More to Do on East Riverside: Mour Cafe + Pantry

East Riverside in Austin, Texas is saturated with construction projects, as more businesses and housing reinvents the area. Mour Café + Pantry popped up in 2016, just as new development began to change the dynamic of East Riverside Drive. Mour Café serves brunch, lunch, and dinner items, in a bright and contemporary space.

Mour Café is a farm-to-table restaurant that sources the majority of its ingredients from local farms. For example, they source their meat from Rosewood Ranch, which is featured across the menu – from the pork belly in the fried rice to the bavette steak. Additionally, the owners just opened a brand-new spot, a sister taqueria up near Pflugerville called Amorcito Corazon.

Mour Café really is a unique spot. The entrance to the restaurant is a quant grocery store where you can also purchase lattes and teas. There is a massive wall of wine that separates the shop from the restaurant. My favorite spot is on the patio. It is enclosed with walls of vines adorned with flowers, with comfortable stained wood seating. The staff is very friendly, and I had the opportunity to try a multitude of dishes on their lunch menu, all of which were delicious.

The watermelon frosé is perfectly balanced and I could really taste the fresh watermelon in the drink. It has a chili salt rim and is super refreshing on the warm winter day I visited.  The poke bowl is picturesque, it’s a heaping portion of bright ahi tuna, with tricolored quinoa, mango, greens, avocado, and fresh veggies. The grilled chicken sandwich has sundried tomato pesto, applewood bacon, mozzarella, and honey mustard – it honestly tastes like pizza. Be sure to order a side of the horseradish sauce to dip your fries in, it’s a creamy sauce with fresh dill and a kick!

My favorite dish is the Tlayuda. It is a giant tostada the size of a pizza, that actually came out on a pizza pan. It was topped with chorizo, asiento, black beans, cabbage, radishes, tomato, avocado and queso Oaxaca. It came with a spicy green sauce, which I personally want a bottle of.

I will definitely be returning to Mour Café for their happy hour, and because I really want to try their Texas Wagyu Steak from the dinner menu. It’s a different kind of lunch spot, every item on the menu I tried was hearty and delicious, without trying too hard, without the extra frills or intricate garnishes. I highly recommend checking out Mour Café + Pantry, whether you dine-in or take it to go, they’re sure to impress.

Bad Bunny- #1 Album in the World

“Hey Siri, play the number one album in the world”. “No problem, here’s El Último Tour Del Mundo by Bad Bunny”. You heard it here folks, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, made history recently by being the first All-Spanish No.1 Album to debut at No.1 on Billboard 200 Charts. This accomplishment has only occurred four other times, and even then, those albums have only reached top five never number one. This man has not only accomplished this great achievement in Latinx history, but since the beginning of 2020, has released two other albums. Not many artists can say that they have done what Ocasio has done recently. His two other albums also charting the Billboard 200 this year, at number 9 for “YHLQMDLG” and number 7 for “Las Que No Iban a Salir”. 

Singing isn’t the only skill that Bad Bunny has, recently he came out with two commercials one, including famous rapper Snoop Dogg in a Corona beer commercial, and the other in collaborations with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in creating a new campaign called “Deja Tu Huella” which translates to leave your flame. The campaign revolves around the next generation to leave their mark in their culture, something Bad Bunny knows a lot about. Back in September, Ocasio included fashion to his name, collabing with Crocs in creating glow in the dark crocs with charms that coordinate with his image. Although at this time the shoes are sold out, you can sign up for an email alert to let you know when the company will be restocking. Besides the usual advertisements most artists participate in, Benito is brushing up on his acting skills even more and adding to his resume. The reggaeton artist is to be playing the role “ Arturo (Kitty) Paez” in Season 3 of Narcos: Mexico which is predicted to release in May 2021, but nothing has been confirmed on this date yet. 

With so many new albums and songs to listen to while staying at home, there’s too many songs to pick which is one’s favorite. I took the liberty to rank my top 10 songs from all three albums. 

10. PA’ ROMPERLA- When old school reggaeton Don Omar features on any song, it’s a must listen, I mean have you listened to ‘Bandoleros’? ‘Dile’? 

9. BYE ME FUI -A great song for that ex that keeps trying to come back into your life, but you’re over that. Don’t worry Benito is always there to reassure you that you are way better without them, you do you and keep on doing so you’re never a second choice. 

