Plaza Colombian Bar and Coffee– An Escape From Austin

With a great, dog-friendly patio space and lots of options for outdoor seating, Plaza Colombian restaurant is the place to be. A vast menu allows any person to find something they would love and also lends itself to provide vegans with plenty of options. The outdoor area was pretty big, consisting of little grass huts connected by a boardwalk and a fun sand area with beach chairs. 

To start off the evening, I took a look at the drinks. The Sexy Colada was perfect and very refreshing. With the creamy coconut flavor, the drink gave me tropical vibes and may be the best drink I’ve ever had.

Next, I tried the Espresso Martini. I’m a diehard coffee fan so this drink was perfect for me. It was like drinking a cold brew with a punch of alcohol. Perfect to wake yourself up. 

The last drink I tasted was the Stranger in Paradise. While this drink was not my favorite, it definitely brought me out of my comfort zone. The drink has a strong ginger flavor and came in a fun tiki glass. Try this drink if you want something new!

My favorite dish, the veggie patacon, was so flavorful and unique. When you come to this restaurant, you know you will eat something you’ve never had before. The pairing of the veggies and the plantain together was perfect and I find myself thinking about this meal every once and awhile. 

I also tried the chicken arepa– pulled chicken on top of a corn puff, topped with mozzarella cheese and habanero peppers. The corn puff gave me a nice potato vibe and it was overall, really cheesy and really good. I liked adding the green cilantro salsa to it and suggest you don’t add the egg on top. 

The one dish I wasn’t expecting was the Colombian hotdog. With a great mixture of salty and sweet, this hotdog is a fun take on a childhood favorite. I’m not usually a huge hotdog fan but I will definitely make this the exception. The hotdog, consisting of Wagyu beef, and topped with pineapple sauce (which was to die for), caramelized onions, POTATO CHIPS and other great sauces really stole the show. To end it off, the steak and chicken empanadas were great– a nice staple. 

In terms of atmosphere, Plaza Colombian nailed it. With live music every Friday night, I sat in the sand area and relaxed. I was instantly transported out of America which I welcomed. After visiting, I was sad. I already missed the friendly staff (shout out Houston), the dogs that enjoyed their complimentary waters and the food that can’t be found anywhere else (except for maybe Colombia). 

Easy Mexican Chicken and Rice Recipe

It’s holiday season and things are getting crazy, the last thing you want to deal with is hard to follow recipes that take forever! There are countless food options when it comes to TexMex and Texas food in general – we’ve got you covered with this easy to make Mexican chicken and rice recipe so you can focus on your Austin things to do list!


Chicken Thighs

1 Yellow Onion chopped

3 Cloves of Garlic chopped

2 tbsp of Canola Oil

Salt and Pepper

2 tsp of Ground Comino

2 tbsp of Tomato paste

1 cup of white rice (uncooked)

2 cups of Chicken Broth. 


  1. Rinse Chicken Thighs and pat dry, season with salt and pepper. 
  2. In a large skillet, heat the pan over medium high heat. Add Canola Oil to the pan.
  3. Add Chicken Thighs to the pan. Brown on each side, about 4 mins each side. 
  4. Take Chicken out of the pan. Add White Rice, Chopped Onion, and Chopped Garlic to the pan.
  5. Stir and toast white rice for 2 minutes. Then add Chicken Broth, Tomato Paste, and Ground Comino to the rice. 
  6. Stir until well mixed. Bring to a boil. Turn heat to simmer.
  7. Add Chicken Thighs back to the pan. Cover. 
  8. Cook until Chicken and Rice are done. About 35 mins. 

Overall, this recipe is really easy to make for friends and family, especially with El Día de Los Muertos around the corner. This is the perfect recipe to relax on a cold weekend and celebrate with others.

If you want it spicy, you can add Jalapeño peppers without the seed to give it that extra “kick”. Some great sides would be refried or charro beans, chips and queso, and corn tortillas. Also, can’t forget Arroz con Pollo without some great tasting Mexican beer such as Dos Equis, Modelo, or Corona.

