 resolutions, monthly/weekly goals, or just thoughts. I think with time passing by the way that it is, I just really wanted to keep a record of how I felt and my experiences throughout the year. And who knows, 3 years, 10 years, or 20 years down the line, it might be cool to be able to see your own development through your own words.

New FOOD Places to Try

I recently tapped back into the development of the Austin food scene and I didn’t realize how much was going on even during the midst of the pandemic. I’ve been scrolling through Instagram to see what new openings were happening this year and here are some that I am really really excited for.

  1. Sazan Ramen: This is a new ramen shop next to Airport Blvd and I’ve just seen way too many pictures and rave reviews about this on Instagram and Yelp. Everyone’s been saying how great the service, interior design, and more importantly the flavor. All the reviews are saying how creamy and rich the broth is without it being too heavy. Some even said that Sazan heightens the ramen competition in Austin. After reading and seeing all these pictures, how could I not want to try.
  2. Sweet Green: I have never heard of Sweet Green before in my life. However, it is a new restaurant that recently opened on The Drag on the UT campus, my campus, so it is officially on my radar. Based on the descriptions that I have seen, it seems like a super healthy version of Chipotle which I am not opposed of.
  3. JJIM – Korean Braised BBQ: This is one of my most highly highly anticipated openings for 2021. I’ve had way too many trips leaving Carrollton with insane jealousy because they have like 50 million KBBQ options. So I am extremely excited to see another authentic KBBQ shop open up in Austin.

Becoming More Active Through Blogilates

Honestly, this has always been a goal or resolution that I set for myself every single year but it hasn’t always been followed through consistently. However, this year will be different…hopefully. Blogilates is an online fitness channel that combines traditional pilates move with cardio and weights. I have been following Cassey Ho’s journey from the very beginning with her abs, legs, butt workout videos on Youtube, but recently she launched her merchandise at Target AND released a fitness app this year. I downloaded the app on January 1st and have been desperately trying to keep up with her 21-day toning challenge that she released for this month. Apparently, it takes around 21 days for something to become a habit and for this month, she challenged all her followers to be active for at least 21 minutes for 21 days.

Embark on New Austin Adventures

Despite living in Austin for a majority of my life, I realized that I haven’t been much of an Austinite at all. So, another one of my resolutions is to live the Austin life as a tourist by hitting up all the major hot spots for new and old Austinites.

  1. Ziplining over Lake Travis:  This one definitely takes a lot of guts that I don’t even know if I have. I didn’t even know that this was an option initially but there’s this hour-long zipline that you can take across the entire Lake Travis and it just sounds like views for days.
  2. Paddle Boarding or Kayaking: This is a classic that I am ashamed to have not tried. Generally, open water scares me but it definitely one of those things where once you’re there, you’ll just remember the fun instead of the fear.
  3. Take pictures at all the major murals: I see these everywhere, but I have never took a picture in front of any of them. This seems super cheesy but there’s honestly so many beautiful art displays and murals hidden everywhere around Austin so it’ll be really cool to do a collage of all the ones that you pass by on your Austin Adventures.

Greetings From Austin – 1720 S. First St.
You’re My Butter Half – 2000 E. MLK Jr. Blvd.
I Love You So Much – 1300 S. Congress Ave.
Jeremiah the Innocent Frog – West 21st Street and Guadalupe Street

New Shows & Movies  

One of my favorite ways to pass time is to binge. I literally have such an unhealthy habit of binging watching and binge reading. And lucky for me, 2021 is a year filled with new releases of shows, movies, book around the world. Here are a few things that are on my watch list for this upcoming year.


Attack on Titan: The Final Season

Love Alarm Season 2:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17

Promised Neverland: Season 2

The Queen’s Gambit

Trailer Link:


Raya and the Last Dragon

A Quiet Place Part II

Black Widow

My personal focus for this year is centered around personal growth. I think that with quarantine, it is very easy to feel stuck in one place as we’re mainly in the same environment around the same people. So this year, I challenge myself and all Texas Tasty users to try something new this year. This could be anything from starting a new hobby, new skincare routine, new outdoor activity, eat at a restaurant that you’ve never been to, or even something as simple as trying out a new brand of toothpaste. Let’s shed off 2020 and start anew in 2021!