8.RONCA FREESTYLE-Within the lyrics you hear how far Bad Bunny has come along to become farther than reach for his competitors, where at the same time gloating in some way all that he’s accomplished by also referencing other non-music artists of their historic careers. 

7. La Santa -To be able to listen the combination of old reggaeton vs new in one upbeat song is crazy to experience, especially when Bad Bunny has mentioned in ‘Desde el Corazon’ how grateful he is to have idols like Daddy Yankee himself to look up to when he first started out and now sing alongside him is almost like a dream come true

6.Yo Perreo Sola – there isn’t a specific word to sum up this song except you won’t see me sitting down when this song is playing

5. P FKN R- Much like his other songs, I enjoy how Ocasio always pays tribute to his roots each time in a different way, where here, he’s literally shouting out his home. 

4. MALDITA POBREZA- This song screams MOOD!!! As a broke college student who just wants to give the world to all her loved ones and close friends, this screams me. 

3. Bichiyal- From the get-go, this song gives you Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift vibes. It makes even more sense if you’ve seen the music video for the song, where the first scene is literally a souped-up red Toyota Mark II drifting and racing in the streets of Japan. You again dive into the world of drag racing and JDM culture and Benito, like always adds a twist and includes the sexism within the racing culture, to add on, the title also plays a huge role behind the lyrics.

2. Safaera – with the similar energy as Yo Perreo Sola, Safaera is a bit cleaner in the lyrical sense, but continues to scream Yo hago lo que me da la gana!

1. BOOKER T- from the beginning starting off with a head banging vibe, he never fails to mention something outside the music world in any song within his album (‘Yo Perreo Sola’ where he mentions Netflix character Nairobi from Casa de Papel) now it’s the WWE wrestler Booker T, but we can’t forget the bit of narcissism that he leaves towards the end of the short two-minute song (Hint: check out minute 1:40 and you’ll understand). 

*Bonus not in any of the albums 

Desde el Corazon- although a short two-minute song, it shows such appreciation Benito has for his roots and what he has grown into now which is what fans, including myself, enjoy about his music so much, he cares about his roots and at the same time continues to change the norms for the latinx culture while continuing to stay humble.

To listen to any discography of Bad Bunny, check out your local music service, and/ or go watch his latest music video, Hoy Cobré which also features Snoop Dogg.

Taylor Swift’s Favorite Dinner Party Recipes

Here’s a fun fact about me, I am a huge Taylor Swift fan since the Speak Now era. When I was 14, listening to her album religiously, I fell in love with her lyrical storytelling and became a die heart Swiftie instantly. Throughout the years, listening to every album, watching countless interviews, and following Swift on social media, I have noticed Swift doesn’t shy away from expressing her love of cooking.

Last year, Swift did an in-depth interview with ELLE magazine where she talks about the 30 lessons she learned before turning 30. Lesson 10 happened to list her three favorite dinner party recipes which are Ina Garten’s Real Meatballs and Spaghetti, Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Fajitas with Mole Sauce, and Nigella Lawson’s Mughlai Chicken. So, of course, I decided, to try two of the recipes that stood out to me.

Ina Garten’s Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

The first recipe I try is Ina Garten’s classic spaghetti and meatballs. There are so many reasons to be excited about this recipe – hard to mess up, the ingredients for this dish are easy to find at the store and you can’t go wrong with pasta -it’s always a hit at a party. The first thing to do is, I highly recommend is to play your favorite Taylor Swift album, I suggest listening to her recent new album “Evermore” it will help you get into the groove of cooking like T-Swift.

Next, grab all your ingredients! It may seem like a lot of ingredients for a simple spaghetti and meatballs dish but this recipe calls for a homemade sauce and I do recommend making the sauce from scratch. You won’t be disappointed if you do decide to make the sauce but whatever you decide the outcome will be delicious.

To prepare the ground beef, I throw all the meatball ingredients into a large bowl and delicately mix them all together. Once the meat is seasoned, I roll my meatballs to golfball size, making 14 meatballs from one pound of ground beef.

Next, I blend olive oil and vegetable oil in a pan on medium-low heat, then cover the pan with a pan cover and let the meatballs cook for 10 minutes. Moving the meatballs around with a fork on each side for about three minutes is challenging because if I was not careful the meatballs can easily fall apart. Thankfully that didn’t happen and the meatballs cooked perfectly.