Citizen Eatery is a Vegan Haven

Tucked away on the side of Eye Physicians of Austin off Burnet Road is Citizen Eatery, a health-conscious, meat-free cafe and bar. Although they don’t serve meat, there’s no shortage of flavor in their menu, with amazing meat substitutes like JUST Egg, Beyond Meat, and chik’n. Trust us, you won’t even be thinking about meat at Citizen Eatery.

One of the most exciting aspects of Citizen Eatery’s menu is their all-day breakfast. You’ll recognize a few classics, like their breakfast platter (named simply: Just Breakfast) and their flapjacks, but there’s a few Citizen Eatery specials, such as the Californian Toast. A spin on avocado toast, the Californian Toast is wheat toast topped with scrambled JUST Egg (or tofu!), avocado, asparagus, and arugula. When I say the asparagus is a game-changer… it’s a game-changer. Also, if you’ve never had JUST Egg before, go to Citizen Eatery just to try it. It’s amazing how close to actual egg the flavor and texture are, and Citizen Eatery has perfected it’s scramble.

Let’s move onto their lunch and dinner menu. Their appetizers have the classic trio, salsa, queso, and guacamole, as well as brussels sprouts and hen of the wood mushrooms. The brussels sprouts are to die for. Genuinely. They’re topped with delicious sweet onions and slivered almonds with a side of Sriracha aioli. So delicious. The hen of the wood mushrooms are nothing to scoff at either. If mushrooms are your thing, try them. If mushrooms aren’t your thing, still try them. Hen of the woods mushrooms are insane — they almost taste like chicken and have the most amazing texture. The house espresso BBQ sauce is smoky and sweet; the perfect combo.

A few highlights from their entree menu are the Vegan Paleo Bowl with brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes with tahini, the Assam Burger, which features an Indian-inspired chickpea patty, and the Flame Grilled Tofu Sandwich, with tofu, pesto, and grilled veggies. Everything is super flavorful and exciting since it’s not a menu you see every day! There’s an option for everyone to enjoy; vegans and meat-eaters alike. Oh, what’s that? You eat meat and you don’t think there’s anything on the menu that will satisfy you like a burger does? Wrong! The Beyond Belief Burger uses Beyond Meat, and honestly, the resemblance to an actual burger is uncanny. You carnivores won’t even know the difference.

I know y’all want to talk about drinks. Citizen Eatery has a full bar with its own specialty cocktails. Their margaritas are super creative — there’s a marg for every type of person! The Basil-Berry Margarita is sweet and refreshing, the Diablo Rita has a little kick from its habanero shrub, and there’s always the Classic Margarita for those who want something familiar.

All together, Citizen Eatery is a great lunch spot, a great dinner place, and a great nib and drink restaurant. It has pretty much everything. So, if you want to do something good for the environment and your happiness, check out Citizen Eatery! They have happy hour drinks and food specials Monday through Friday from 4 to 6, which is the perfect excuse to pop in! Here’s the best part: they have a free, huge parking lot. Great food, amazing drinks, AND free parking – what more could you ask for?!

Top 5 Worry Free Weeknight Meals

It’s dinnertime. Your stomach is rumbling and you’re ready to chow down on some food, but your exhaustion from the day doesn’t make you want to cook anything with too much effort. You might be tempted to bust out some microwavable ramen or pull out some old leftovers, but you deserve something a little heartier. If you want a really good meal but don’t want the stress of making it yourself, then keep reading for our top 5 worry free weeknight meals.

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

15-Minute Pizza Dough Recipe (No Yeast) | Bigger Bolder Baking

Bust out the parmesan cheese! If there’s anything that you could eat every day and never get tired of, it’s Pizza – no need to save it for weekends. Pizza is probably one of the most accessible foods for dinnertime. You can get a frozen pizza and leave it in the oven for about 20 minutes, or you can order from some fast food or local spots and wait roughly the same amount of time and make roughly the same effort. If you’re looking for some Austin Food, you can always order locally from Home Slice Pizza and pick it up. I’m personally a fan of their Pepperoni Sicilian Pizza.