Foxy’s Proper Pub In Austin, Texas

Foxy’s Proper Pub opens Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day — It’s difficult to grasp that downtown Austin has been missing an Irish pub. Foxy’s has been on my radar to visit despite the recent opening. Mostly to see how they would fulfill the expectations of executing a popular concept but making it unique to the downtown scene.

I had my pre-conceived notion of what to expect from a “typical” Irish pub. As soon as I walked in, the gasps heard from my friend and I showed that those assumptions were proven wrong. It was one of the best pubs in Austin tx.

The Backstory

Aesthetics is key to my first impressions and Foxy’s did not leave me underwhelmed. Immediately, you see the bar and its backdrop, which I later learned was inspired by the library in Trinity College. I later met with Benjamin, the manager of Foxy’s, who shared the story of Foxy’s concept and how it came to vision.

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Foxy’s is owned by next-door neighbor Cedar Door. Benjamin humbly shared how he pitched the idea of turning the space into an Irish pub. As he gave me a tour, he mentioned how it was formerly an Italian restaurant. But as your eyes indulge in every detail, traces of its past are left behind. 
The statement piece that will be soon associated with Foxy’s is a colossal Jameson chandelier. Built by the father of Cedar Door’s manager, Brittany, this piece of art hangs over a lounge area adjacent to the bar. The simplicity of the chandelier adds elegance to the space but eliminates pretentiousness so that everyone feels welcome yet has an elevated atmosphere to enjoy.

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Before continuing the tour, I got myself a glass of Guinness. Fun fact: Did you know the proper pour for Guinness is 119 seconds?

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As we continued the tour, we ventured upstairs where the spaces were more intimate. Benjamin shared that many of the furniture pieces are vintage. They wanted to put an old-world feel while remaining modern. It reminded me of a renovated DUMBO industrial warehouse which I swoon for. 

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Foxy’s Pub beauty continued to amaze. As we stepped outside I was greeted by a balcony area adorned with plush sofas and a beautiful courtyard that is dog friendly. 

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As my tour came to a wrap, my hunger came to starvation as I peered around looking at what others ordered. I asked Benjamin what their staples were and we decided on Scotch Egg, Fish & Chips, and Cottage Pie.

Foxy’s Pub Food

Fish & Chips is one of my favorite things to eat and I quickly recognized that theirs is unique. An accidental test in the kitchen led to their secret weapon of how to differentiate their Fish & Chips. The secret? A malt vinegar brine and pair it with curry ketchup. 

Scotch Egg was something I’ve always yearned to try. What is better than breakfast in hand? A sausage wrapped soft boil egg, it’s rich and decadent and paired with citrus arugula salad and horseradish aioli

Of course, a visit to an Irish pub is not complete without a cottage pie or rendition of an Irish stew. Their cottage pie was perfectly saucy but substituted with beef because we know Texans love their cows. Paired with cheddar mashed potatoes, this dish is rich enough to share for two.

Other highlights on their menu include citrus in-house cured Smoked Salmon, Dubliner Potato Skins, Irish breakfast (served all day!), and Bangers and Champs where the meat is sourced locally from Hudson Meat Market. 

Our last cocktail paired with dinner was Causeway Coupe (Tullamore dew, lemon, star anise honey) and Foxy’s Coffee (Jameson, coffee, Guinness whipped cream). That Guinness whip cream was out of this world and can easily be a dessert cocktail for those fancying something sweet. Foxy’s will soon be offering their Foxy’s Coffee, a frozen cocktail as we look forward to enjoying the spring and summer weather.

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What I love about Foxy’s is the come-as-you-are attitude they exude. They created a casual yet elevated space for people to enjoy a drink and gather with friends and family over food. Whether you’re in for dinner or to kick back from sunset into the evening, I highly recommend Foxy’s Proper Pub, this place should be your next stop.