Making the sauce from scratch was intimidating at first but it wasn’t too hard. Once all the ingredients are combined it’s smooth sailing – I placed the meatballs into the sauce, cover the top, and let it cook for another 25-30 minutes. After the sauce and the meatballs cook, pour everything on top of your delicious pasta. You can add some parsley, basil, or cheese to garnish your plate of spaghetti.

I give Swift five stars for choosing and making a flavorful dish to serve her guest. The meatballs were moist and flavorful, and the sauce was tangy and had a rich flavor of tomato.

Jamie Oliver’s Fajitas

The next, I tried Jamie Oliver’s fajitas and the most intriguing part of this recipe was not making the mole from scratch in adding the dark chocolate with chopped tomatoes combing the ingredients together to make one sauce but it was garnishing the taco with natural yogurt instead of sour cream. I have never thought of topping my taco with yogurt before but either way, I was ready for it.

The most time-consuming part of this recipe was chopping all the vegetables into shredded pieces. When I had the vegetable chopped, I followed the instructions to make the mole and made sure to leave everything allowed so the ingredients could simmer and cook together nicely. Once I added the dark chocolate, the sauce smoothed out perfectly. Once everything was ready, I like to add my chicken into my mole sauce, this is my personal favorite thing to do, by doing this I will taste more of the spices and the smokiness of the mole.

Now it is time to eat, never in my wildest dreams that topping natural yogurt on my taco, can be so flavorful and creamy. This might not sound appetizing at first but I highly recommend adding yogurt, it is way better than sour cream, plus it a healthier alternative. The mole sauce added such a nice pop of flavor to the spiced chicken and veggies. This recipe was delicious and is going to be a hit at your next party. I can see why it’s one of Taylor’s go-to party recipes.

Following Taylor Swift, party recipes were fun to cook and it added more flavor to your standard ordinary dishes. From these two incredible meals, my favorite was the classic spaghetti and meatballs. Of course, the sauce made the dish because I really tasted the natural flavors of the tomatoes, it was a thousand times better than from a process box/jar. The fajitas were mouth-watering delicious and will be the highlight of your party too. Overall, I can see why Taylor Swift uses these recipes when she hosts dinner parties since these dishes will make her guest come back for seconds. 

Christmas Tamales Recipe


  • 6 cups masa harina
  • 5 cups warm water or low-sodium chicken broth
  • 2 cups pork lard
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • Optional: 3 tablespoons onion powder
  • Optional: 2 tablespoons ground cumin
  • Optional: 3 tablespoons chili powder


  1. In a large mixing bowl mix the masa harina with the warm water or broth. Allow the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes to soften somewhat, then beat with an electric mixer on low speed until a dough forms. (You now have masa.)
  2. Sprinkle the salt, onion powder, cumin, and chili powder over the dough, if desired, and mix again until well combined.
  3. In a separate bowl, whip the lard with an electric mixer for about three minutes or until fluffy.
  4. Add the lard to the dough, beating in a little at a time, until well combined.
  5. Your masa should be about the consistency of peanut butter. If it’s too dry, mix in a little more water or broth; if your dough is too loose, add more masa harina until you get the desired texture.
  6. Use your masa immediately or cover and store it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Your tamale dough is ready when you’re ready to make tamales! 
  7. You’re done! Enjoy!

Overall, this recipe is really easy to make for friends and family, especially with the holidays here. This is the perfect recipe to relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different herbs and spices in your dough, especially if you have personal preferences or to complement the flavors in the filling.

evermore (A Review)

Releasing one full-length album during a pandemic is already impressive; doing it twice, however, is truly an admirable feat. Barely five months after surprise-dropping folklore, Taylor Swift gifted evermore, her ninth studio album, to the world.

“willow,” the first track, starts the album off on an upbeat note. With a chorus of “The more you say, the less I know / Wherever you stray, I follow / I’m begging for you to take my hand / Wreck my plans, that’s my man,” it’s reminiscent of casting a love spell on someone.

Swift collaborated with William Bowery, a pseudonym for her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, on “champagne problems,” “coney island” and “evermore.” “champagne problems” implies that a marriage proposal has sparked the epiphany that one’s relationship must end, incorporating themes of heartbreak, sadness and new beginnings with lyrics like “Your heart was glass, I dropped it” and “Sometimes you just don’t know the answer / ‘Til someone’s on their knees and asks you.”