Asian Takeout

Find Chinese Near Me - Order Chinese - DoorDash

If you’re looking to add a little extra flavor to your dinner, try getting some Asian Takeout. There’s too many categories to just dwindle it down to “Chinese” since really, Japanese, Indian, Korean Thai, and every other culture deserves just as much appreciation. There’s plenty of restaurants in Austin that you can choose from to get yourself a hearty meal, but my recent go-to has been an order of Steamed Dumplings and some Szechuan Chicken from China Family.


The Worcestershire Burger Recipe

No need to wait for Sunday! Cooking burgers on a BBQ is sometimes a bit of a hassle – needing to prepare the fire, the meat, all the condiments – so eating burgers you don’t make yourself is always a pleasure. There’s a wide variety of combinations, sauces, toppings, and more that can go into a burger, and there’s just as many places to get one too. If you’re looking for something quick and filling, then a Double Meat Whataburger might hit the spot. If you’re willing to wait a little longer, a Magic Shroom burger from Hopdoddy’s would be incredibly satisfying. If you’re vegetarian or vegan then you can try the Double Bac’N Cheeze Burger at Arlo’s who are 100% plant based. The sky (and your stomach) are the limit.


The sight, the smell, and the flavor of some good tacos are something that deserve to be experienced. While there’s a lot of fun in making tacos yourself, there’s something about take-out tacos that make all your troubles just disappear. Perhaps it’s just the Latinx person in me, but they’re one of those foods that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and most relevantly, dinner: and no, it doesn’t have to be only on Tuesday’s either. With a variety of ingredients, salsas, toppings, and even tortillas that can be used, finding the right one for you can be a little tough. Hispanic heritage month may be over, but supporting Latinx food venders is something anyone can do. For my meat-lovers, I’d suggest the Smoked Brisket Taco from Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ. For my vegan/vegetarians, I’d grab the Super Fresco from The Vegan Nom.


Family-Favorite Cheeseburger Pasta Recipe | Taste of Home

Pasta in any form is an amazing comfort food. It’s easy to make, has a reliable taste, and a comforting, soft texture to it that just makes you feel at home. Cooking up some spaghetti or making some mac n cheese is easy enough to do at home with just a box of pasta and some water. If you’re lucky enough to own one a pasta maker can be a great help in making a home-made dish. When you don’t have time or energy to do that work, ordering pasta from a restaurant is just as satisfying, and often a great way to expand your knowledge of dishes to try out yourself later. With a wide variety of restaurants in Austin it was hard to narrow down my own favorites. However, I’d have to go with the Rigatoni Aatriciana from Asti Trattoria, or the Tortellini Modo Mio from Mandolas.

Salmon Burgers

I was hesitant to try this recipe when my friend brought it up on our way to HEB, something about mashing up raw salmon didn’t sit well with me, but I decided to go along with it. The recipe is fairly simple, and the burgers are easy to cook on a pan, and even the coleslaw was surprisingly easy to make. All of this minimal effort to in the end have a delicious salmon burger made it a perfect dinner, so I decided to share the recipe.

The ingredients for the patty are salmon, dill, bread crumbs, honey, one shallot, mustard, lemon juice and pepper. For the cole slaw which is going to be the topping, we used a precut slaw pack we found at the grocery store, rice vinegar, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and paprika. In addition you will need the patty buns and any toppings you would like to add. 

To start out, take the salmon, one slice makes about one patty so depending on how many you want to make, choose accordingly. For the measurements I am going to pretend we are making three-four patties. So we take three salmon slices, separate them from the gray under part and mash them up. Just take a fork and a knife and go at it, but don’t make it too soft. 