Billie Eilish – The World’s A Little Blurry

Billie Eilish’s documentary offers an intimate look inside the popstar’s rise to global stardom. Over the past few years, Billie Eilish: The world’s a little blurry documentary was capturing every monumental moment of Eilish’s life leading up to the release of her debut album, When we all fall asleep, where do we go? The film is directed by R.J Cutler and is available on Apple TV+. In the opening scene, the audience can see an enthusiastic 13 year old Eilish hearing her hit song Ocean eyes on the radio for the first time and fast-forwarding three years later in 2018 as she embodies the characteristics of a pop star.


The documentary captures the unity of a supportive family that is taking on the same journey as they guide Eilish on her new profound fame. Growing up in a musical family, she best described her family as one big song in influencing her love of music. With the help of her brother Finneas who was the producer and composer for Eilish’s album, let fans get an inside look at the process of recording an album that took place inside his childhood bedroom. The creative process involved her notebook, where she sketches her artistic ideas like drawing random monsters and pulling the inspiration to write the song, bury a friend. Eilish was committed to sharing her narrative in being vulnerable in showing moments on how she balances being a teenager and a musician.

“Having these things I was never planning on talking about, sharing, or anyone seeing, put them away and I really had to look at it from third person, it was me probably being the most selfless that I ever been. I had to tell myself don’t be selfish let this movie be the movie it is and don’t lie about what your life was, there’s was a ton going on at the time that isn’t in the film but also you don’t want have a false narrative, this was my life,” said Eilish on an Apple Tv+ live premiere event.

The Rise

Living her authentic life involves challenges in having the pressure from people telling her to sing songs that are accessible for anyone. She makes it clear that she sings dark lyrical songs because that how she feels. Eilish knows her own persona in what she wants in her own artistic vision.

In a scene, Eilish is signing a contract to become a director for her music videos. This is one out of many ways Eilish is taking charge of the world she is creating. Embracing her uniqueness with having green hair, wearing hip-hop style of clothing, and the dark pop music she sings makes her stand-out.

“People are always like you know, it’s so dark, like have happy music, I’m like but I never feeling happy so why would I write about things I don’t know about. I feel the dark things, I feel them very strongly, so why would I not talk about them.” said Eilish.

The documentary captures Eilish’s personal struggles with recovering from her ankle injury, her relationship, and valuing herself as a person. The journey also shows the highlights of her career, with Eilish’s album going number one and winning five Grammy awards including album of the year. Her success story goes to show that anything is possible and fans can look inside her blurry world to find inspiration or can relate to her on a personal level.

Spring 2021 Best Things You Can Do In Austin

The city of Austin is known for being original, authentic and eccentric and these traits translate to their dining options. Austin has some of the best and most diverse food in the country. From luxury desserts to mouth watering Tex-Mex, every restaurant in the city has its own unique flare. The best restaurants in Austin, though, are those not sought out by tourists, but by the locals. You can find a fancy “experimental” cuisine place in any big city in the U, but what gives these places their culture are the local hotspots. 

Cabo Bob’s 

This local Mexican restaurant has one location in Houston and San Antonio but got its start on Rio Grande St in Austin. The several flavors of homemade tortillas (buttermilk flour, cilantro tomatillo flour, smoky cheddar flour, etc) make tacos or a burrito must have items. The restaurant itself oozes Austin from its pores with its individualized, yet homey feel and delicious food options ranging from a burrito bowl to nachos.


Located next to Lake Austin, Mozart’s is a coffee shop known for its classic ambiance and innovative coffee. Personally, the caramel macchiato and Texas pecan coffee cake with cinnamon sugar streuselis are must haves when visiting the shop. Not only is their menu expansive and delicious, but the breathtaking view of the lake makes the whole trip worth it. During the winter, the restaurant sets up festive lights and attractions to ring in the holiday season. 

Cafe Two Hands

Austin | Hours + Location | Two Hands

This cafe is a nice little spot on South Congress. Originally a NY based Australian cafe, Two Hands opened in fall of 2020 and has already established itself as a must go to brunch spot. The menu ranges from acai bowls to avocado toast to lamb tortas. The highlight for my friends and I when we visited Two Hands was the hash browns, which are gluten free, vegan, and cooked to perfection. 