“coney island,” which features rock band The National, is one of the album’s more emotional tracks, with lyrics evoking a sense of longing and highlighting the lows of relationships, where both sides wonder if they’ve put in enough effort.

“gold rush” is a track that addresses someone the narrator’s attracted to; however, because this person is so perfect, she believes she’ll end up as another face in the crowd. Thus, we can assume, through lyrics like “I don’t like that anyone would die to feel your touch / Everybody wants you / Everybody wonders what it would be like to love you” and “Eyes like sinking ships on waters / So inviting, I almost jump in,” that she’s hesitant to profess her feelings because she’s not the only one who desires him. 

“’tis the damn season” weaves together nostalgia and emotion and connects to the eighth track, “dorothea.” Dorothea, who left her hometown to chase bigger dreams, returns and enters into an intimate relationship with someone from her past.

In “dorothea,” someone from her town wonders whether she still thinks of her, singing, “It’s never too late / To come back to my side.” This overlap is similar to “betty,” “august” and “cardigan” on folklore.

“tolerate it” tells of a woman in an unhappy marriage, whose husband doesn’t appreciate her. Swift sings, “I know my love should be celebrated / But you tolerate it” and “I made you my temple, my mural, my sky / Now I’m begging for footnotes in the story of your life.”

“no body, no crime,” featuring pop rock band HAIM, subtly reminds us of Swift’s country sound and signals a darker shift to the album. Through lyrics like “He reports his missing wife / And his mistress moved in,” and “I’ve cleaned enough houses to know how to cover up a scene / Good thing Este’s sister’s gonna swear she was with me / Good thing his mistress took out a big life insurance policy,” the narrator sings of avenging the murder of her friend Este after she confronted her cheating husband.

“happiness,” finished just a week before the album’s release, may deceive listeners with its title; rather, it’s about moving on from a failing relationship while simultaneously acknowledging the bits of joy that occurred.

We meet two other characters, “ivy” and “marjorie,” later in the album. “ivy” is about a married woman who finds herself having an affair, continuing the theme of infidelity found in “illicit affairs” on folklore. “marjorie” was inspired by Swift’s late grandmother, an opera singer.

“cowboy like me” is a fun song about two bandits who, despite not searching for love, fall for each other. “long story short” is very personal, talking about Swift’s growth since she was publicly demonized years ago and signaling an end to that tumultuous time in her career. It’s also an ode to Alwyn, her boyfriend, who’s continuously stuck by her through all the drama. “closure” appears to be about ending things on a bad note with a lover and rebuffing their attempts at reconciliation, as shown through the lyrics “Yes, I got your letter / Yes, I’m doing better.”

Indie folk band Bon Iver returns for the album’s conclusion, adequately titled “evermore.” The song deals with mental health and details the narrator’s transition from a period of deep depression to a path toward healing and hope.

Through these 15 tracks, Swift continues the vibe established in folklore and further emphasizes her transition from pop to alternative. evermore, which showcases her creativity and talent as a writer, is definitely worth more than one listen.


Food insecurity is not a taboo subject. In Travis County, nearly 20% of people lack consistent and adequate access to food. The holidays are synonymous with food, so this is a great time to name a few great resources if you’re in need of help! Pantries, food banks, and outposts are extremely COVID conscious right now, and many also let you request masks, sanitizer, and other health-related necessities to be placed in with your groceries.

There are dozens and dozens of places around Austin that exist to help you with food, so please don’t be scared to take advantage of them. On the other side of that- if you are reading this and you’re able to donate food, money, or time…PLEASE DO! Food resources like these wouldn’t be available if it weren’t for Texans helping Texans.

Here are a few resources open every day:

ATX Free Fridge Project

This is a community fridge where you can walk up and take what you need, or leave something for someone else to take. While there are all kinds of fresh produce and groceries, many people will even make food or package up yummy left overs for the fridge. Everything but raw meat is allowed, so this is a great treasure trunk to pull up to and grab some grub.

