Top Seven Things We Can’t Wait to Do Once Quarantine is Over

Quarantine forced me to find a new normal for my daily life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot of things away from me, but the one thing it gave me an abundance of was time. Time to think, write, work, exercise, reflect, bake and everything in between. In the excessive amount of time I recently found myself with, I thought about what I missed about pre-quarantine life and realized it was the little things.

Once quarantine is over and life returns to as close as normal as it can be, there are a lot of things I can’t wait to do; the list could go on for pages and pages. However, it’s the little things I can’t wait to welcome back.

Going to Your Favorite Coffee Shop

I’ll admit it, I’m kind of a coffee snob, but in the best way possible. When quarantine hit and leaving our homes was something we talked about in terms of the good ole days, the one thing I yearned for was a cup of coffee, not from my Keurig.

I can’t wait to walk into one of my favorite coffee shops and be welcomed by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the chatter of a busy cafe. While I usually find myself plowing through school work at a coffee shop, I’ll be able to sip on an iced latte, and people watch or maybe enjoy a new book, a hobby I picked back up during our months behind closed doors.

The communal space of a coffee shop, whether you are a regular or not, is comforting, and it’s the thing I’ve missed most during this quarantine.

Seeing Friends

While I am grateful for my Zoom dates and chats with friends, seeing them through a screen just isn’t the same. I’m waiting for the day when our conversations aren’t dependent on whether or not we have a strong wifi signal or if I can make out what was said when my phone glitched.

When this is all over, grabbing breakfast tacos and hitting the town or even sitting down at our favorite restaurant for an Instagram worthy brunch is high on my to-do list. I’m looking forward to hugs and seeing my friends’ eyes light up when they get excited, I’m looking forward to having old fashion in-person friend dates again.

Meandering Through the Aisles of Target

This was one of the things I took for granted pre-quarantine. Whenever I was sad, stressed, or bored, I always found myself at Target, wandering the aisles looking for something I never knew I needed. Now it’s frowned upon for me to go to the store, even gloved and masked, to leisurely browse for things that aren’t essential. I’m counting down the days until I can spend my stimulus check on self-care, clothes, and my personal favorite, the Target dollar spot items.

Taking a Trip

I’ve been dreaming of the day I will walk down the second most coveted aisle. That’s right, the aisle of a plane to find my window seat and be whisked away on a trip.

Spring Break and summer vacations may have been canceled and postponed, but as soon as I get the green light, I’ll be caching in my ticket vouchers to go on a weekend getaway. Going through security and buying an outrageously expensive airport coffee before boarding the plane are some of my favorite things. It means I’m gearing up to make memories, and I know I’ll need some excitement in my life after quarantine.

Thrift Shopping

One thing I have never been good at is online shopping. I spend far too much money and end up forgetting to ship back the items that don’t work out in the return period; it’s a procrastinator’s nightmare. I’m more of a bang for your buck kinda girl, and thrift shopping is my heaven.

Not only am I actively trying to reduce my carbon footprint, but second-hand shopping has led to some of the best pieces in my wardrobe. Since quarantine I’ve rotated my pajamas and sweatshirts, and I’m more than ready to welcome some thrifted gems into my rotation.

Walking the City

While I’ve never walked more since being in quarantine, I miss walking down Guadalupe and South Congress. The vibrant nature of the city makes me feel alive and frankly, a lot happier than the white walls of my childhood room I’ve called home during quarantine.

Seeing the small businesses and food trucks that dot the drag and SOCO reminds me why Austin is weird and why I love living there so much. After quarantine I won’t take for granted walking past the “I Love You So Much” wall on a random weekend or even waiting in line at Don’s for lunch before class.

Going to the Concerts We Missed Out On

I miss the music being so loud that it envelops my whole body and I vibrate to the beat. I even miss the hundreds of sweaty people filling the pit and rushing the stage. I’m not sure when this dream of attending a concert will become a reality again, but I am anxiously waiting.

I have a laundry list of concerts that have been canceled thanks to COVID-19 and a plethora of concert outfits that are now collecting dust. Hopefully, the result of quarantine will be the birth of new albums from musical artists, but for now, I’ll continue to jam out to the Instagram live concerts dozens of artists have put on.

Amidst Pandemic Jordan Waltzes Into Our Homes with Netflix Series ‘The Last Dance’

There’s a mysterious virus and no more basketball games, sounds like the year 2020right? It’s also the premise of the hit 90s Michael Jordan movie Space Jam. Who would have thought that it would turn into reality?

Early March, Covid-19 was just a virus on the opposite end of the globe, it wasn’t until it took basketball away for America to realize— it just got real.

The NBA was one of the first to take action to protect their league against Covid-19 following the Utah Jazzs’ announcement that two of their players contracted coronavirus and would be suspending game play. Following the suspension of the NBA, state governments scrambled to close schools and limit travel. The cancellation of live sports became the catalyst for stockpiling toilet paper, frozen pizza and online classes.

Sports are a constant in our lives, they promote a sense of normalcy, without live sports we can’t help but feel a little lost. What were we going to do now, with no basketball to watch? In a time when people need inspiration again, just like the good ol’ 90s when Michael Jordan saved Toon Land and the league— Jordan comes flying to the rescue once again.

Fans everywhere needed something to fill that void, so ESPN moved up the release for the ‘Last Dance’ documentary about Michael Jordan and the Bulls’ dynasty. Since April 19, two new episodes have been released every Sunday. There’s no question as to why a 90s teams’ journey to a double three peat is still relevant nearly thirty years later. Michael Jordan’s reach is far beyond the court— not just as a beloved player but as an
inspiration across generations.

Is 'The Last Dance' on Netflix or ESPN Plus? How to stream the ...

You don’t need to know basketball t0 know Jordan, he inspired people on and off the court, he created a community for Chicago and then the rest of the world. What we see when we watch ‘The Last Dance, is a player with heart, grit and the #23 turning into one of the most admired athletes of all time.

Suddenly people of all ages are watching ‘The Last Dance’ and everything Jordan has touched on, has become part of the conversation. From how he turned sneakers into every day fashion to getting into a fistfight with the beloved coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr— Jordan is just as relevant as he was thirty years ago. Everything that Michael Jordan has stood for, is still relevant today. Despite what is going on around you, have a goal, do everything you have with heart and leave this quarantine more motivated and ready to win whatever life throws at you.

Watching ‘The Last Dance’ is replacing our need to be inspired by live sports, satiating the thrill of watching every three point shot, layup and alley-oop. We’re reliving the past to make our present a little bit more manageable. There’s no doubt that with or without this quarantine the documentary would still be a hit, but I think watching ‘The Last Dance’ during this monster of a pandemic makes us appreciate it all the more.

Sports foster the growth of communities— it brings people together. Now, ‘The Last Dance’ is bringing people together—just virtually! Families’ across the globe are watching Space Jam, dinner tables have become a hot spot for Jordan vs. Lebron debates, and everyone is able to reminisce in the joy that Jordan brought the world.

If you haven’t done so already, check out ‘The Last Dance’ on Netflix, you won’t regret it!