In a bowl of your choosing, put two tablespoons of cut up dill, a little bit of honey, a spoonful of mustard, squeeze about a fourth of a lemon into it, cut up the shallot into small pieces and throw them in there, then mix it all up. Once that is mixed, take the salmon and put it in the bowl. Add the about two spoonfuls of bread crumbs and then mix up the ingredients. If the burger mix is too soft, like it might fall apart on their way to the pan, add another spoonful of bread crumbs. 

Take the mixture and form it into burger patties about the size of your palm, or however wide you want them.  Set the pan on medium heat and spray whatever oil you prefer to cook with although I recommend canola oil because it has the most health benefits. 

When the pan heats up, put your burgers in to cook, and while they warm up butter the buns and stick them in the oven, or in a toaster. Flip the burgers when the bottom edges begin to darken, then wait for them to become firm to know they are ready. 

Somewhere between all this cooking, assign someone to make the coleslaw. Throw the pre-cut slaw into a bowl, pour some vinegar on it and a spoonful or two of mayonnaise, sprinkle some sugar, salt, pepper and I like to add a bit of paprika for some extra flavor. Mix it all up, and this part is really to your liking, so try a bit and see what it needs more of. 

Once the patties are done, slide them on the buns, put the coleslaw over it, and of course you can add whatever else you would like, but I personally found that this dish didn’t need anything else. Try it out with your friends, share the recipe, and if you’re a salmon lover I guarantee you will enjoy this dish! 

Our Visit To Mochi Donut

Americans are obsessed with donuts. From the debate for the superior donut, Krispy Kreme, Shipley’s Donuts, and Dunkin’ Donuts have nothing on this Japanese American Hybrid, Mochi Donut.

Last month another Instagram worthy food made its way to Texas. Mochinut, a chain based in California, opened its first store in Houston, Texas. Located in Bellaire, Mochinut resides in the same building as other popular chains such as Sul Bing Su (Korean Shaved Ice) and Korean Hotdog Chung Chun.

The soft chewy texture of the mochi will change the way you think about the traditional donut. With unique flavors such as Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese Coffee), Matcha, Churro, Thai Tea, etc. Mochinut changes their flavors every two days to keep things fresh and interesting. The owner, Sunny, says that she comes up with flavors based on how she feels and on different flavor combinations that she is curious about trying.

Sunny, spoke with me about her plans for Mochinut and with the second Bing Su and Chung Chun location being in Katy, she plans to bring Mochinut to Katy as well! In a month’s time, Sunny has been able to bring people together to enjoy this experience together, keep business booming, as well as open a new location next month.

When I first tried the donut, it was truly like nothing I have ever tried before. The dough was bouncy and chewy, definitely not what I expected from a donut. I have seen many copy-cats on this mochi donut recipe, but they always seem to fall short. However, Mochinut has exceeded my expectations!

Aside from mochi donuts, this place is also home to the well-loved Korean hotdog. Options include a plain hot dog, a hot dog wrapped in crispy fried potatoes, a mozzarella cheese hotdog, a cheddar cheese hot dog, an all mozzarella version, a sweet potato hot dog, a version with sausage, a squid ink and mozzarella cheese hot dog, a spicy sausage “volcano” hot dog, and a hot dog rolled with fried ramen toppings.

These Korean hotdogs are fresh and hot when you get them, dusted with sugar, and topped with any sauce you want! The perfect combination of sweet and salty! You can enjoy these how they are or if you want a little kick, order the tteokbokki (spicy rice cake)!

Need something refreshing to cool you off from the Texas heat? Bing Su is also sold here! A mountain of freshly shaved milk ice topped with either fruit or Oreos will satisfy your cravings. All of the fruit is fresh and the ice cream is extremely creamy! Perfect for the heat and not overly too sweet! This place truly is a one-stop-shop. With so many options, you are bound to find something that you like here!

Even though lines are usually long here, I promise it is worth the wait. I ended up driving from Austin to Houston just to eat here and it did not disappoint! I cannot wait for the new location in Katy to open so that I can come back to Houston! If you are ever in Houston, be sure to stop by to see what all the hype is about for yourself! Did I also mention…. Instagramable cheese pull??