Central Texas Food Bank

CTFB is amazing and has multiple ways you can secure food. By going on their website you can find schedules for drive-thru pickups (3 left in December), mobile food pantries (every day), and a bunch of other locations you can pick up food. They will load you up with nearly 28 lbs of it at each pickup, and can even help you apply for benefits like SNAP. CTFB experienced an over 200% increase in first-time visitors since the pandemic began, and they are ready to help you, too.

UT Outpost

If you are a UT student, I am begging you to take advantage of this amazing resource. You just have to be enrolled and fill out a super quick form choosing your pickup time. You then go to the contactless pickup zone (in the building behind SSB) and grab a bag labeled with your ID number. It has all kinds of food in it, and you can even request one free meal voucher to use at a campus dining hall. Due to winter break, UT students will be allowed 2 pickups in both December and January from the Outpost.

Here’s a list of more resources. A great tip is that many churches have pantries, and they are easy to find online with just a search!

Micah 6 Food Pantry

Thursdays 6-7pm and Saturdays 10:30-11:30am

Westover Food Pantry and Assistance

Saturdays 9-11am

Hope Food Pantry

Thursdays and Fridays 9-10:30am

St. John Community Food Center

Wednesdays 9-11am

While these are just a few places you can get access to free food and personal hygiene/ health products, we live in a big city where there is lots of help to go around. If you stop by one of these places, don’t be afraid to ask what else they can do for you or where else they might know of that you can find additional help. Go get yourself some food and have a Happy Holiday… not a hungry Holiday!

A Little Light For Your Quarantine Holidays

December is always one of my favorite time of the year. Not only is it one of the rare seasons that Texas actually experiences but the vibes are just different. Everyone is just a little bit happier, with more laughter and warmth in the air. One of the holiday staples that quite literally light up Austin includes the various light shows. Even during this pandemic there are still plenty of drive-thru and socially distanced options available for you to embark on this holiday season!

Trail of Lights at Zilker Park

2020 marks the 56th year of the Annual Trail of Lights. One of the most beloved and most anticipated light shows has now become a drive-thru event to ensure that all Austinites can still experience the joy of the holiday spirit while keeping their friends and families safe. The trail features over 2 millions lights, with hundreds of holiday theme displays.

Availability: November 28, 2020 – January 3, 2021

Ticket Price:

  • General Vehicle Entry: $25- $35 with fees varies based on time, entry starting at 7pm-10pm
  • Premium Vehicle Entry: ~$72 with fees
  • Dash Passes: ~$60 allows for early entry starting from 5:45pm – 7:00pm and cookies for passengers
  • Fun Run Add-ons: ~$19 with fees

Event Calendar:

For more Information:

Peppermint Parkway at Circuit of America

Peppermint Parkway' holiday drive-thru experience coming to COTA |

Pepper and Mint are on their way to deliver letters to Santa Claus in hopes of getting gifts underneath their tree. In order to do that, they must go through COTA’s tunnel road with various stations and entertainment. This is drive-thru events allows you the opportunity to drive on the renowned circuit tracks while enjoying the holiday spirit with two cute mascots.

Availability: November 27, 2020 – January 3, 2021

Ticket Price:

  • Parkway Admission (general): ~$25 per vehicle smaller than an SUV
  • Candy Cane Cruise (general admission and track lap): ~$60 per vehicle
  • Polar Express Fast Pass (general + skip line): ~$75 per vehicle
  • The Sweetest Deal (all of the above): ~$90 per vehicle


  • COTALAND: Beyond just the drive thru lightshows, a small amusement park will be open available to the public outside of COTA’s Grand Plaza. This includes a special meet and greet with the mascots, Ferris wheels, games, train rides, along with food and entertainment.
  • COTA Karting: If you’re a thrill seeker, check out the COTA Karting option with karts going up to speeds of 55mph on the tracks. This does require advance booking for availability. Ticket prices are around $35 per person for a 45 minute race.
  • Zipline: Get the opportunity to soar through the sky above the COTA tracks on your visit to Peppermint Parkway. Tickets are around $8-$12 with a purchase of COTA Karting.

For More Information:

Mozart’s Light Show

Want a light show next to an astounding view of the lake? Then Mozart’s COVID Cautious Light Show is the show for you. Much like any other year, Mozart’s Coffee would embellish the entirety of their outdoor seating area with thousands of lights synced up to all the holiday bops that you can think of, and this year isn’t any different. Through a reservation-based system, you can book tickets and reserve a table for up to 6 people to enjoy the show with your friends and family.