Phil’s Ice House

Our Menu

With three locations in Austin, Phil’s Ice House really is the happiest burger joint in Texas. Phil’s is very family friendly, with an Amy’s Ice Cream next door to every location. The burger joint is a great spot for locals with its all American juicy burgers and classic Texas feel. A personal favorite on the menu is their Mini Burger Sampler Basket, where you can try any three of their specialty burgers with a side of your choice. 

Home Slice Pizza

About - Home Slice Pizza

Home Slice Pizza serves authentic NY style pizzas and has dubbed itself the “queen of pies’. Whether you are at the North Loop or South Congress locations, Home Slices offers exceptional pizza with a neighborhood feel. My first visit had me going for seconds and is a cute place for people to gather for great food and conversation. During the election, Home Slice encouraged their customers to exercise their right to vote by promising that every person who came in with an “I Voted” sticker would get a free piece of pizza.

Don’s Japanese Kitchen

Don Japanese Kitchen Opens New Restaurant on West Campus - Eater Austin
Image from Austin Eater

You know a food truck is good when there is a 30 minute line outside of it. Don’s Japanese Kitchen is definitely worth the wait though, with menu items ranging from classic chicken teriyaki to the veggie king with don fries. Located in UT’s West Campus on 23rd St, Don’s Japanese Kitchen brings authenticity back to Japanese food and leaves customers fully satisfied post meal. Make sure you show up early as the truck sells out almost everyday due to the high demand. 

10 Most Famous Texas Recipes

In Texas, everything is bigger, better and will probably add some extra calories into your diet. But if you don’t mind that, neither do we. Here’s a list of some Texas staples to put on your plate and don’t forget your cast-iron skillet.


Declared the official state dish of Texas in 1977, Texas chili differs from most others as there are no beans. Chili cook-offs are a time-honored Texan tradition bringing together the best of what flavor has to offer. Cook like the pros from these recipes from The Dallas Morning News and don’t forget the cornbread.

Frito Pie

Extend the life on your leftover chili for this crowd-pleaser tailgating dish or side. Throw in cheese, onion and Fritos to create this simple meal to serve one or all.

Corn Dogs

A State Fair and Rodeo staple, a good corn dog can make any adult feel like a kid again. Upgrade your cookouts this summer with this simple addition to your hot dogs. Also, if you’re in Austin to spend your vacations and have a craving for corn dogs, then you should visit Oh K-Dog located in Austin.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I always leave a good pulled pork sandwich to the barbeque masters in Texas, but if you’re willing to marinate and slow cook it yourself look no further. Pair the sandwich with Texas toast, a coleslaw and baked beans for a filling truly Lone Star meal.

King Ranch Chicken

Sharing a name with the famous King Ranch, one of the largest in the world, nothing can beat this Tex-Mex combo. Similar to a casserole, this cheesy, chili-filled dish eaten with tortilla chips is sure to fill you up. 

King Ranch Chicken Casserole Recipe | Allrecipes

Chicken-Fried Steak

No chicken to be found here, but some heavy breading creates the chicken-fried effect on these steaks. Either trust the pros at Austin bars and southern restaurants or if you’re up to the challenge this fan-favorite can be made at home.

Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy Recipe | Ree Drummond | Food Network


It wouldn’t be a top 10 list without a margarita recipe on the list. For most Texans, margaritas are their own food group whether frozen or on-the-rocks. Everyone has their own take on what to add, but for a base recipe check out Texas Monthly’s.

Best Margarita Recipe - How To Make Margarita

Ranch Waters

Another Texas summer staple to keep you cool along a river, lake, beach or pool is the ranch water. Buy ready-to-drink ranch waters from your local grocery store or make it yourself with some sparkling water and tequila.

Lone River Beverage Company | Ranch Water Hard Seltzer Made with 100% Agave  and Natural Lime Juice

Pecan Pie

It’s never a true Texan holiday without Pecan Pie at the dessert table. While many regard Goode Company’s Pecan Pie as the best in Texas, you can always make it yourself at home with this Southern Living recipe.

Decadent Pecan Pie Recipe -

Peach Cobbler

A summertime staple, peach cobblers with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream is what defined my childhood. While most families pass their recipes down, this recipe provides a quick sugar fix to impress your guests.

Peach Cobbler for Two Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home