Follow them on Instagram for daily flavors as well as updates on future openings!

Who knows? Maybe there will be one in your area!

Quick Homemade Chicken Curry

This recipe, though not exactly like traditional Indian curries which require marination, is quicker to make, and suffices for a filling weekday dinner.


  1. Onions – 2 medium
  2. Tomatoes- 4
  3. Ginger Garlic Paste*
  4. Green chilies- 3-4
  5. Red chili Powder
  6. Coriander Powder
  7. Garam Masala***
  8. Kasoori Methi***
  9. Salt
  10. Cumin
  11. Cut and cleaned chicken
  12. Cinnamon- ½ a stick
  13. Cardamom pods- 3
  14. Cloves- 3

*Cloves of ginger and cut garlic can be used as substitutes.


  1. Finely chop 2 onions
  2. Puree Tomatoes
  3. Cut Green Chilies

*Optional: While pureeing the tomatoes, you can mix a little chili powder in the blender. It lends the curry a nice, orange-red color.


  1. Warm a large non stick pan. Pour 2 ½ tablespoons of oil.
  2. Pop the cardamom pods and add them to the pan along with the cinnamon and cloves
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds.
  4. Add cut green chilies.
  5. After cooking for 2- 3 minutes on a low to medium flame, add chopped onions.
  6. Sauté Onions until light brown.
  7. Add 1 teaspoon red chili powder, 1 tablespoon coriander powder, and salt to taste.
  8. Cover and cook for 5 minutes.
  9. Add tomato puree.
  10. Cover and cook until the mixture begins to sputter.
  11. Add the chicken to the mixture and mix thoroughly.
  12. Cover and cook for 25 minutes or until chicken is cooked.
  13. Add water (optional; to add a little volume to gravy).
  14. Once chicken is cooked, open lid and add Kasoori Methi.
  15. Add 1 teaspoon garam Masala, mix well.
  16. Plate and serve hot.

*** These are ingredients commonly found in Indian cuisine. You can find them at your nearest International cuisine store/ Indian store.

Why You Need to Play Among Us

If you’re on social media then you’ve definitely seen memes, tweets, and Tik-Toks about the indie game, Among Us. Among Us is a new PC/Mobile game that’s similar to Mafia, where players need to identify and vote out the ‘bad guy’ before the end of the game.

Among Us is set on a ship and played with 4-10 players called “crew mates.” The crew mates have various simple tasks around the ship such as: matching wire colors, swiping cards, shooting asteroids, and emptying garbage into space

If all the crewmates complete the tasks, they eventually win. However, among the crewmates are 1-2 imposters that are picked at random. One of the imposter’s goals is to sabotage the ship, they can do so by turning off the lights, closing doors and causing a meltdown— all of which the other players, the crew, have to fix.  The imposter’s other goal is to kill the crew mates. Imposters have a kill cooldown, meaning they have to wait a certain amount of time before each kill. If you’re playing with audio all your microphones have to be muted. The only time microphones are unmuted is if a body has been found or an emergency meeting has been called. Games can also be played with only the chat function, the same rules as audio apply.

If all the crewmates complete the tasks, they eventually win. However, among the crewmates are 1-2 imposters that are picked at random. One of the imposter’s goals is to sabotage the ship, they can do so by turning off the lights, closing doors and causing a meltdown— all of which the other players, the crew, have to fix.  The imposter’s other goal is to kill the crew mates. Imposters have a kill cooldown, meaning they have to wait a certain amount of time before each kill. If you’re playing with audio all your microphones have to be muted. The only time microphones are unmuted is if a body has been found or an emergency meeting has been called. Games can also be played with only the chat function, the same rules as audio apply.