Availability: November 11, 2020 – January 7, 2021 with reservations from 6pm-11pm


  • General Admission: $10/table for parties up to 6 people. You may only reserve up to 6 tables/per day. Each admission is up to a hour.

For More Information:

Luminations at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Luminations at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – Do512 Family

If you prefer more of a calm, serene feel of the holiday season, check out the Luminations show that allows for a casual stroll through its scenic paths in the Wildflower Center. The entirety of the outdoor botanical oasis will be decked out with lights and music. This is the first time that it has been available to the public and remains open through safe socially distance measures in place. This features a 1-mile path through the Texas Arboretum with lights that illuminate the entire path. You can also order from their Wildflower Café for treats to take with you along the path.

Availability: November 27, 2020 – January 3, 2021 from 6:00pm-9:00pm. (Members only on Mondays, closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day)


  • Ages 0-4: Free
  • Ages 5-17: $10 ($5 for members)
  • Ages 18+” $18 ($13 for members)

For More Information:

Domain Shopping Center

Holiday Fun For The Whole Family At The Domain + Santa Pictures [Giveaway]  |

This isn’t an official light show or anything but every year, Domain does an amazing job in decorating their outdoor area to fit the Holiday season. Whether it is the thousands of lights that are wrapped around the trees and bushes along every walkway or the iconic Christmas tree outside of Macy’s, taking a stroll or shopping through Domain will not leave you short of any holiday spirit. With the biggest perk, it’s completely free! You can enjoy the holiday energy at your own pace and have delicious restaurants and sweet holiday discounts in any direction that you decide to take.


It is no secret Austin, Texas is known for our food scene. Whether you are craving a vegan kolache for breakfast from Batch or a fresh pretzel from Easy Tiger’s award winning bakery, the options are unlimitedly delicious. Now, Los Angeles is trying to get in on some of the action by migrating fan favorite eats and west coast flair kitchens down south. Here are some swanky new places with a Hollywood feel and a 512 zip code.


Sweetgreen Hikes Prices to Offset Higher Wages, Better Benefits - Eater

An establishment known for their wide variety of bougie and delectable salads, Sweetgreen has found a new home deep in South Congress. Even the place itself is decadent, with retro neon signs and a colorful eye-stopping mural. Sweetgreen will also soon open a second Austin location on Guadalupe Street, right across from the University of Texas Campus. 

SunLife Organics

Known for their superfood smoothies & fresh juices, SunLife can also be found on South Congress, as a part of the quickly expanding Music Lane development.  The ingredients used in their juices and smoothies are all organic or foraged, and SunLife also offers a variety of acai bowls and coffees. Born out of a lot of hard work and self-healing, SunLife is meant to love, heal, and inspire everyone who walks through their door.


Los Angeles Coffee Shop Alfred Makes Its Austin Debut - Eater Austin

I cannot, cannot! recommend this place more. Alfred’s Coffee can be located inside the Line Hotel on Ceasar Chavez St. – meaning yes, you can sip on one of their world famous iced vanilla lattes while basking in the beautiful views of Town Lake. Austin is the only city outside of LA Alfred’s can be found, and has quickly become an integrated Austinite by collaborating with other Austin crowd favorites such as Fronk’s Milk to make their heavenly drinks.

Reunion 19

Made for the taco lover, Reunion 19 can be found in East Austin across the street from Flat Track Coffee. Created by 4 Los Angeles chefs – one of who was a semifinalist on Netflix’s The Final Table – you can trust the food served on your plate was curated to taste exquisite. Two of the chef’s, Christopher Haydostian and Esdras Ochoa, initially went to Mexico for research in aspirations of learning how to serve meals as delicious as the carne asada Haydostian consumed during his childhood in L.A. Tacos made from passion – what more could you want?

What Your Imposter Anthem is Based on the Color You Main in Among Us

  1. Red: Smells Blood by Kensuke Ushio (Devilman Crybaby Soundtrack)

Listen, you play Red because you WANT to be an imposter, right? There’s no way that you’re trying to be the most innocent person in the room. That’s why this iconic track from Devilman Crybaby is probably playing in your head each time you’ve gotten the honor to play imposter. There’s fun to the evil you love to be, and a hint of dramatic flair.

  1. Blue: Tantrum by Ashnikko

You don’t always like to play imposter, but when you do you do it to have a good time. You’re almost never suspected based on color and that makes you an incredibly good liar: you’re in the zone. Therefore, your fake apologeticness when you win the game has you feeling like Ashnikko in “Tantrum”. You ARE that person, and you own it.

  1. Dark Green: Nowhere to Run by Stegosaurus Rex

You’re the most relaxed person in the group, and you just want to be a crewmate. However, when you’re imposter, that relaxed air about you makes you unlikely to be a suspect, and you’re thinking that your victims will have “Nowhere to Run.” You’re going to complete your goals, and you’re going to be the most relaxed and honest sounding person doing it as the electronic sounds by Stegosaurus Rex play in your headphones when you’re muted.

  1. Pink: When I Rule the World by LIZ

You like to look innocent, even when you’re not. You’re probably really good at using strategies to commit your crimes, and you just want to dominate the game. Having this premeditated game plan, coupled with an inner killer, makes me think of “When I Rule the World” by LIZ. 

  1. Orange: Don’t Make Me by MALINDA

Orange, you never want to be the killer. You just want to be a crewmate and are probably incredibly wholesome. However, when you’re put in the unfortunate situation to kill your friends in the game, you just try your best to separate and keep yourself under wraps.  That’s why “Don’t Make Me” by MALINDA is the song that you’re going to enjoy: you don’t want to be the bad guy, but you will be if necessary.

  1. Yellow: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

You’re TOO good at hiding in plain sight. Nobody ever suspects yellow, and you’re incredibly good at shifting the blame to another person. You can probably also fake tasks really well. You’re a silent killer, so this throwback by Foster the People is the perfect song for you. Bonus if the pistol kill animation is your favorite. 

  1. Black: Whole Lotta Choppas by Sada Baby

You’re a lot like Red in that you hope to be an imposter, but you’re way less dramatic about it. You have an incredible amount of fun, and probably don’t care if you’re found out or not, but you definitely take advantage of the sabotage functions, and especially love to play with revenge on the mind. That’s why “Whole Lotta Choppas” is the song for you: no snitches will be left alive.

  1. White: I Disagree by Poppy

You have TOO much fun toying with people’s emotions during discussion. You’re going to shift the blame and be too good at it, even when you know it’s unfair. Poppy’s hardcore “I Disgaree” is the song for you because any accusations thrown your way will not hold despite you knowing that you’re the imposter.

  1. Purple: It’s Been So Long by The Living Tombstone

Don’t even try to deny that you’ve never played Five Nights at Freddie’s or were part of that fandom at some point in your life. You main Purple because you’re Purple Guy, so when you play imposter you love to think of the song “It’s Been So Long” by The Living Tombstone.

  1. Brown: Garbage by Tyler the Creator

Not many people play this color, but the people who do are silent killers. Unlike Yellow, you’re also probably really suspicious even when you don’t intend to be. For Brown, the quietly violent vibes in “Garbage” by Tyler the Creator are the ones that resonate the most with you.

  1. Cyan: Hayloft by Mother Mother

Your best friend in the game is probably Pink. You love to gain the trust of the other players before you commit the ultimate betrayal and kill them when they’re cornered and use the vents to run away from the scene of the crime as quickly as possible. Your fatal flaw is that you hate how good you are at the game, so when your innocence is called into question you’d be the first to say, “It was me. I’m sorry. Vote me off.” The fast paced way you play the game makes me think that your anthem is “Hayloft” by Mother Mother: you’re ready to kill and hope you don’t get caught.

  1. Neon Green: Kill EVERYBODY by Skrillex

You’re here for a good time, not a long time. You love to piggyback off other peoples wrong accusations to clear your name, and you love to sabotage O2 and Reactors to tire out your fellow crewmates and keep tasks from getting done. So Green, your imposter anthem is “Kill EVERYBODY” by Skrillex, because in the end you want to kill quickly, and cause the most trouble for everyone possible.