When either of those happen, it is discussion time. During discussion time you and the other crew mates that are alive talk about who was where, who found the body, who was with who, etc. Obviously, the imposters have to lie or create an alibi to prove their innocence, so the other players don’t get suspicious. In my discussion time experience, since my friends are idiots, if you are too quiet or too loud in discussion time, you get voted off. Their proof and evidence are, “I don’t know man, you’re actin kinda sus.” It is the most frustrating thing when no one will listen to you, you’re trying to prove your innocence and you get ejected into space.

 The game is very addicting to play with your friends. Arguments will spark, friendships will be questioned and laughter will be fully present. Now’s the perfect time to download a new game to obsess over and play with your group of close friends. There’s nothing quite like unsuccessfully pulling off a kill only to successfully shift the blame to the one player who saw you.

The stress and drama and excitement of this game is unmatched to none, whether you’re running from a crewmate who happens to be running in the same direction as you or accusing someone in discussion, it is just the kind of gameplay everyone needs during these unprecedented times.

October Netflix Highlights

With everything being virtual, what better up to live it up in the comfort of your own home than to live vicariously through characters in shows! These are some of my favorite October highlights and recommendations through way too many hours of binging on Netflix. This month’s recommendation includes a variety of heart wrenching moments – guaranteed tears, some spicy romantic feels, and some thrilling spookiness that ensures all nightery in fear.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

This show is literally revolutionary for an Asian drama. It’s Okay to Not be Okay follows a caregiver of a psychiatric ward who struggles and refuses attachment of all sorts due to life’s heavy burdens that requires him to move every year. He lost his mom at a young age and became the sole support system for his brother with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In his most recent move, he crossed paths with a fairy tale writer who similarly doesn’t know what love is because of her dark past. The show ultimately features a twisted and complex history between our three main characters Kang-Tae, Sang-Tae, and Ko Moon-Young as they embark on a journey in uncovering the buried truths from their childhood. Will they learn to love? How are their childhoods connected? Who is her mom? Will they get together? Watch and find out!

Now for the real take.

I came into this show without too many expectations, I mainly just saw clips of it being featured across different Asian platforms. But man was I blown away from the complexity of the plot, the different twists and turns, and ultimately the realistic portrayal of mental health and Autism Spectrum Disorder. From the initial presentation of the characters, I could already tell that this show was going to be different. Each of the characters came from a broken past that gradually gets revealed as the show goes on. Ko Moon-Young is a children’s fairy tale novelist with a seemingly sadistic personality. She is very much that person that could give less ***** about what others think or say about her and she lives her life as she wants to. However, you’ll began to see the cracks upon her alpha façade as she crosses path with Kang-Tae and Sang-Tae.

Lucifer Season 4

A modern retelling and portrayal of one of the most infamous biblical figures, Lucifer. Within this show, our protagonist began as a misunderstood, narcissistic, yet charismatic bar owner that roamed the Earth whenever he needed a break from ruling Hell. However, during one of his trips, he encountered the unforgettable Detective Decker. As the literal King of Hell, Lucifer is able to draw out the desires of everyone around him, everyone except for the Detective. He soon inserts himself into every aspect of the Detective’s life to uncover the reason behind her immunity.

My take:

Lucifer is a really great show that has a blend of comedy, mystery, action with a pinch of complicated romantic endeavors. The plot weaves very interesting twists based in biblical stories. Each season reveals new characters from traditional bible stories and incorporates a modernized truth to them. I honestly really enjoy watching it because the main character is pretty charismatic and eccentric. Many of the support characters are also very endearing and the plot contains a good amount of dynamic in between romance and crime in the midst of an overarching existential theme.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16

Grey’s Anatomy is an all-time classic that features the complex lives of a surgeon from residency to award winning practitioners. This show has a little something for everyone whether that be wholesome content such as finding love and friendship at the workplace or deep, emotional, and riveting portrayal of life and death situations that happen on the daily within our healthcare system. Throughout each season, the show explores different themes of lives that illustrate the truth greyness of reality.

My Take:

Grey’s Anatomy was a show that I started more out of casual interest within high school. But I kid you not, after the first season, you honestly cannot help but to be drawn in by the characters and the high intensity work environment. The show does a really good job in showcasing different medical procedures and cases alongside the development of each character’s personality, values, and relations through their medical endeavors. Every season of this show, season 16, is a guaranteed tearjerker as there is no such thing as plot armor in this show. I highly highly recommend watching if you’re not afraid of emotional commitment.

Make Your Perfect iOS 14 Homescreen

When iOS 14 dropped, it took the internet by storm as everyone scrambled to turn their phone screens into the best reflection of themself they could. On Twitter, “#ios14homescreen” blew up, as people showcased their edited lockscreens that look like they could’ve taken hours to perfect. It can be a bit overwhelming the first time that you start trying to edit your homescreen, especially when you don’t know all of the resources that you have at your disposal to create the perfect homescreen for you. 

How To Find Pictures 

When searching for pictures to use for your homescreen transformation, it can be hard to find photos that match the vision you have in your head by just using Google unless you have a specific image already in mind. When you don’t have a specific image and just have the vibes that you’re trying to achieve in mind, image searching websites like Pinterest can be the best place to find what you’re looking for. It’s also important to cater your searches to the website you’re using. If you’re attempting to achieve the modern minimalistic beige look on your homescreen, typing “beige wallpaper” can return results that focus on actual wallpaper. Typing in “beige aesthetic”, “beige minimalistic aesthetic” or “beige aesthetic wallpaper”, on the other hand, provides a plethora of results that can be used as both lockscreens and supporting photos on widgets. 

What You Need To Know About Widgets 

No iOS 14 homescreen is complete without a widget of some sort. Whether it displays the date or time; photos other than the ones on your homescreen, or the phases of the moon, widgets add extra personality and depth to the phone you’re creating.  Widgetsmith and Color Widget are the most popular apps to use to get widgets on your phone for a reason – the programs are easy to use and have a ton of customizable options to make whatever you add fit in with the rest of your screen. Color Widget focuses primarily on a variety of different clock and calendar widget options, while Widgetsmith has clock and calendar widgets, along with a variety of others. It’s just a matter of deciding which app’s design you prefer for the widget you’re adding. The first time you add a widget to your homescreen can be a bit difficult for people who haven’t done it before, but all you have to do is follow this quick and easy steps to set it up on your homescreen. 

  1. Create your widget and return to the homescreen 
  2. Scroll to the left most screen on your phone
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the left most screen and hit edit
  4. Click the plus button at the top and scroll down to the app that you’re wanting to add a widget from  
  5. Once the widget is added to this screen, press and hold it to be able to drag it to one of the pages on your home screen 
  6. If you have multiple widgets of the same size from Widgetsmith, press and hold the widget, click edit widget and click the name of the widget that you’re trying to add from your screen. 

Changing Your App Icons 

For a lot of iOS 14 editors, editing their app icons to fit with their theme is a must. It can seem like an impossible task, but it’s just a matter of utilizing the Shortcuts app that’s preinstalled on your iPhone and adding the photos that you want to be the new display icon. To do so, go to Shortcuts and use the plus button at the top of the screen to search for the “Open App” shortcut. Once you’ve added it, click the app you want to make a shortcut off, add it to your homescreen, and edit the picture and name. The only downside to the quick and easy process is that clicking on the edited icons on your homescreen will take you back to Shortcuts before opening the app that you intended for it to add. Despite that, if you’re looking to take your homescreen to a new level, changing the icons can help take it to that extra step. 

Utilizing the App Library 

For the apps that you don’t use that often or the apps that you don’t want to go to the trouble of editing, you can put them in your app library where they’ll remain peacefully out of sight. To move an app to your app library, press and hold the app like you would to delete it. Once you hit the minus button at the top of the app icon, choose “Move to App library” instead of “Delete” and it will no longer be on your main pages. If you choose to move any apps that you get notifications from, the notifications will still appear as usual, so don’t worry about moving the phone app or Instagram to your App library.