Austin Underground

Much like in every big city, you find and cherish the underground of different things that makes Austin so unique. If not, the hole in the wall restaurants, or the hidden trails, then for sure the up-and-coming bands that begin in Austin. Speaking of up-and-coming bands, I’d like to introduce you all to two specific bands that are becoming more popular as this year comes to a close. ‘Planet Plum’ and ‘Sleep Well.’ both two incredible bands consisting of college students who are more than a band when you get to know them. I had the lucky opportunity to chat with both bands and get familiar with who each member is and their lives within the band. Before we begin, a writer’s suggestion is to play the playlist attached below as you continue to read the interview. The playlist was created by one of the band members of Planet Plum, Reece Lord, who constructed a Spotify playlist of most of the local Austin area bands, who knows you may just find the next Surfaces while listening. 

Planet Plum, consisting of band members, Anna Ayres (drums), Andres Flores (keyboard), Reece Lord (lead guitarist), Patrick Behrens (bass), and Marco Mara (vocals and guitarist). As I sat with the group on zoom, I was able to find out how the band name came to play. “Plum was written on a piece of tape when I bought my Fender Stratocaster and then thought about creating a world with my guitar [plum] and music in general, hence Planet Plum” stated Mara. The band was formed thanks to the finding of mutuals and two out of the five being roommates. Speaking of roommates, this spirited band is getting their degree at the same time of booking gigs. Mara and Lord currently attend St. Edwards’ University studying business while Ayres is studying Audio Technology at Texas State who’s “excited to put [her] major into [their] new album on the recording aspect”. With the mention of education, the band expressed the balance of both school and the band. “Making time for our creativity is important for balancing” the band agreed collectively. 

Much like some of us, the members described their first time picking up their favorite instrument, both Mara and Ayres having a musical background and began to teach themselves how to play their instruments from YouTube, whereas Lord attend lessons and fell in love with the guitar thanks to rock legends like Nirvana and Blink-182. In talks with what sets them apart from any other band, the group mentioned “being one sound, a connection, growing that feeling and being able to relate to people our age. We want to be inviting towards our audience” Ayres states. “There is no label for us, we’re unique, we don’t compare ourselves to other bands” Lord mentioned. At this time, the aspiring band are in the works of finishing their newest EP which will be released sometime soon, so keep an eye out for the release by following their socials, @planetplumband, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Sleep Well. a band, known for their iconic song ‘Pictures of Dogs’ is a group of eight college students, who began working together in 2016. The high school friends consist of band members Andres Garcia (vocals and guitar), Sohrob Fatoorechie (Graphic Design), Adan Silva III (Photographer), Will Baker (Photography/Design), Dominic Gomez (Bass), Mark Fountain (drums), Ricky Olivares (Lead guitar), and Marco Mara (keyboard). With their heart string lyrics, the group has many songs unreleased and demos on sound cloud from when they first began, but enough about the past, let’s begin to talk about their latest EP ‘Graduation Party’, the mellow band spoke with me about the development of the EP, “At the time, as a collective we all had a story to tell and we were all on the same page about the theme behind the EP” Garcia states. “To ground ourselves in the present, much like the feeling for someone at a graduation party” which goes along with the graphic design of the EP cover created by the talented Fatoorechie and Silva. “I wanted the art to show two separate spaces being able to line up together and each song have a narrative to it” Fatoorechie said. 

Sleep Well - Pictures of Dogs Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

I also had the opportunity to find the backstory behind the well-known song ‘Pictures of Dogs’ from their 2019 album ‘Pictures of Dogs. The vibe worthy song began taking form in the summer of 2019 as a bridge and as they were writing the lyrics, during a three-hour break in between a show, they were missing one thing, a title. Luckily, photographer Silva, who had recently come back from the U.K came up with the idea, “I was walking outside one day and began taking pictures of dogs and that collection grew and I thought of using the pictures for a zine but instead used it for the album name”. One important aspect about the album is it’s one common theme: the way one consoles with their safety net. Something in which I believe is very important, with the topic of mental health being brought up at the dinner table every day and becoming a priority for us and our well-being I find this album very relatable. With the pandemic taking away the chance of playing for an audience at this time, the band recently had the opportunity to perform on @whatthesound’s Instagram account on November 14th for an IG Live Fest, which consisted of multiple bands from all over the U.S to perform for two days. To find out more information about the band and their future performances don’t forget to follow them on social media @sleepwelldot. 

Overall, I am super ecstatic to have new music on rotation for the rest of the year and can’t wait to see the outcome of more music that both bands produce in the future. I always find it entertaining to explore and find the startup of bands and artists and be able to see them flourish as the years go by and be able to say, “I was there when they first started outed”.